Must-Have Dalstrong Pizza Cutter And Its Many Uses

A photo of the Dalstrong Orbit Razor Pizza Wheel & Cutter slicing a pizza on a wooden board and surrounded with fireDalstrong Orbit Razor Pizza Wheel & Cutter

Whether you’ve got thin or thick-crust pizza, you’ll slice that pizza in seconds with a trusted good old-fashioned pizza cutter! Many people prefer pizza cutters over knives when cutting pizza because it allows cleaner and more streamlined cuts. But if you think they are only useful for pizzas, think again. 

A pizza cutter can also be used not only to slice pizza cleanly but also to cut flatbread crusts, lasagna, brownies, and other similar foods into smaller pieces. 

Pizza cutters are a lot more interesting than you might think, so stick around, and let's talk about all the things you need to know about pizza cutters and other things you can cut with them.

1. What Is A Pizza Cutter And How To Use One

A pizza cutter is a kitchen utensil that is specifically designed to slice through pizza quickly and easily. It typically consists of a circular blade, usually made of stainless steel, that is attached to a handle.

The blade is sharp and curved, allowing it to easily cut through the crust and toppings of a pizza in one smooth motion. Some pizza cutters may also have a protective guard or a mechanism to help distribute pressure evenly over the blade, making it easier to cut through thicker crusts or heavier toppings.

Pizza cutters are often used in pizzerias, restaurants, and homes to make cutting and serving pizza much easier and more efficient.

To use a pizza cutter, follow these steps:

  1. Start by preparing your pizza. Bake it according to your recipe (check this homemade pizza recipeor until the crust is crispy and the cheese is melted.
  2. Once the pizza is ready, remove it from the oven or stovetop and let it cool for a few minutes. This will make it easier to handle and cut.
  3. Take the pizza cutter and hold it by the handle. Place the blade at the edge of the pizza, where you want to make the first cut.
  4. Apply gentle pressure and roll the pizza cutter across the pizza, using a back-and-forth motion to create a clean, even cut. Repeat this process until you have cut the pizza into the desired number of slices.|
  5. Use a spatula or your hands to lift the slices off the pizza pan or stone and serve them.

    It's important to be careful when using a stainless steel pizza cutter, as the blade is very sharp and can easily cause injury. Always hold the handle firmly and keep your fingers away from the blade.

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    2. Qualities Of A Good Pizza Cutter

    A photo of the Dalstrong Orbit Razor Pizza Wheel & CutterDalstrong Orbit Razor Pizza Wheel & Cutter

    Several qualities make a good pizza cutter. Few of the most important ones:


    A good pizza cutter should have a sharp blade that can easily slice through pizza crusts and toppings without tearing them.


    The blade should be made of high-quality materials that are resistant to rust and corrosion, such as stainless steel.

    Comfortable handle

    The handle should be ergonomically designed and comfortable to hold, providing a firm grip while you're cutting the pizza.

    Size and weight

    A good pizza cutter should be easy to handle and not too heavy, allowing you to cut through the pizza without applying too much pressure.

    Easy to clean

    The pizza cutter should be easy to clean, with a blade that can be removed for washing or dishwasher safe.


    Some pizza cutters are designed with features like a built-in bottle opener or a thumb guard for you. These extra features can add value and make the cutter more versatile for use to improve your cooking techniques in other kitchen tasks.

    Overall, a good pizza cutter should be a reliable and durable tool that can easily cut through pizza, with a comfortable grip and easy to clean for regular use.

    3. How To Sharpen A Pizza Cutter

    A pizza cutter in the shape of a bicycle slicing through a cheese pizza

    Over time, a pizza cutter's blade can become dull, making it difficult to slice through pizza easily.

    Here's how to sharpen a pizza cutter:

    1. Begin by cleaning the blade of the pizza cutter with soap and warm water. Rinse and dry it thoroughly.
    2. Next, take a sharpening stone or honing steel and moisten it with water or oil.
    3. Hold the pizza cutter by the handle and place the blade at a 20-degree angle against the sharpening stone or honing steel.
    4. Apply light pressure and slide the blade across the stone or steel, moving it from the base of the blade to the tip. Repeat this motion several times on each side of the blade until you can feel a slight burr.
    5. Turn the blade over and repeat the process on the other side of the blade until you can feel a slight burr there as well.
    6. Once you've sharpened both sides of the blade, hold the pizza cutter with the blade facing away from you and gently run the sharp edge of the blade along a piece of paper. If it slices through the paper cleanly, then the blade is sharp enough.
    7. Finally, rinse the blade with water and dry it thoroughly before using it to slice your pizza.
    Remember to take care when sharpening your pizza cutter, as the blade is very sharp and can easily cause injury. Always hold the handle firmly and keep your fingers away from the blade while sharpening.

