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Dalstrong Gifts for Dad : Quick Overview

Carving Knife & Fork Set 9" | Shadow Black Series | NSF Certified | Dalstrong ©

Each year as June comes around we all receive that group message from our eldest sibling asking what unique gift idea we’ve come up with for dear old dad. While Father’s Day is about much more than whatever custom gift you get for dad, you still want to show whatever father figure is in your life that you care. 

Finding gifts for dad is not always easy, especially when you have a father like mine who replies, “world peace” every time you ask him what birthday gift he’d like. Rest easy sweet children of fathers, in this article we’ll cover those traditional dad gifts (that likely include Dad’s initials somewhere), the key to selecting a great Father’s Day gift, our top 10 gift ideas, and answer some frequently asked questions.

1. Traditional Dad Gifts

A large carving knife with a black blade laying on a half sliced brisket against a dark background

12'' Slicing & Carving Knife | Delta Wolf Series | Dalstrong ©

For the longest time, my poor father received a tie for just about every holiday, and many gift guides still suggest those staples of Father's day, along with beard trimmers and cordless drills. Though not nearly as popular today as they once were, a tie has always been a classic Father’s Day/Dad’s birthday gift idea. Let’s be honest though, the glory days of the tie have passed and it’s time we get more creative with our unique gift ideas.

Traditionally, it wasn’t uncommon that the father figure in the house received beer or whiskey to commemorate special occasions. While that’s still perfectly acceptable, why not spice it up a bit and include a long-lasting bottle opener with the booze. Or maybe one of those stellar beer insulators that keep your beer chilled long into a fishing trip. Or if he's a dad whos favorite hobby is having have a beer while manning the grill, check out this bbq knife that does it all!

Another classic dad gift is coffee, which can really be hit or miss. As someone mildly obsessed with homebrews I think a delicious bean from a local coffee shop is a fantastic gift. But my grandpa drinks his coffee with more milk and sugar than actual coffee, so for dads like these coffee might not be the way to go. 

If your father likes to read you could do a more modern take on the traditional coffee gift, by making it a morning ritual theme. Think a personalized coffee cup with some sort of dad joke, some coffee beans, and an independent author’s latest bestseller. 

It’s also long been a tradition to make something by hand for your father. When my two-year-old nephew creates a “craft” with macaroni, it’s adorable. When my 30-year-old brother does it, it’s a bit different. While we support the, “it’s the thought that counts” mentality we’d suggest you really do take some time to think about what you’re getting your dad to celebrate his day.

2. What is the Best Gift to Buy Your Dad for Father’s Day?

Four uncooked pieces of red meat next to a large cleaver against a dark surface

9'' Meat Cleaver | The Obliterator | Gladiator Series R | Dalstrong ©

Dads are truly the best. They are supportive and loving and constantly send you, “how to create and follow a budget” related emails. What exactly though is the best gift for them? This is a tough question to answer because there are so many different types of dads. Some dads love cooking, others prefer board games or video games. 

While I might gift a new dad in my life some much needed whiskey, I’ll likely gift a sporty dad something…well sports-related (tickets to a game or a team jersey). The trick to finding that perfect Father’s Day gift is understanding just who your dad is. 

When you think about a personalized Father’s Day gift you should really be thinking about what this dad likes to do with his free time and what some of his favorite things are. Maybe he’s the kind of outdoorsy dad who cycles for miles and cracks a beer at the end of a long ride. In that case, a gift card to a local bike shop or a delicious limited edition craft beer would do the trick. 

Maybe your father is one of those “cool dads” who like to hit the town looking sharp. In that case, he might want a cologne/lotion gift set or some fancy shaving cream. Or maybe he’s an incredibly forgetful father and that fancy tile mate gadget that tracks everyday items would be just up his alley.

If you have a foodie dad in your life the possibilities are truly endless. From an air fryer to a wild flavored hot sauce to a baked good that’ll satisfy his sweet tooth there are just so many possibilities for a great gift. 

