Best Pots and Pans To Buy

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Best Pots And Pans To Buy
  1. The Nonstick Skillet. The basic non-stick skillet or fry pan has come a long way and remains one of the most versatile cookware pieces a home cook can own. 
  2. The Saute Pan. Saute pans can handle anything from complex pan sauces to steaks to basic fried fare and can even pinch hit for a microwave when reheating prepared food.
  3. The Stock PotMost 3-quart options are heavy enough for great heat distribution, and have a handle grip that allows for versatile use in the oven and on the stove top. 

When choosing pots and pans for your kitchen, the options can be overwhelming. Whether you are new to cooking or ready to upgrade your cookware, balancing quality with performance is the key to selecting the right pieces. Rather than opting for extensive, pre-selected cookware sets, consider the types of cooking you do most and what type of oven and cooktop/cooking surface you use.  

Dalstrong has three quality lines to choose from that span the spectrum of cookware types and can do all the heavy lifting for whatever you love to cook. With this guide, you can easily assemble the best kitchen pots and pans for your home. 

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1. Everything You Need To Know About The Nonstick Skillet

12" ETERNA Non-Stick Frying Pan & Skillet - The Oberon Series

12" ETERNA Non-Stick Frying Pan & Skillet - The Oberon Series

For everyday cooking and keeping fat content to a minimum, nothing can compare. Today’s nonstick coatings are sprayed on and cured so that they maintain their smooth texture and remain easy to clean over years of use. 

Best Uses: fried or scrambled eggs, omelets, pancakes, sticky foods, everyday foods, best for new cooks

Choosing The Best Nonstick Pan

Not all nonstick cookware are created equally. You should expect a premium nonstick pan to have an aluminum core for even heat distribution and to have enough weight not to warp with usage over time.  Size also matters and you should consider the size of your range burners or cooking surface before selecting non-standard sizes. A 12” skillet is the gold standard for most home cooks and would be a welcome addition to any nonstick cookware set. 

Do your research when doing cost-comparisons to be sure that you are making the safest choice. A good non stick coating should be PFOA and APEO-free to be healthiest for interacting with your family’s food. For cooks that like to finish their pieces in the oven, consider a skillet with an additional side handle to allow for ease of transition and avoid any potential spills and burns. 

Quality nonstick cookware are easy to clean and should require little to no scrubbing when cooled after cooking. Because these frying pans will get frequent use in any kitchen, most cooks opt for models that are dishwasher safe to eliminate unnecessary sink clutter.

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Best Pots and Pans To Buy

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