Essential Kitchen Tools Every Home Cook Should Own

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If you enjoy cooking, you know that being equipped with the right kitchen tools can make a world of difference. These tools can enable you to cook anything from a simple, straightforward meal to an elaborate multi-course feast. In this article, we’ll explore the concept of kitchen tools, and give you some examples you can buy.

1. What Are Kitchen Tools? 

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Learning how to cook, and improving your cooking skills over time, is not just about muscle memory. It’s not just about memorizing recipes or portion sizes or even knowing some impressive knife tricks to make sure your onions are chopped ultra-fine. 

    No, learning how to cook is an ongoing process, and one of the key elements of it is knowing when to use the right tools. Recognizing what tools can improve a specific moment and applying them at the right time is an extremely important part of any cook’s culinary journey, and it’ll make you a better cook overall.

    Kitchen tools are important. They help save you time and effort by making cooking easier and faster and ensuring that the end result is the best quality it can be. For instance, using a food processor to ensure that your vegetables are chopped to the correct size will improve the overall flavor and texture of your food. A pressure cooker can save you time by cooking your food faster than other methods. 

    Basically, you are using these tools to spend less time cooking and maximizing your time with the people you care about.

    Kitchen tools also improve safety in your kitchen. You can avoid nasty kitchen accidents by making sure you’re using the correct tools (and making sure that you’re using them properly). Everything from non-slip handles (to ensure your pots and pans don’t slide and spill) to a honing rod (to ensure that your knives are properly sharp) can serve as a kitchen tool.

    So what do we call kitchen tools? Pretty much anything you use to cook. Yes, that means everything from your knives to food strainers, ginger grater, utensil holder, sheet pan, cleaning brush, instant-read meat thermometer, candy thermometer, vegetable slicer, garlic presses, kitchen spatula, baking sheets, and more. As you can see, any cooking tool qualifies. 

    In summary, kitchen tools are there to help you. To help you cook, to help you stay safe, and to help you become a better cook

    2. How to Choose Quality Kitchen Tools

    A clean white home kitchen with small potted plants and a large wooden cutting board in the foreground

    As we’ve established, kitchen tools are very important. But picking up cheap, flimsy little nothings at the local dollar store isn’t going to yield the best results. You need to make sure you’re using high-quality kitchen tools to ensure you’re using them correctly (and that you won’t be purchasing them again in just a few days due to overuse). 

    When shopping for kitchen tools here are a few good steps to follow.

    1. Do your research. Read reviews, compare products, and check out different vendors. Figure out what you need and how you’re going to get it. This will help you narrow down your scope of options to find a high-quality tool that will fit your budget.

    2. Look for the quality of materials and durability. You need kitchen tools that will last, not stuff that will fall apart immediately. So you need kitchen tools made of premium materials. Yes, that will have a higher cost to start with, but you’ll also avoid having to continuously buy new versions of the same kitchen tools because they keep falling apart.

    3. Think about what you need. Chances are you won’t be using every single type of kitchen tool available because you won’t be cooking every single type of food. So take a minute to consider what you actually need and how you’ll be doing it to determine what exactly you’ll need.

    4. Look for value. Compare prices. Kitchen tools vary pretty wildly when it comes to price. A good thing to do is not just go to the store and pick them up, but actually compare the in-store prices to the online store. Sometimes you’ll find better deals that way. 

    3. Must-Have Kitchen Tools You Need in Your Kitchen

        Now that we’ve established that kitchen tools are an essential part of any home cook’s arsenal, let’s take a look at some of the most important kitchen tools available, along with some examples of each.

        Cutting boards

        There’s really no overstating how important cutting boards are. Aside from the knives and cooking utensils, we use to make our meals (such as, say, nonstick pans), cutting boards might as well be the protagonists of our kitchen adventures. After all, they are often where the action happens.

        A good cutting board is extremely important. Not only do they aid in the preparation of food, but picking the right one can also protect you from food-borne illnesses. The surface you use to prep all sorts of raw meat and vegetables should be a clean and useful one. A cutting board can last for years, even with heavy use, but you need to make sure you choose it wisely.

