Everything You Need To Know About Graters

Dalstrong Professional Extra Coarse Wide Grater on it's luxurious blue packaging.Professional Extra Coarse Wide Cheese Grater Dalstrong ©

1. What Is A Grater? 

Professional Ribbon Wide Grater with grated chocolate on top of the Dalstrong wooden board

A grater is a kitchenware essential that changes the texture of a variety of fruits, vegetables, and dairy products like hard and marbled cheese, chocolates, and nuts, too. A grater is usually used for shredding and shaving foods to garnish, out add in pots and pans as the food cooks. In most cases, it's most popularly used for grating hard and soft cheese. It's a kitchen tool perfect for home cooking and cooking in busy kitchens in commercial restaurants, too. 

Most graters have a surface glide technology to allow foods to easily move from one end of the surface to another. So, you can shred, shave, zest, and grate without tearing or puncturing the food. 

Grating carrots, marbled or hard cheese, such as parmesan cheese, cheddar cheese, Gruyere, Pecorino, and Grana Padano when making a hearty bowl of macaroni and cheese. The idea is to finely grate these foods so they don’t cook as unchurned chunks that are oddly shaped and sometimes even difficult to chew. 

Read about the history of grater, here.

2. Types Of Graters 

Professional Extra Coarse Wide Grater with grated cheese on top of the Dalstrong wooden borad

Now, there are plenty of graters you can find online. You can also buy a grater at Amazon for a wide variety of choices that's been tested and reviewed by verified customers. I’ll be talking about 7 of the most common ones. 

Microplane Graters

These graters are slim in appearance and taller than other coarse graters. The razor-sharp blade is not only easy to clean but super easy to zest or grate foods with ease. These are probably some of the best zesters/graters out there.

Hand Graters 

Hand graters are ideal for home cooking, as they’re incredibly light in weight and are usually dishwasher-friendly. These graters can be used horizontally or vertically. They’re decently sized, so they can be kept along with other kitchen utensils on the countertop. 

Rotary Graters 

These are barrel-shaped graters that are made with stainless steel and have perforated blades. They can not only grate food quickly but also only need to apply very gentle pressure, which reduces arm and wrist fatigue. They can be disassembled for cleaning and are usually dishwasher-friendly. 

Box Graters Or Sided Box Graters

These graters are made with stainless steel and can stand on their own. The four sides of these graters are sturdy and durable. They can create thin slices, shred, and shave foods. These graters usually come in a wide variety, such as coarse graters, and medium shred graters and have medium holes. 


Mandolines are famous pieces of kitchenware. These slanted mounted, and adjustable blades are perfect for julienne ginger, carrots, cabbage, and other vegetables. They’re great for zesting citrus, lemons, and also for finely grate carrots, cheeses, chocolates, and other foods.

Cheese Graters 

These are handheld graters that can shred and shave hard and soft cheese in one gentle swipe. Dalstrong’s cheese grating surfaces are functional and long-lasting. Whether it’s parmesan cheese, cheddar cheese, or other hard blocks of cheese, these graters can get the job done.

Food Processor 

Food processors are more of an alternative to graters and zesters, but they take up quite a lot of space and require electricity, and they aren’t handheld, either. Food processors are also better for large batches of foods that need to be zested or grated. 

3. How To Choose Quality Graters 

Professional Zester Narrow Grater with grated lemon zest on top of the Dalstrong wooden board


If the grater can be safely disassembled, it’s safe to work with. This is because, most graters, especially coarse graters, use perforated, stainless steel blades. If the food on the surface glides with little to no pressure, it isn’t necessarily a great thing. If grating surfaces don’t have a grating guard or a sheath, they can be extremely hazardous to use. 


Since graters have extremely sharp blades, they need to be handled with care. It’s crucial for your grater to be made with high amounts of chromium in them or other anti-corrosive properties. This is so they can be protected from rust, corrosion, and other dust particles from sticking to them. If you don’t use graters that are made with some stainless steel, these germs will leach into your food. 

Grip And Maintenance  

Having a grater that is easy to clean, safe in dishwashers, and ergonomic is of the most importance. The ergonomic grip in a zester or grater matters quite a bit, as applying a lot of pressure could cause slipping and sliding of food, which can injure you in the process, as well. 

Since graters and zesters will leave behind a small quantity of scraps when shaving, zesting, or slicing, it’s important to choose a brand that helps minimize waste, too. 

4. Graters From Other Companies vs. Dalstrong 


Spring Chefs

Spring chef's graters are undoubtedly made with high-quality stainless steel, however, their graters were designed to cater to large fruits, vegetables, and hard cheeses. The sizes available for graters at Spring Chefs range from large to extra large. So, if you’re looking for a grater that can work with small blocks of chocolate, baby carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, and other foods, they may not be completely compatible with your needs. 


Cuisipro box graters are known for their quality. You may have heard of their product, the 4sided box grater. This grater is indeed, the company’s famous piece of kitchenware, but the downside to this is that many of their reviews suggest a hazard. Since all four sides have sharp, etched grooves, it’s necessary to wear gloves when working with the professional box grater. 

This can be inconvenient if you’re trying to shave and slice large foods like butternut squash, cabbage, and onions. Moreover, other reviews suggest that the 4sided stainless steel grater doesn’t cater to left-handed folks. 

OXO Good Grips

Oxo good grips is a renowned brand when it comes to kitchen appliances. Their zester and grater have a storage container attached at the bottom, however, their customer reviews suggest that the storage container is not spacious and needs to be emptied and re-attached which can be a tad inconvenient for some folks. 


