The Art Of Knife Collection

The Art Of Knife Collection 

Just like humans, every knife has a different purpose. You may have heard of the famous 5 – Chefs knives, steak knives, kitchen knives, filet knives, butcher knives. But, have you heard of a folding knife? Blade knife? Hunting knife? Throwing knife? Automatic knives? Tactical knives? Japanese kitchen knives? I could go on. Let’s discuss some of them, shall we? 

1. Knife Collection With Dalstrong

Dalstrong Gladiator Series 18-piece Colossal Knife Block Set on a black wooden table with a few of its knives laid outside of the block on a wooden circular tray.18-piece Colossal Knife Block SetABS Handles | Gladiator Series | Knives NSF Certified | Dalstrong 

Good knives are a consequence of knife companies that truly understand the art of knife collecting – Very similar to an art collection. Dalstrong is gaining popularity each day and for all the right reasons. If you’re a knife collector, chances are, you have an eye for the intricate details that may go missed by another person. Dalstrong has 15 different knife collections to cater to different personalities. 

Prefer a grunge aesthetic? The Shadow Black series is designed for you. Want to live your cottage core aesthetics? Check out the Gladiator series. Have a vibrant love for all things kitchenware? The Ronin series awaits you. Love all things nature? The Valhalla series won’t let you down. 

You may have noticed that our community and social presence are quite vivid. This is for one very important reason – You get what you see. Dalstrong knives aren’t just striking and show-stopping to look at, but they’re the embodiment of function meeting form. Each knife collection is an art. And, this makes the art of knife collection all that intriguing. 

2. Dalstrong Knives And Their Quality 

This stunning Dalstrong Quantum 1 Series 5-Piece Knife Block Set placed on a futuristic set with lights in the background.5-Piece Knife Block Set Quantum 1 Series | Dalstrong

Dalstrong knives are designed for longevity. Each knife is designed and made with the highest quality of steel. 

Damascus Steel 

Damascus steel is made with multiple sheets of steel and iron that are mixed with charcoal. It is then reduced to an environment with no oxygen. Then, forged Wootz is mixed at a set temperature which gives it the infamous wavy pattern. The best method to preserve the wavy pattern is by protecting it in a leather sheath or a knife display that comes with the knife.

At Dalstrong, the pattern-welded Damascus steel (light and dark color) is welded together with low and high carbon steel for hours on end – Which is why Damascus knives come with a higher price tag. After the welding process is completed, the blade is cut, refined, and welded once again for precision. 

On the otherhand, Modern Damascus steel is made by forging multiple sheets of assorted steel, making the blade sharp and durable. 

Stainless Steel 

Stainless steel is an alloy with tiny amounts of carbon and chromium for stain resistance. These knives are rarely prone to rust, and if they do at all rust, knife sharpeners can help get rid of it in 5-10 minutes. 

This is why stainless steel is a true and tried form of material for knife blades, and knife handles, and a fan-favorite amongst knife collectors. Stainless steel has a striking appearance too, which is why a lot of knives have a similar handle to the steel blade. 

If you’ve been collecting knives for a hobby, you’re probably aware that stainless steel is famous for its abrasion-resistant nature, too. This is another reason why this is the perfect material for a forged knife and swords and daggers, too.

Carbon Steel 

Carbon steel blades are made with a combination of iron and carbon. With very little added chromium, these knives are sharp and slim. Carbon steel knives have both a forged and stamped pattern to create sharp edges and a thin spine. You may have noticed that most peeling and meat cleaver knives are made with carbon steel to create uniform and price slices of veggies and meat. Carbon steel is a well known material used for pocket knives, hunting knives, and most Japanese kitchen knives, too. These knives are robust, sturdy, and an ode to the best hand forged knifes you can find. Most carbon steel knives have an elegant wood handle that is often made with Pakkawood imported from Spain. 

3. How To Keep Your Favorite Knives Sharp

An oak box next to a cutting board with a portable whetstone and a black cleaver resting on itDalstrong Portable Whetstone Kit - #1000/#6000 Grit Combo - with Oak Storage Box

Every knife collector’s sharpening stones are often placed on an elegant display stand. The knives collectibles need to be sharpened from time to time to maintain their features (straight edge, sharp spine, angled tip, and full tang). If you’re a lover of robust, hardened blades, you need knife sharpeners to work well. Here’s how you would sharpen a bread knife, a chef knife, butcher knives, pocket knives, steak knives, and all other collectibles. 