Whatever gifts for dad you’re thinking of, Dalstrong can surely help. And don’t forget to make a cute Father’s Day card with some of your favorite memories or a favorite photo for bonus brownie points and a little something extra in your slot at Christmas. 

3. Dalstrong Gift Ideas For Dad

1. 4” Paring Knife | Phantom Series

Paring Knife 4" | Phantom Series | Dalstrong ©

    I truly believe that a perfect gift must be two things: thoughtful and practical. A paring knife encompasses these two things beautifully. I’d recommend this gift, particularly for fathers with young children, because a lot of kids weirdly hate eating peels of fruits.

    A paring knife is practical, in that this beautifully engraved Japanese knife with razor-sharp edges can help you take off all those pesky (and totally edible) apple peels. 

    But it’s also thoughtful because you’re saying, “Hey dad! I see you. I know kids are weird. I’m here to ease the struggles of fatherhood in a very small way.” With a precision-forged, narrow width this is the ideal knife to have around the house. But please, for all father’s sakes, do keep this knife out of the reach of young children. 

    2. Dalstrong Premium Whetstone Kit

    Dalstrong Premium Whetstone Kit (#1000/#6000 Grit)

      A whetstone is, in my humble opinion, one of the most underrated kitchen tools you can have. There is nothing quite as satisfying as a perfectly sharpened blade. Help your dad take care of his knives with this great gift. These two individual whetstones are ideal for sharpening and repairing any dull or damaged blades. 

      The top-grade corundum of this whetstone is also ideal for kitchen scissors or anything in your kitchen that needs a sharper blade. I assure you that the satisfying act of sharpening will leave your father as happy as can be and that his kitchen will thank you too. 

      3. 9" BBQ Pitmaster Knife | Shadow Black Series

      BBQ Pitmaster Knife 9" | Shadow Black Series | NSF Certified | Dalstrong ©

        The perfect gift for a grill master dad, this is the knife of knives when it comes to conquering the art of the backyard barbecue. Engineered for optimal maneuverability and inspired by the F-117 Nighthawk Stealth Fighter, this sleek knife is the perfect tool to help your dad slay that grill. 

        Pair this bad boy with a new hot sauce to try and this is a great father’s day gift for any father figure in your life. I’d even argue it’s a gift that keeps on giving, because the more dad grills, the more BBQ you get to eat. Plus how many other knives have a bottle opener?! 

        4. 10" Serrated Bread Knife | Gladiator Series

        Serrated Bread Knife 10" | Gladiator Series | NSF Certified | Dalstrong ©

          Gift your dad a sandwich maker dream knife. With the craze of the sourdough hitting a full peak during the quarantine so many of us have become master bread bakers in the last year or so. What so many of us haven’t done, however, is updated our bread knife. My dad still uses the one he got as a wedding gift over thirty years ago and I’m sure he isn’t the only father whose bread knife is looking sad. 

          This Gladiator Series 10” bread knife has been designed to handle the tough, homemade crusts, while its hand-polished bolster protects your fingers all the way through the cut. It comes with a water and stain-resistant protective sheath and is a gift that your dad will thank you for both now and in years to come. 

          5. 7" Santoku Knife | Gladiator Series

          7" Santoku Knife | Gladiator Series

            Another Father’s Day gift that just can’t fail is this multifunctional Japanese knife whose name means “three uses.” My father is a proud owner of this knife and I can’t even tell you how much it has, in his own words, “changed his life.” 

            With its perfectly engineered balance and incredibly sleek design, this is the kind of knife that slices, dices, and minces anything you need to prep that big family meal. If your dad is a foodie he needs this knife, but even if he isn’t he can appreciate its versatility in the basic food prep we all have to do sometimes. 

            6. Sous Team 6” Apron

            Dalstrong Professional Chef's Kitchen Apron - Sous Team 6"

              Whether your dad loves to entertain on the grill or is the bartender of the house you can’t go wrong with a long-lasting, quality apron. I was once a former apron skeptic, but once I started using a high-quality cross-back strapped apron my life was changed for the better. This sleek, all-black design with plenty of pocket space is perfect for storing a meat thermometer, a few grill tools, or a muddler for all the whiskey drinks he’ll want to impress his guests with. 