        Pay for a cheap, plastic cutting board and you’ll find yourself replacing it in no time. Buy a strong, sturdy product with solid construction and you’ll find yourself reaching for it over and over for years down the line.

        1. Lionswood | Teak Cutting Board | Dalstrong ©

        Lionswood | Teak Cutting Board | Dalstrong ©

        This is a fantastic example of a cutting board that combines both function (with its top-of-the-line materials resulting in a sturdy, durable product that will last for years) and form (it looks terrific). Teak is a luxury wood that is naturally resistant to water, bacteria, and stains. So this beautiful teak cutting board is a great tool for everyday use.


        • Features a steel handle on either side, making it easier to transport (and suitable for serving).
        • Because of its slip-resistant surface, your kitchen knives will last for longer.
        • The cutting board is hand-crafted from end-grain wood and filled with rich moisturizing oils.
        • One of the best deals you’ll find price-wise.


        • Some folks prefer the overall feel of wood-fibre cutting boards; if so, try the option below.
        • The size of this cutting board should be more than enough for most home cooks, but if you’re looking for something larger, try the Lionswood Colossal | Teak Cutting Board.

        2. Dalstrong Series Infinity Series Wood- Fibre Cutting Board - Medium - Obsidian Black

        Dalstrong Series Infinity Series Wood- Fibre Cutting Board - Medium - Obsidian Black

        This is a great example of a different type of cutting board. Because of its sleek obsidian black design, it looks amazing. Not only that, but it is also a highly functional and practical cutting board that features a durable, lightweight build.


        • It’ll stay grounded while you cut thanks to its non-slip silicone feet.
        • Features a premium ergonomic G10 serving handle.
        • A stylish tool that looks amazing while you use it for chopping, slicing, and serving.
        • Extremely easy to clean and look after.


        • It’s made of wood fiber as opposed to a single piece of wood, which may not be to everyone’s liking.
        • Its unique look may clash with some kitchen decor.

        Honing rods

        Every kitchen enthusiast knows the importance of keeping their knives in optimum condition. A honing rod is a fantastic tool to accomplish this. A honing rod can be used to keep your blades sharp (remember: a dull knife is a dangerous knife). It’s a cylindrical piece of steel that has fine abrasive material bonded to the surface so that when you run your knife blade along the rod, the blade’s surface will be “reset,” resulting in a sharper edge. 

        With a honing rod, you can ensure your knives are always ready to be used. Not only does this come in handy when it comes to cooking, but you’ll also extend the life of your precious cooking tools. By regularly using a honing rod, you’ll ensure that your knives survive for much longer. It’s an easy, fast way to keep your knives in optimal condition.

        Honing Steel 10" | Gladiator Series | NSF Certified | Dalstrong ©

        Honing Steel 10" | Gladiator Series | NSF Certified | Dalstrong ©

        This honing steel will keep your knife’s edge perfectly aligned and in peak condition. It is made of high-quality stain-resistant carbon steel and triple riveted for strength. It’s easy to use, with an ergonomic, solid-grip pakkawood handle. And at 10 inches, it’s the ideal length to easily use with most knife sizes.


        • Precision forged, ultra sharp, single-piece high carbon steel at 55+ Rockwell.
        • Comfortable ergonomic handle made of imported Spanish pakkawood.
        • Features added chromium for stain resistance.
        • Ultra durable and hefty.


        • This size is perfect for most knives, but if your knife is a massive one in the 14” range, you might want to look for a bigger honing rod.
        • The honing rod’s heft might take a little getting used to at first.


        A good spatula is one of those underrated kitchen tools that every home cook who takes their craft seriously should own. These are essential kitchen allies that will allow you to accomplish all sorts of tasks. Whether you’re making pancakes or burgers, you’re not going to get as good a result if you try to flip them over with a spoon. Or maybe you will, but it’ll be a struggle. Regardless, a good spatula with a wide, flat surface will eliminate that element of uncertainty.

        Not only that, but spatulas are also great at removing food from tight spaces. You can use them to reach into nooks and crannies and scrape out anything you want to reduce waste.

