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Dalstrong vegetable knife on a pule of chopped vegetables including peppers


  1. Shogun Series 3.5" Professional Oyster & Clam Shucking Knife
  2. Shadow Black Series 9" BBQ Pitmaster Knife
  3. Gladiator Series 8" Vegetable Knife - 'The Deflector'
  4. Gladiator Series 7" Rocking Herb Knife
  5. Shogun Series 10.5" Sujihiki Slicing Knife
  6. Gladiator Series 7" Barong Chef's Knife
  7. Phantom Series 9" "The Banshee" Cleaver
  8. Gladiator Series 5.5" Skinning Knife
  9. Gladiator Series Dual Sided Knife
Unique cleaver knife on wooden cutting board that is surrounded by uncooked meat

Dear knife enthusiast, 

So far, you’ve mastered the chef’s knife and you know your way around a butcher knife but your thirst for knowledge is far from being satiated. You’re looking for a different knife, a quality knife that will even come in handy in the kitchen or showing off at a backyard bbq. We live in the culinary world, so if you are looking for a unique pocket knife or a spring assisted folding knife, this list may not be for you. 

If you’re reading this article, it means you’re probably way down into the rabbit hole of specialty knives. Picture this as the Mariana Trench of knives, where you can find all kinds of cool, funky items, most of them unbeknownst to mere mortals. Some of these will make you go “wait, there’s a knife for that?”

Here at Dalstrong, we pride ourselves in thinking outside the box and that’s exactly what this article is about. Without further ado, we present you with the most inventive, unique knives in the market.

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What is the coolest knife in the world?

Needless to say, that’s a tough question to answer. The truth is, there are all kinds of cool knives out there and each one has a specific purpose. From the trustable kitchen knife to the all-around workhorse that is the pocket knife, the world of knives is as vast as they come. 

But before we prepare to step out of the universe of wholesale knives, let’s take a look at what Dalstrong has to offer in terms of singular, forward-thinking cutlery for your kitchen:

    1. Shogun Series 3.5" Professional Oyster & Clam Shucking Knife ($49.99)

    Shogun Series 3.5" Professional Oyster & Clam Shucking Knife

      Shucking oysters is not an easy task for the non-initiated. First, you have to pop the shell open and then delicately remove the soft, juicy meat from the inside, making sure you get all the tastiest bits without making a mess. The Shogun Series 3.5" Professional Oyster & Clam Shucking Knife is ideal for just that - its thick blade made of a single piece of high-carbon Japanese AUS-10V super steel will provide enough leverage for you to pry the oyster apart and remove the flesh from the interior just like a pro.


      • Incredible Edge Retention at 62+ Rockwell.
      • 67-Layered Damascus steel for maximum efficiency.
      • Ergonomic handle with non-slip grip.


      • This knife probably won’t appeal to picky eaters.

      2. Shadow Black Series 9" BBQ Pitmaster Knife ($69.99)

      Shadow Black Series 9" BBQ Pitmaster Knife

        Known for its striking, pitch-black finish and futuristic looks, the Shadow Black Series is always one step ahead in terms of functionality and design, making it a unique custom knife. With a blade length of 9”, the BBQ Pitmaster Knife’s high carbon 7CR17MOV-X vacuum-treated steel blade offers extreme maneuverability, making it easy to slice your way through large cuts of meat with almost no effort.


        • Off-the-charts design. I mean this is just a really cool knife. 
        • Corrosion resistant, non-stick blade with added non-reflective, titanium-nitride coating.
        • The fiber-resin military grade G10 handle just tucks into your palm.
        • How many knives are also a bottle opener?


        • More conservative pitmasters will find its edgy look a little too out there.

        3. Gladiator Series 8" Vegetable Knife - 'The Deflector' ($59.99)

        Gladiator Series 8" Vegetable Knife - 'The Deflector'

          After ‘The Deflector,’ cutting, dicing, and slicing vegetables will never be the same. With a high carbon German ThyssenKrupp stainless steel blade painstakingly hand sharpened to 16-18° per side, this knife is built for precision and speed. Cut through just about any type of vegetable with ease and save yourself some time during the prepping process.


          • Tall blade offers better knuckle clearance.
          • Full-tang, robust blade.
          • Unique looks.


          • Its flashy design might be a bit of a turnoff for certain chefs.