              The waxed canvas with a water repellent coating will protect him against any potential BBQ sauce splatter and save your dad loads of laundry. Plus, with this stylish apron, we can all help our dads look even more handsome than those cuties already do.  

              7. 10” Frying Pan & Skillet | Avalon Series

              10" Frying Pan & Skillet | Hammered Finish Black | Avalon Series | Dalstrong ©

                Better than buying some restaurant gift card, get your dad a fresh new frying pan and skillet, and then better yet, cook him a meal! If your father is anything like mine it’s likely he hasn’t invested in a new cooking set since the late 80s. This 5-ply Copper Forged Foundation layer is best-in-class and built to last forever. 

                With its quick heating and impeccable craftsmanship you can sear, brown, sauté, boil, or deep fry whatever your father desires. I also love that this frying pan and skillet is heat resistant to up to 600 degrees, so you can throw this baby in the oven. The recipe possibilities are endless. So make your dad a beautiful Father’s Day meal and then he can take the beautiful new skillet home and do the same! 

                8. Teak Cutting Board

                Teak Cutting Board

                  So many of the dads that I know are true entertainers. They are the ones with a drink in hand, filling up the glasses of everyone else around them. The dad who lives for a weekend party. For those dinner party-loving dads this teak cutting board is an ideal gift. With its perfect size and beautifully hand-crafted end-grain wood, it’s the perfect gift for a dad who can appreciate a good charcuterie board. 

                  Let your dad run wild with his appetizer and small plate dreams with this water-resistant board that won’t stain or hold bacteria. It’s also a fantastic gift for any dad who loves to cook as the design of this board is made for not sliding around as you aggressively chop. 

                  But if this particular board isn’t your style, make sure to check out some of the other fantastic cutting boards also available from Dalstrong. 

                  9. 4- Piece Charcuterie & Cheese Knife Set | Gladiator Series

                  4-Piece Charcuterie & Cheese Knife Set | Gladiator Series | NSF Certified | Dalstrong ©

                    Again, this is an ideal gift for those entertainer extraordinaire-type papas. These four stainless steel, absolutely beautifully crafted charcuterie & cheese knives will ensure that your dad is the talk of the wine hosting dinner party crowd. 

                    The mini cleaver knife is perfect for splitting those hard cheeses or a variety of salamis. The forked cheese knife is fantastic for moving the cheeses around or slicing those medium cheeses, like my personal favorite a nice dill havarti. The soft cheese knife is ideal for well, you guessed it, soft cheeses. 

                    Lastly, the rounded-tip serrated cheese knife is the kitchen utensil you didn’t know you were missing. Use it for dips and jams and all of the added flavors that really give the charcuterie board the flair it needs. Trust us, if your dad likes food and likes having company over, this is the best gift for him. 

                    10. 4-Piece Straight-Edge Steak Knife Set | Shogun Series

                    Shogun Series Steak Knife Set (4)

                      I don’t want to generalize about all fathers, but the majority of dads I know love a good steak dinner. Surprise your dad by bringing over some steaks to grill and present him with this stellar 4-Piece Straight-Edge Steak Knife Set. The handles are meticulously constructed of G-10 Garolite, an incredibly strong military-grade inert and non-porous fiberglass-like material. 

                      This 4-piece set will last against heat and moisture, plus they have specifically been designed with maximum hold comfort in mind. Also, they just look really, really good at a dinner table. 

                      11. Father's Day Fishing Bundle

                      If your dad is loves to catch his dinner then this is the perfect bundle for Father's Day!

                      Includes the Shadow Black Series Fillet Knife and Portable Whetstone Set. 

                      The Shadow Black Series 6" Fillet Knife features an exceptional grip, screamingly sharp cutting edge, and is engineered for optimal maneuverability. Designed from the ground up to be as sleek, aggressive and muscular looking as it is effective, the Shadow Black Series is sure to deliver the highest levels of satisfaction during your culinary journey. .

