Dalstrong Knives vs. Imarku Knives: Which brand to choose?

Dalstrong Knives vs. Imarku Knives: Which Are The Best For You?

Dalstrong and Imarku are both popular brands in the knife market. But when you need to buy knives or knife sets, the decision is not to be taken lightly. You need to look closer at the details and the specific difference that will make you choose one brand over the other. Let’s make a more in-depth comparison and make an informed decision!

1. Dalstrong: Strong And Innovative 

Close-up shot of the Dalstrong Spartan Ghost Chef Knife's blade on a white background.Chef's Knife 8" Spartan Ghost Series | Dalstrong ©

    Dalstrong is a knife brand (more specifically, kitchen knives) offering high-quality craftsmanship and a very innovative vision to cover the needs of both professional kitchens and amateur cooks.

    Their vision is not only to provide exceptional kitchen tools but also to inspire cooking enthusiasts to explore and experiment with their culinary creativity. To that end, they count on a global team of experts led by their CEO, Dave Dallaire.

    Today, there are 17 knife series from Dalstrong, including very diverse designs, knife specialties, and knife styles (Western and Japanese). Dalstrong also offers a diverse selection of kitchenware, cookware, and knife accessories.

    History and Background

    Dalstrong was founded in Toronto in 2014 by Dave Dallaire, who worked closely with chefs and cooks and learned to appreciate the quality of kitchen utensils, especially knives. This led him to create a company that offered innovative and high-quality knives at reasonable prices.

    As demand grew, the young company expanded its operations rather quickly. Dalstrong has warehouses in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and soon in the Netherlands. They also have a cutting-edge facility in YangJiang (China) of all places: a city with a legendary role in the history of knife-making.

    2. Imarku: Practical And Affordable

    Studio shot of the Imarku Knife focusing on it's knife handle.

      IMARKU is also a brand specializing in kitchen knives and other home and kitchen accessories. Imarku knives are mostly manufactured in Japan, but Imarku also has a manufacturing and shipping center in China, as well as additional warehouses in the US and Germany.

      According to their website, Imarku's mission is to “provide professional chefs and home cooks with the well-designed essential kitchen cutlery and cookware they need” and to ”make cooking much easier and more enjoyable”.

      History and Background

      The brand had its beginnings about a decade ago when Mr. Mark Liu, the current CEO of the company, decided to learn about the Japanese technique for making high-quality Japanese knives. 

      IMARKU has rapidly gained popularity and today, it is a respected brand in the culinary industry that offers a fairly wide range of knives, kitchen utensils, and accessories like cutting boards and knife sharpeners.

      3. Dalstrong vs Imarku: A Comparison

      Dalstrong Knives vs. Imarku Knives: Which Are The Best For You?

        Dalstrong and Imarku are two of the most popular kitchen knife brands in the market. Both companies offer a wide variety of knives for different uses, from chef's knives to filet knives and bread knives. Let's take a closer look.





        EEUU, 2009

        Toronto, 2014





        An assortment of materials from German stainless steel to Japanese stainless steel

        Japanese steel, American steel, German steel, Sino steel, Scandinavian steel, Damascus Steel, High-Carbon steel



        Mostly Pakkawood handles and some in rosewood.

        Mostly G10, carbon fiber, stabilized wood, Pakkawood, and resin.



        approx. 7 variations

        More than 20 options


        Classic, traditional.

        It depends on the series: from daring to classic designs and everything in between. 




        17 series and counting




        (Actually, Dalstrong has different price ranges)


        Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects + 100% satisfaction or money-back guarantee

        Limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects + 100% satisfaction or 70 day money-back guarantee





        Email, phone, and live chat, reply within 24 hours 

        Email, phone, and live chat, reply within 24 hours 

        As we can see, Dalstrong’s knives are made with the highest-quality materials and are designed to maintain their best performance for a long time. Dalstrong also offers an extensive variety of kitchen knives, including chef's knives, fillet knives, and Santoku knives, among others, as well as other kitchen accessories like cutting boards and kitchen shears.

        Imarku, on the other hand, offers a more limited selection, and it seems to be focused on offering more affordable prices. Even though both brands offer high-quality products at reasonable prices, Dalstrong knives are slightly more expensive. This small difference, however, is justified by the quality and innovation of Dalstrong’s designs.

        It’s safe to say that both Dalstrong and Imarku are excellent options for high-quality knives. Dalstrong may be an ideal choice for those who value innovation and superior quality, while Imarku is a more affordable option.

        Read about how to select quality kitchen knives here.

        4. The Dalstrong Difference

        Dalstrong Spartan Ghost Series Chef Knife close-up shot on a white studio backgroundChef's Knife 8" Spartan Ghost Series | Dalstrong ©

        Dalstrong is committed to using the highest quality materials in the manufacturing of its knives, but they don’t stay in their comfort zone even when they have achieved this vision.

        What really sets Dalstrong apart is their restlessness. They always look for ways to make their products better, even the tiniest room for improvement is welcomed as a pleasant challenge. They’re constantly evolving as the world evolves. They move with you. 

        Their designs are attractive and modern, offering a sleek style that complements any kitchen. Moreover, there is something for every style: from the traditional-looking Gladiator Series to the minimalistic/futuristic Crusader series - or even the Valhalla Series for more poetic personalities (along with 14 other series/styles to choose from).

        With different specialties, from a bread knife to a steak knife and entire knife sets, Dalstrong is also meant to cover every cutting task out there.

        5. Five Dalstrong Best-Selling Knives

          1. Chef's Knife 8" Gladiator Series

          Chef's Knife 8" Gladiator Series NSF Certified Dalstrong

          We start the list with one of Dalstrong’s stars. This multifunctional 8-inch chef’s knife is a favorite among users. It is a powerhouse with a discreet design, designed to do it all: cut, slice, dice and any other culinary task, making it perfect for everyday use in any kitchen.