          4. Gladiator Series 7" Rocking Herb Knife ($59.99)

          Gladiator Series 7" Rocking Herb Knife

            Here’s another looker from the Dalstrong’s Gladiator Series. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably big on aromatics - garlic, herbs, ginger, you name it. But that also means more prepping, which could eventually lead to tired hands and, God forbid, a kitchen accident. The Gladiator Series 7" Rocking Herb Knife’s wide blade facilitates that classic back-and-forth rocking motion when cutting, making hand fatigue a thing of the past.  


            • High carbon German ThyssenKrupp Stainless Steel blade.
            • Ergonomic design.
            • Also good for cutting fruits, vegetables, and nuts.


            • Some cooks might prefer a mezzaluna for cutting herbs.

            5. Shogun Series 10.5" Sujihiki Slicing Knife ($119.99)

            Shogun Series 10.5" Sujihiki Slicing Knife

              With a name that literally translates as ‘muscle cutter’ or ‘flesh slicer,’ the Shogun Series’ Sujihiki is a true slicing powerhouse. Delicate yet relentless, its high-carbon Japanese AUS-10V super steel blade will thinly slice proteins, vegetables, and even bread with practically no effort. 


              • The Tsunami Rose pattern on the blade is simply stunning.
              • 67-Layered Damascus sharpened under the ancient 3-step Honbazuke method.
              • Gorgeous copper mosaic on the handle.


              • The price point might be a little too high for amateur chefs.

              6. Gladiator Series 7" Barong Chef's Knife ($59.99)

              Gladiator Series 7" Barong Chef's Knife

                Based on the Barong knife, an ancient weapon used by the Tausug tribes in the Southern Philippines, this chef’s knife is as versatile as it is ruthless. Its rounded belly is perfect for mincing, dicing, and slicing everything from garlic to leafy greens, and its pointed tip will cause serious damage to tough-skinned fruits and thicker cuts of meat, making it a powerful all-terrain performer. 


                • It looks like no other knife out there.
                • High carbon German ThyssenKrupp Steel blade at 56+ Rockwell.
                • As versatile as they come.


                • Its funky-looking blade might not be to everyone’s liking.

                7. Phantom Series 9" "The Banshee" Cleaver ($79.99)

                Phantom Series 9" "The Banshee" Cleaver

                  As you might already know, a good cleaver is a must-have for anyone who prides themselves in doing their own butchering. But that’s not where The Banshee’s job ends. Featuring a hefty premium Japanese AUS-8 steel blade and a D-shaped laminated pakkawood handle, this outstanding piece of craftsmanship will not only slice through large proteins but also fruits and vegetables, making it a versatile (and stylish) addition to your knife block.


                  • High levels of chromium (Cr) added to steel for stain resistance.
                  • Ice-tempered blade for superior edge retention.
                  • The brass and copper ‘phantom spirit’ mosaic adds an artisanal vibe to it.


                  • It might be a little large for chefs with small hands.

                  8. Gladiator Series 5.5" Skinning Knife ($39.97)

                  Gladiator Series 5.5" Skinning Knife

                    Whether you’re a pro chef or a seasoned outdoorsman, the Gladiator Series 5.5" Skinning Knife will allow you to de-skin, fillet, quarter, and butcher meat, fish, wild game, and everything in between with little to minimal effort. Built from a single piece of imported premium quality, high-carbon ThyssenKrupp German steel, this resourceful skinning knife is a lightweight and highly powerful tool that can be used in both your kitchen and on hunting trips alike.


                    • Compact and portable.
                    • Ambidextrous black G10 Garolite handle.
                    • Gorgeous, hand-polished satin finish blade.


                    • If you’re not crazy about skinning or butchering, this might not be the knife for you.

                    9. The Dalstrong Gladiator Series Dual Sided Knife

                    The Gladiator Series 8" Gemini Twin Blade - Dual-Sided Chef Knife

                      If we’re talking versatility, no knife comes close to the Dalstrong Gladiator Series Dual Sided Knife. This absolute masterpiece of knifemaking features a high-carbon ThyssenKrupp German steel blade that’s serrated on one side and smooth on the other, allowing you to seamlessly switch between tasks in a time-efficient and effective manner. Delicately slice a crusty loaf of sourdough or carve a large roast with a single tool, killing two birds with one stone. 


                      • Razor-sharp 8” single-piece of high carbon ThyssenKrupp German steel at 54+ Rockwell.
                      • Sturdy handle for optimal performance and maneuverability.
                      • Its perfectly spaced, geometric serrations are ideal for smooth slicing.


                      • More conservative chefs will stick to their guns, opting for separate knives for different purposes.

                      You can also check in with our Expert Knife Finder Quiz and get specific recommendations based on your needs. 

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