  1. Soak the sharpening stone in ice-cold water for 7-10 minutes. 
  2. Angle your knife at 20º with the dull and flat side facing upwards. 
  3. Gently sweep the knife back and forth, beginning at the very base, and increasing the pressure at the spine and tip of the blade. 
  4. Flip the knife and repeat the process on the opposite side. 
  5. Turn the knife and hold it like you would when slicing a fruit. 
  6. Gently oscillate the spine of the knife for 5 minutes or until it smoothes out. Voila, you’re all set. 

Read more information on how to use a whetstone on our blogpost.

    4. Essential Dalstrong Knives You Should Own

      1. Fillet Knife 6.5" - Crusader Series

      Fillet Knife 6.5" - Crusader Series

      The Crusader series is a knife collection with essential knives that look luxurious, too. Made with ThyssenKrupp German stainless steel, the steel blade is hardened at 58+ Rockwell for a sturdy and robust feel. 


      • Stain-resistant properties and blade that is tempered with a full tang.
      • The spine on this knife gives you smooth and precise cuts as it reduces friction between the steel blade and food significantly. 


      • If you’re a professional knife connoisseur, you may prefer a longer blade than the one on this knife.  
      • This might be the one for you if you’re looking for a knife with a shorter blade length.

      2. Bull Nose Butcher Knife 10" - Shogun Series

      Bull Nose Butcher Knife 10" - Shogun Series

      If you’re a novice at collecting knives, starting with the Shogun series is a great idea. Butcher knives in this series can trim and slice meat with ease and work through the toughest cuts of poultry. 


      • Comes with Dalstrong’s lifetime warranty, so it’s worth the price. 
      • Resistant to corrosion and rust which increases its durability significantly. 
      • Made with Japanese AUS-10V super steel core


      • It may seem slightly extra if you don’t cook large pieces of meat often. 
      • You may prefer a longer blade length if you want to elevate your knife display.

      3. Serrated Chef's Knife 7.5" - Shogun Series

      Serrated Chef's Knife 7.5" - Shogun Series

        This chef knife has an ultra-sharp steel blade made with Japanese high-carbon AUS-10V steel and added Damascus cladding for resistance to stain. Robust and ideal for knife collectors understanding the knife guide. 


        • This serrated knife is made with both, Japanese steel and Damascus steel, which is a rare combination for the price. 
        • Full-tang to enhance the ergonomic feel of this knife. 


        • Slightly difficult to sharpen due to the tiny serrations along the blade. 
        • Are you looking to take it up a notch? A chef's knife or a utility knife may be a better fit. 

        4. Chef's Knife 6" - Gladiator Series

        Chef's Knife 6" - Gladiator Series

          The steel blade on this knife is made with high-carbon ThyssenKrupp German steel that is hardened at 56+ Rockwell and is one of Dalstrong’s best-selling chef’s knives! 


          • Equipped with a wide blade which makes it easy to pick up herbs and spices to transfer from your cutting board to a stock pot or saucepan. 
          • The perfect balance for home cooks and professional chef's thanks to the price and length of the blade. 


          • This knife may be underwhelming for a professional chef.
          • Looking for a knife with higher maintenance? Knives with a longer blade length from the Gladiator series may be a better fit for you. 

          5. Chef's Knife 8" - Phantom Series

          Chef's Knife 8" - Phantom Series

            This knife is a personal favorite. Not only is it loved by professional chef's, thanks to its Japanese AUS-8 steel, but it has a striking wood handle made with premium quality Pakkawood. 


            • A premium quality knife at a very reasonable price. 
            • Full tang for balance and sturdiness. 


            • While it’s affordable, the length of this blade may work better for a seasoned home cook rather than a professional chef. 
            • If you’re looking for a shorter blade length, this knife may be slightly intimidating. 