      4. Uses For A Pizza Cutter Other Than Pizza

      A photo of the Dalstrong Orbit Razor Pizza Wheel & Cutter with perfectly sliced quesadillas on top of a wooden board.Dalstrong Orbit Razor Pizza Wheel & Cutter

      While a pizza cutter is designed for slicing pizzas, it can also be a versatile kitchen utensil with other uses. Here are plenty of situations where you can put your cutter to use with:

      Chopping herbs

      A pizza cutter is an effective tool to chop fresh herbs such as parsley, basil, or cilantro quickly and efficiently.

      Cutting tortillas

      A pizza cutter can also be used to cut tortillas into triangles or strips for nachos, tacos, or other dishes with crust.

      Slicing quesadillas

      Pizza cutters are also perfect to slice flatbreads or quesadillas into smaller portions.

      Cutting sandwiches

      Your pizza cutter can also be used to slice sandwiches, especially when using bagels or crusty bread.

      Slicing omelets

      Interestingly, your pizza cutter can also be used to slice frittatas or omelets into portions of your choice.

      Cutting pastry dough

      A pizza cutter can also be used to cut pastry dough into strips for lattice pies or to cut out shapes for presentations.

      Chopping vegetables

      Did you know that a pizza cutter can be used to chop vegetables too? A pizza cutter can chop your favorite vegetables such as asparagus or green beans into smaller pieces.

        Always remember to clean your pizza cutter thoroughly after use and to take care when using it, as the blade is very sharp.

        5. Alternative Pizza Cutters

        A photo of the Dalstrong 12" Rocking Cleaver Knife slicing a freshly cooked pizza on top of a Dalstrong wooden board.Rocking Cleaver Knife 12" Gladiator Series Limited Edition NSF Certified | Dalstrong

        If you're looking for an alternative to a traditional pizza cutter, here are some other types you may want to consider:

        Rocking Cleaver Knife

        This is your new favorite kitchen rocking knife, whether you're preparing herbs or herbivores. Anything that strays in front of this bad boy will get carved up for dinner, even pizzas! A rocker blade can slice up your favorite pizza in seconds!

        Shave kebab meat or smoked brisket into tender little slivers, ready for taco fillings. Mince up onions, peppers, herbs, and aromatics for sauces. Lay out all your herbs and whip up a chimichurri, pesto, or aromatic marinade in a few quick with this masterful rocker blade.

        Mezzaluna Knife

        A mezzaluna knife, also known as a crescent knife, is a type of kitchen knife used for chopping and mincing herbs, vegetables, and meats. The knife is characterized by its crescent-shaped blade, which is usually between 5 and 10 inches long and is often curved to follow the shape of a cutting board.

        The mezzaluna knife is typically used with a rocking motion, with the blade being rocked back and forth over the food to chop it into small pieces. Some mezzaluna knives have a single blade, while others have a double blade, allowing for more efficient chopping. With its design, mezzaluna knives are also often used to cut pizzas. It does a great job slicing thin slices and even a 4inch pizza.

        The mezzaluna knife has its origins in Italy, where it was traditionally used for preparing pesto and other herb-based sauces. Today, the knife is used in kitchens around the world for a wide variety of chopping and mincing tasks. Its unique shape and rocking motion make it particularly useful for chopping large quantities of herbs and vegetables quickly and efficiently. 

        Ulu Knife

        The ulu knife has a unique design that is well-suited for cutting tasks such as skinning, filleting, and chopping. Interestingly, it can also be used to slice pizzas. If you're a pizza lover who loves thicker pizza, you can certainly use an UIu knife if you have one at home.

        In addition to its practical uses, the ulu knife also has cultural and symbolic significance for indigenous Arctic peoples, representing both the importance of hunting and the resourcefulness and ingenuity required to survive in a harsh environment. Today, the ulu knife continues to be used by many people in the Arctic region and home cooks around the world who appreciate its unique design and functionality.