The Norpro stainless steel grater is a hybrid of a zester/grater and a mandoline. The blades in this grater are detachable and easy to assemble. However, a handful of reviews suggest that it’s not easy to clean this grater. Especially, if you’re working with juicy vegetables like tomatoes since the pulp is tricky to clean out. Lastly, the blades don’t securely hold the vegetable in place and slip and slide over the countertop which can cause injuries and mishaps. 


Dalstrong’s graters are versatile, to begin with. With 5 different zesters and cheese graters to choose from, you get variety, a sheath for your zester and grater, and a comfortable handle that can also resists rust. Made with the highest quality of steel, the resistance to corrosion, acids, and other particles is phenomenal. 

Another incredible aspect of Dalstrong’s cheese graters is the black blade guard that comes with it. Most zesters and graters today don’t have a rubber guard or a sheath at all. Not only does this make the blades prone to rust, but also to mishaps that can cause severe injuries. 

5. Dalstrong Graters You Need In Your Kitchen

1. Professional Zester Narrow Grater

Professional Zester Narrow Grater Dalstrong

Whether it's grating cheeses, zesting, slicing, or shaving, this professional zester and grater have a narrow build that is perfect for compact kitchens and can also be hung on a knife magnet. 


  • Made with premium-quality 304 steel that is highly resistant to corrosive acids and other particles of dirt and dust. 
  • A phenomenal G10 handle that is made with impervious fiberglass and resin material. 
  • The handle has an anti-slip grip, so grate and zest away without hesitation. 


  • If you’re looking for full-fledged graters for cheese, there might be other cheese graters that would better suit your needs. 
  • If you don’t zest, shave, or grate foods, these graters might not be used to their best potential. 

2. Professional Ribbon Wide Cheese Grater

Professional Ribbon Wide Cheese Grater Dalstrong

This professional ribbon-wide cheese grater is perfect for my fellow cheese enthusiasts. The blade is corrosive to acids, so zest away, folks. Not only is this grater dishwasher-safe, but it comes with a protective sheath and a black blade guard. 


  • Made with premium-grade 304 steel for all the resistance and resilience you need with hard cheeses. 
  • The curved feet on this grater are ergonomic and comfortable to use. 
  • The G10 handle is anti-slip and resistant to moisture, heat, and acids. 


  • Ribbon-wide cheese graters might work best for large pizzas or nacho spreads, so if you’re not big on either of those foods, this might not be the best grater for you. But, check out Dalstrong’s other cheese graters.
  • If you’re not one for home cooking, a grater might not be a kitchen essential for you. 

3. Professional Fine Wide Cheese Grater

Professional Fine Wide Cheese Grater Dalstrong

Save all the space you need in your kitchen, especially if like me, you too have a compact space. This professional fine wide cheese grater is perfect to grate all sorts of hard cheeses, as well as lemons, limes, oranges, and other citrus fruits. 


  • The G10 handle is elegant to look at, and tenfolds ergonomic to hold. 
  • The blade on this grater can handle everything from spice to heat, and humidity. 
  • Protective sheath included for a safe grating experience.


  • If you’re not one for slim and trim designs on your kitchen utensils and kitchenware pieces and prefer 4sided box grater instead, this grater bad boy might not be used to its full potential. 
  • If you’re not big on hard cheeses like parmesan and cheddar, this grater might not suit your needs.

4. Professional Extra Coarse Wide Cheese Grater Dalstrong

Professional Extra Coarse Wide Cheese Grater Dalstrong

Extra coarse graters have never looked better. This grater is the epitome of function meeting form. Whether it’s zucchini loaf or savory breakfast muffins, this cheese grater can give you coarse, textured bits of cheese. 


  • The G10 handle has curved feet, making it perfect for folks needing added ergonomic support on their graters. 
  • Made with 304 stainless steel that can take on acidic and spicy foods. 
  • Easy to clean, and dishwasher-safe. 


  • If you’re not a cheese enthusiast, a coarse grater might not impress you much. But, we assure you, this grater was designed to set you up for success in the kitchen. Don’t hesitate to use it on carrots, cabbages, onions, and other veggies. 
  • If you prefer 4sided box grater, this might not be the right fit for you.  

6. How To Use Handheld Graters

    If like us, you too, love handheld graters over a 4sided box grater, you’re in luck! Here’s how to use a handheld grater safely. 


    • Make sure the grater is clean and dry, as using a wet grater can cause injuries. 
    • Place your knuckles in a comfortable position and angle the grater atop your cutting board.
    • Glide the food from one end to the other without moving too fast or too slow. 
    • Once you’ve achieved your shaved or sliced food, tap the body of the grater from the handle to dispose of any stuck-on food particles. 
    • Clean in a dishwasher, pat dry with a paper towel, place it in the sheath equipped with your Dalstrong grater, and store it in a kitchen drawer or cabinet. 

    7. Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the main function of a grater?

    A grater is used to zest, slice, and shave foods like hard cheeses, oranges, lemons, limes, cabbages, butternut squash, and other vegetables. 

    What is a grater in cooking terms?

    Graters are kitchen essentials used to shave down foods that have a tough and hard texture to them. They’re best for shredding cheese, chocolate, and some vegetables as garnish or sauces. A grater can also be used as a zester to shave down the peel or skin of some citrus fruits such as Meyer lemons, lime, orange, and many others. 

    What is the difference between a grater and a zester?

    A grater comes in many different types. Such as rotary graters, mandoline, cheese graters, a professional box grater, and several more. A zester is slim, trim, and narrow in appearance with very tiny holes along the surface of the zester to shred the peel of the fruit to use as a garnish or to add a little zing and flavor to the food. 

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