            5. Unique Knives For The Dalstrong Pro 

              1. Kiritsuke Chef's Knife 9.5" - Phantom Series

              Kiritsuke Chef's Knife 9.5" - Phantom Series

              Made with premium quality Japanese AUS-8 steel, the blade is hand-sharpened to a painstaking 13-15 degrees for the most precise and uniform cuts on dense pieces of meat. Not only is this Kiritsuke chef's knife made with a single sheet of ice-tempered steel, but it is stain-resistant, too.


              • A full tang blade for an ergonomic feel that leads to a safe chopping experience. 
              • Tapered blade to provide maneuverability without excessive friction. 


              • If you’re not big on filleting fish or chopping up large cuts of meat, this may not be the best fit. Perhaps, an all-purpose knife such as a utility knife would be a better fit. 
              • If you’re working your way up to filleting and slicing meat, the blade length of this knife might be a little too long for you. 

              2. Barong Chef's Knife 7" - Gladiator Series

              Barong Chef's Knife 7" - Gladiator Series

                Designed for knife collectors that love to display a versatile piece of art. This Barong knife from the Gladiator series has show-stopping qualities which is perfect for the culinary daredevil. 


                • Hardened at 56+ Rockwell, the strength and robustness of this knife is ideal for home cooks and seasoned chef's. 
                • The military-grade G10 wood handle is one of the most ergonomic knife handles you can come across. 


                • The unique appearance of this knife may not be appealing to all. 
                • You may be looking for a knife with a little more color and appeal. 

                3. Bread Knife 9" - Shadow Black Series

                Bread Knife 9" - Shadow Black Series

                  Another favorite! This knife from the Shadow Black series has an aggressive appearance that can make heads turn. Make a statement with this breaking knife that can cut thick loaves and slice cakes and pies. 


                  • The titanium-nitride non-reflective coating makes this a unique knife in both its appearance and function. 
                  • Not only is it low in maintenance, but it is corrosion and stain-resistant, too. 


                  • If you’re on a tight budget, this knife might not be the best fit.
                  • You may prefer knives with a traditional wood handle. 

                  4. Chef & Cleaver Hybrid Knife 8" Crixus - Phantom Series

                  Chef & Cleaver Hybrid Knife 8" Crixus - Phantom Series

                  A hybrid knife never goes wrong. This knife from the Phantom series is quite literally the epitome of the phrase “killing two birds with one stone”. The cold steel blade can capture the gaze of those marveling at your knife collection. 


                  • Hand polished spine for pinch grip comfort.
                  • Low maintenance and cleans easily.
                  • Ice-tempered blade for resilience.


                  • Some folks may want individual knives for efficiency and convenience instead of a hybrid knife. 
                  • Since this knife is made with Japanese AUS-8 steel, it may not work for those that steer towards a Damascus knife. 

                  5. Professional Oyster & Clam Shucking Knife 3.5" - Shogun Series

                  Professional Oyster & Clam Shucking Knife 3.5" - Shogun Series

                  This shucking knife is as unique as it gets. Pry open clams and oysters with ease with this professional shucking knife from the infamous Shogun series. A hand forged knife is always a beauty to look at, but Dalstrong’s hand-polished ‘Tsunami Rose pattern on this knife is nothing less than eloquent. 


                  • Designed with AUS-10V Japanese super steel and engineered with cryogenic tempering for durability. 
                  • Edge retention that can turn heads. Hardened at 62+ Rockwell, perfect for deeper and longer cuts. 


                  • If you’re big on Korean barbecues and hotpots, this shucking knife may not be of use to you on the regular. 
                  • Smaller oysters and clams would require an even shorter blade. 

                  6. Frequently Asked Questions 

                  What knives are worth collecting?

                  Every knife has a signature look and feel to it. Some knives are quite popular amongst knife collectors. Some of them include pocket knives, a swiss army knife, fixed blade knives, tactical knives, and Damascus steel knives. 

                  Is collecting knives a good investment?

                  Collecting knives is an incredibly unique hobby and one that turns heads. Collecting knives represent trends, culture, and history. 

                  Is collecting knives a hobby?

                  Collecting knives is a hobby that is getting popular each day. Every cold steel blade, wood handle, and hand forged knife is telling of one’s personality. Knives collectibles from various parts of the world represent their culture, tradition, and history.

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                  The Art Of Knife Collection

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