                      Convenient yet classy, the double-sided whetstone made of premium Corundum can be safely carried wherever you go in it's sleek and solid oak wood storage box. With both #1000 and #6000 grit stones in one, always be ready to sharpen and refine all of your knives to polished perfection - making the Dalstrong Portable Whetstone Set an excellent kitchen companion for adventurous chefs on the move.

                      12. Father's Day Pitmaster Bundle

                      The perfect bundle for every dad that loves manning the grill on weekends. 

                      Includes the Shadow Black Series Pitmaster Knife, Dalstrong Meat Claws, and Dalstrong Sous Team 6 Apron. 

                      Striking from every angle, the unique handle geometry (inspired by the F-117 Nighthawk Stealth Fighter) features sharp, aerodynamic lines that cut the air and tuck snugly into your palm. A midnight black titanium coating creates unforgettable styling, sophistication and functionality, sure to turn heads in any kitchen. This is one evil looking knife.

                      The Dalstrong Meat Claws were thoughtfully designed for the discerning meat and BBQ lover. Each claw features four razor sharp prongs of handcrafted + tempered premium SUS304 stainless steel to provide unwavering strength for tearing through flesh of pork, beef, chicken and more for the perfect pulled sandwiches, wraps and dips. 

                      The Dalstrong Heavy Duty Waxed Canvas Sous Team 6 apron is designed with premium, rugged materials and built to outlast you and your sous-team in the heat of the kitchen. Featuring 2 chest pockets for easy, convenient storage of your marker, pen, phone or notepad, plus two generously sized outer front pocket, a kangaroo pocket, and towel and tong loops, this apron functions with efficiency in mind. 

                      13. Father's Day Steak Lover Bundle

                      Father's Day Steak Lover Bundle

                      The perfect steak loving Father's Day bundle!

                      Includes the Gladiator Series 8pc Steak Knife Block Set and the Infinity Series Black Fiber Cutting Board. 

                      The Dalstrong Gladiator Series 5” straight-edged steak knives are meal-time masters when meat is on the menu. Ruthlessly sharp with a handsome design, the knives’ complement and enhance any dinner or lunch-time engagement. From the thickest cuts of rib-eye steak to tender chicken cordon bleu and everything in between, the Gladiator Series straight-edge steak knives ensure effortless slicing. These high performance blades are sure to impress both guests and yourself as they sail through meat, giving you perfectly clean, straight slices, ensuring all the juice and flavor remain inside each and every bite.

                      The Infinity Series Black Fiber Cutting Boards is every chef’s trusted ally in the kitchen. Constructed in sleek and sturdy Obsidian Black, it’s rugged yet elegant design is perfect for all of your chopping, slicing, and serving needs while adding an element of sophistication to your day to day.

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                      4. Frequently Asked Questions

                      The Kitchen Rambo | Professional Chef's Kitchen Apron | Dalstrong ©

                      The Kitchen Rambo | Professional Chef's Kitchen Apron | Dalstrong ©

                      What to buy for a man who has everything?

                      This is a question that comes up all the time. Our fathers likely buy the things they really want. The point of a gift however is to buy them something that made you think of them and the positive impact they’ve had in your life. Think about a time when your father mentioned something that interested them and try to base a gift off of that. Or take a good peek around his kitchen and see what sorts of supplies may be in need of updates. For example, their bread knife, or steak knives

                      What should I gift my dad on his birthday?

                      I think birthday gifts should be centered around experiences. Father’s Day is a perfect holiday to give an actual present they can open because it’s likely you have a few brothers or sisters that can chip in for a nice (and often pricey) gift together. But for his birthday I’d suggest taking him out to do something he loves! Maybe a massage or a golf gift or an art exhibit he’s been interested in!

                      You can also check in with our Expert Knife Finder Quiz and get specific recommendations based on your needs. 

                      Dalstrong Expert Knife Finder

                      Written by Monique Nicholas
                      Based in Vancouver, Monique enjoys jumping into bodies of water, sending postcards, and adding lemon to every single one of her dishes.

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