          • High-quality construction with German steel.
          • Ultra-sharp knife at 16-18° per side, allowing more precision.
          • Maximum grip comfort and control during extended use.
          • Wear -, heat -, and cold resistance.
          • The Gladiator Series offers this chef's knife in different colors and handle materials. 


          2. Paring Knife 3.5" Shogun Series ELITE

          Paring Knife 3.5" Shogun Series ELITE Dalstrong

          Small but powerful, a paring knife is ideal to cut, peel and chop fruits and vegetables with ease. And this magnificent model is a best-seller with a strong reputation among the public. Here’s why:


          • No less than 66 alternating layers of Damascus for more durability and resistance.
          • Hand-polished blade with the exclusive "Tsunami Rose" pattern Dalstrong.
          • Forged from a single piece of ultra-premium Japanese super steel.
          • Ultra-premium G-10 Garolite in the non-slip handle.
          • Ergonomic handle design that makes it comfortable and easy to use.
          • Can be purchased by itself or as part of the 3 Piece Paring Knife Set Shogun Series Elite.


          3. Santoku Knife 7" Shadow Black Series

          Santoku Knife 7" Shadow Black Series NSF Certified Dalstrong

          This high-quality Santoku knife stands out for its memorable design and its top performance. With a 7-inch blade, this kitchen knife is as stylish as it is strong, durable and, most importantly: extremely sharp for longer.


          • The stunning, midnight black titanium coating gives it a sophisticated style that draws attention immediately (it also increases protection against wear and tear).
          • Santokus are known for their great versatility in the kitchen. Use it for almost everything.
          • Sharp blade made of high-quality German steel.
          • The angled, geometric handle with aerodynamic lines provides a comfortable grip.
          • The full tang brings more balance.


          • The blade design of a Santoku knife may be a bit difficult to use for those accustomed to more traditional knives.
          • Santokus are traditional Japanese knives, but this model in particular doesn’t look Japanese at all. Check the Santoku 7" from the Phantom Series if that’s what you were looking for.

          4. Serrated Bread Knife 9" Omega Series

          Bread Knife 9" Omega Series Dalstrong

          A serrated knife is a must and this one has been designed not only to cut all types of bread and baked goods but also large fruits such as watermelons and cantaloupes with its deep serrated teeth. You can even go beyond and cut roasts, sausages, and much more.


          • Specialized design to minimize crumb dispersion in bread and maximize juice retention in other foods.
          • The 'LiquidMetal' pattern minimizes food drag.
          • Hand-forged from ultra premium American hyper steel.
          • Nitrogen technology improves hardness and corrosion resistance.
          • The handle offers balance and a feeling of control while cutting.


          • There are few occasions where it is actually better to use an offset knife with an L-shaped blade profile like the Serrated Offset Bread & Deli Knife 8"
          • If your budget is limited, the price here may be a bit high compared to other Dalstrong bread knives.

          5. Kiritsuke Chef's Knife 9.5" Phantom Series

          Kiritsuke Chef's Knife 9.5" Phantom Series Dalstrong

          This impressive knife needs almost no introduction: a 9.5-inch chef knife with a kiritsuke-shaped blade. The long, slender blade allows you to cut and slice delicate or large foods with precision and efficiency. This kiritsuke chef knife is an excellent investment because it has everything: sharpness, comfort, durability, and style.


          • This knife is a hybrid between a chef's knife and a Kiritsuke. The design allows you to have exceptional control over your movements, like a sword.
          • The blade is handcrafted using the traditional honbazuke method, super sharp for clean, easy cuts.
          • Premium Japanese steel blade with exceptional performance and rust resistance.
          • Its traditional Japanese D-shaped handle fits perfectly in your hand. You can manipulate it for long periods without your hand or wrist getting fatigued.
          • Beautiful, elegant and eye-catching!


          • It is true that this strong, sturdy knife can feel heavy for some users.
          • Certain basic skills may be necessary to safely handle this knife. Beginners may prefer a traditional chef's knife.

          6. Frequently Asked Questions About Imarku Knives

            Is Imarku chef knife good?

            Imarku Chef Knife 8” is their best-selling knife. The blade is made of high carbon stainless steel with an ergonomic handle, and it’s described as “user friendly”.

            Does Imarku offer fillet knives?

            Imarku has a 7 inch Deba Knife which they advertise as a fillet knife. While both a Deba knife and a fillet knife can be used for fish; the filleting knife is thinner and more flexible, like this one from Dalstrong.

            Does Imarku offer other products like knife sharpeners and cutting boards?

            Imarku has a total of two cutting boards and several knife sharpeners, among other kitchen accessories.

            Which is better for home cooks, Dalstrong or Imarku?

            Home cooks need a sharp knife with a high-quality steel blade. Both Dalstrong and Imarku knives are perfect for home cooks looking for quality and versatility at a friendly price range.

            Is Imarku a good brand?

            Imarku is generally considered a good brand for kitchen knives. They offer a range of knives, including the Imarku 8-Inch Chef's Knife, which is well-regarded for its performance in slicing and chopping fruits and vegetables, and meat. While it may not be on par with high-end Japanese knife sets, it provides good value for those seeking a quality knife for everyday use in a professional kitchen or at home.

            Is Imarku made in China?

            Yes, Imarku knives are manufactured in China. The brand produces a variety of kitchen knives, including the popular 8-inch chef's knife, which is designed for slicing, chopping, and other culinary tasks. While the knives are made in China, many users have found them to be suitable for both professional and home kitchen use, particularly for cutting fruits and vegetables, and meat.

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            Dalstrong Knives vs. Imarku Knives: Which brand to choose?

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