        The blade is typically made from a single piece of steel, and it is curved upwards at the end, with a sharp edge along the entire length of the curve that will allow you to mince and slice any ingredient with precision. The handle of an ulu knife is traditionally made from materials such as bone, antler, or wood, and it is designed to be held with the palm on top of the blade, providing a comfortable grip and excellent control.

        Pizza Scissors

        These are specially designed scissors that can easily cut through a 4inch pizza, allowing you to cut through the pizza directly on the pan or plate.

        Pizza wheel with a guard

        Some pizza cutters come with a blade guard that helps prevent your hands from coming into contact with the blade. This can be a good option for those who are new to using a pizza cutter or who are worried about the risk of injury.

        Electric pizza cutter

        An electric pizza cutter is a motorized device that quickly and easily slices through pizza with minimal effort. It can be a good option for those who have limited strength or mobility in their hands.

        Scalloped-edge pizza cutter

        A pizza cutter with a scalloped edge is designed to cut through pizza without disturbing the toppings or cheese. This can be a good option if you want to keep your toppings in place while cutting your pizza.

        Personal pizza cutter

        A small, handheld pizza cutter is ideal for cutting personal-sized pizzas or for cutting slices for small children.

        There are many different types of pizza cutters available, so it's important to choose the one that works best for you and your needs. Consider the type of pizza you typically make, as well as your level of comfort with using different types of kitchen gadgets, when selecting a pizza cutter.

        6. Must-Have Dalstrong Pizza Cutter

        Dalstrong Orbit Razor Pizza Wheel & Cutter

         Orbit Razor Pizza Wheel & Cutter Dalstrong

        The Dalstrong Orbit Razor Pizza Wheel is a premium pizza cutter that is carefully designed for pizza lovers. Using Dalstrong's unique reinforced tri-spoke cutter wheels design, this ultimate pizza cutter can reduce drag, has improved slicing power, and can easily slice and cut pizzas without ruining them.


        • Made durable with its extra thick 2.0 mm premium stainless steel material. It will not break or bend.
        • Good Grip - The thickened handle allows you to grip it comfortably. It is non-slip and can be controlled easily.
        • It features a double bevel wheel design for more precise cuts.
        • It is resilient and resistant to stains.
        • Dishwasher safe.


                      • The price point might be a sticking point for some. 
                      • Some may find the handle small for their liking.

                          7. Frequently Added Questions

                          What is a pizza cutter?

                          A pizza cutter is a round or curved kitchen tool designed to cleanly slice your favorite pizza quickly and easily. It is purposely designed not only to slice pizza, but also to dice and chop different foods with very minimal damage to the toppings. 

                          How to use a pizza cutter?

                          To use a pizza cutter, simply hold your pizza cutter firmly by the handle making sure you have a firm grip. Next, you need to apply pressure while rolling the blade across the pizza and slicing through the crust and toppings. Repeat until you have sliced the entire pizza into your desired number of slices.

                          What are the different types of pizza cutters?

                          There are three different types of pizza cutters which includes handheld pizza cutters, pizza scissors, and rocker-style pizza cutters. Handheld pizza cutters have a circular blade attached to a handle, while rocker-style pizza cutters, on the other hand, have curved blades that can rock back and forth to cut the pizza. Lastly, pizza scissors have two blades that slide past each other to cut through the pizza.

                          What should I consider when buying a pizza cutter?

                          When buying a pizza cutter, there are a lot of factors you need to consider. The most important tip is to look for a sharp stainless steel blade that will cut through your pizza when you slide it. Your pizza cutter should have a comfortable handle to grip when cutting. Next is that you also have to consider the blade size and the overall size of the pizza cutter to ensure it can handle the size of pizza you make.

                          How to clean my pizza cutter?

                          Cleaning your pizza cutter doesn't need to be complicated. Clean your pizza cutter with a sponge or a folded towel. Hold the pizza cutter at an angle against the sponge or towel to easily scrub the surface without the cutter rotating. Do this to clean both sides of the blade, and slowly rotate the back side to clean the section behind the handle.

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                            Must-Have Dalstrong Pizza Cutter And Its Many Uses

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