        Professional Slotted Fish Spatula 7.5" | Dalstrong ©

        Professional Slotted Fish Spatula 7.5" | Dalstrong ©

        The Dalstrong 7.5” Flexible Fish Spatula is a great kitchen tool that can be used for all manner of foods; it’s called a “fish” spatula but you can use it for making pancakes, grilling burgers, flipping thick steaks, or lifting any food that has some heft to it. Thanks to its flexible construction, this awesome kitchen spatula is a lightweight multi-purpose culinary tool that can make your life in the kitchen so much easier.


        • Built with an emphasis on control, grip, dexterity, and comfort.
        • Crafted from a single piece of premium, anti-corrosion stainless steel.
        • Has a military-grade G10 fiberglass resin handle.
        • Features five wide slots to allow excess oil to drain quickly.


        • At 7.5”, this spatula might be a little too large for some.
        • For some kitchen uses, silicone spatulas would be more appropriate.


        Have you ever tried cooking in a kitchen where there are no cooking tongs? I have, and it’s surprising how often you find yourself needing them. If you don’t have a pair of cooking tongs, it’s a good idea to invest in this extremely handy kitchen tool – you’ll find yourself wondering how you ever went without them.

        Tongs are extremely useful when it comes to flipping food on the grill or pan, as well as safely transporting it back and forth. Instead of struggling to turn over a chicken breast with a fork or another ineffective tool, or trying to remove corn on the cob from the grill without dropping it on the floor, you can just quickly grab it with a solid pair of tongs. Their long handles also provide protection when moving something heavy from one pot to another, as well as working the grill.

        Food Tongs 12" | Scalloped Silicone Tips | Dalstrong ©

        Food Tongs 12" | Scalloped Silicone Tips | Dalstrong ©

        Everybody – from an aspiring chef to a seasoned professional to an enthusiastic pitmaster – needs to be able to confidently handle their food without risking injury. Tongs are great because they serve as extensions of your hands, flipping and moving food without any type of risk. And these 12-inch food tongs make it really easy to do so.


        • Their 12-inch length is great for keeping your hands away from danger (heat or splattering oil).
        • Made of S/S430 high-carbon steel.
        • The tong features silicone heads so you can use them easily on non-stick cookware without damaging the nonstick coating.
        • Features a quick-lock mechanism so you can easily close and store them.


        • They’re a little heavier than most tongs out in the market due to their premium materials.
        • It’s true that these tongs are pretty large. If you’re looking for something a little more manageable, check out these similar 9” tongs.

        Other kitchen tools

        Those are just some examples of the high-quality kitchen tools you can purchase on Dalstrong’s store, but there are all sorts of kitchen tools aside from those. It seems people can’t stop thinking of kitchen gadgets to improve their cooking. Search around and you’ll find useful stuff like the potato masher, cheese grater, stand mixer, food thermometer, salad spinner, vegetable chopper, food processor, kitchen shears, and much more. Even a kitchen towel technically qualifies as a kitchen tool.

        4. Frequently Asked Questions

        What are the kitchen tools?

        Any tool you use in your kitchen is a kitchen tool. From knives to vegetable choppers to your kitchen utensils, anything you use in your kitchen to cook food qualifies as a kitchen tool. When most people use the phrase, however, they are referring to tools that can be used to prepare food aside from basics like knives and forks.

        What is the most common kitchen tool?

        Some would say the most common kitchen tool is the chef’s knife, which is a multi-purpose knife designed to be suitable for most kitchen needs. Aside from that, spatulas and tongs are among the most widely used kitchen tools.

        What you need in your kitchen?

        Arming your kitchen with the right tools you need to cook the meals you want to cook is important. At the very least, aside from your trusty chef’s knife, you should have some tongs, spatulas, and a good cutting board. Test kitchen tools to determine what you’ll actually use.

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        Written by Jorge Farah

        Born on the coast of Colombia and based in Buenos Aires, Jorge is a cooking enthusiast and kitchenware obsessive with a tremendous amount of opinions.

        Essential Kitchen Tools Every Home Cook Should Own

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