Dalstrong vs Kamikoto Knives

Dalstrong Vs Kamikoto Knives

Razor-sharp, ruthless and rugged, is what you get when you pick a blade from either of these companies. On one side you have Kamikoto knives- the masters of tradition, craft, and skill. On the other side, you have Dalstrong knives- a brand that combines the strength of classic craftsmanship with technological innovations to give you a superior product that is built to last a lifetime. 

While both of these brands produce top-quality blades, Dalstrong’s knives definitely have an edge as their precisely engineered blades are not only fit for seasoned chefs and professional cooks but also for those new to the kitchen or who have a unique sense of style. Read on to learn more about the major differences between Dalstrong and Kamikoto knives and discover the blade that is made to fulfill your kitchen needs. 

1. Overview Of The Companies

Dalstrong vs Kamikoto Knives

In the world of high-end, premium-quality, durable knives, Dalstrong and Kamikoto blades stand out the most. While these brands share some similarities, several differences can affect the kind of blade you land up buying. Let’s get to know the brands a little better before you dive into these differences. 

Kamikoto: Company History

Kamikoto builds on the legacy to keep the tradition of steelmaking alive in a world that is changing rapidly. The use of Niigata steel dates back to the Edo period and earlier when blacksmithing and metalworking expertise grew to cater to demand from Tokyo, Japan, and surrounding areas. 

The rich deposits of ore and kajigo- fine coal used by blacksmiths- were key to the success of foundries in the area. The Emperor’s best blacksmiths trained the loyal population and helped them master this craft which finally led to the growth of the metal industry which is an important sector in that region to this day. 

Kamikoto set out to honor this heritage, skill, and craft and developed single-bevel Japanese steel knives that would not only make you feel a sense of pride but it can also make a great gift. With the counsel of Japanese blade experts and multigenerational Japanese knife smithing families, Kamikoto designed blades that paid a tribute to the centuries-old art of knifemaking and handcrafted each blade with precise attention and care. 

What makes these steel knives special is the fact that each Kamikoto knife goes through a rigorous 19-step process that takes several years from start to finish to complete. Their expert bladesmiths forge and shape raw steel into hard blades which are polished and sharpened to give them a fine edge. Today this legacy is preserved in Yanjiang, China, which is the leading center of Japanese style knife forging, polishing, and balancing. 

Dalstrong: Company History 

A younger company, Dalstrong was created back in 2014 by the CEO and Founder, Dave Dallaire. When he worked in professional kitchens and restaurants, he watched line cooks and sous chefs work tirelessly, day in and day out, but realized that they didn’t have the right gear and tools to match their fiery spirit. And that is when Dalstrong was born. 

To better serve the modern needs and tastes of the men and women that are the heartbeat of the culinary industry, these culinary artists' tools were designed to inspire limitless creativity and have more fun while cooking. Inspired by ancient warrior cultures, fantasy weapons, and fighter jets, each blade from Dalstrong comes with screamingly sharp edges and is designed to match the unique cooking style and sensibility of the chef. 

Today, Dalstrong is located in the US and Canada and features a team from all around the globe. In its relatively short time in the blade and knife market, Dalstrong has received praise for the quality of its products, the innovative design, and engineering of its cutlery, and the wide range of options they have to offer. 

The company currently manufactures 12 different series of knives that feature both traditional Western and Japanese style designs. Whether you’re looking for a traditional chef’s knife, a paring knife, a Santoku chef’s knife, or a highly specialized knife like a Yanagiba sushi blade, you will find exactly what you need at Dalstrong. 

2. About The Knives

Dalstrong Knives: 

A man slicing meat using the Gladiator Series Chef's Knife 8"

Gladiator Series Chef's Knife 8"

Those who cook often understand the importance of investing in a good quality blade that is durable and versatile. So if you are looking to get a knife that combines the power of high-quality construction and intelligent engineering with stunning design, then look no further! At Dalstrong, you will find a blade that not only suits your cooking needs and style but will also last for a long, long time.

Dalstrong kitchen knives are designed to serve different purposes. For chefs that handle a lot of bread, vegetables, and meat, there’s a Dalstrong knife for each one. The blade type, the shape of the handle, and the angle of the blade, all impact how kitchen knives perform. Chefs would prefer using a knife with a carbon steel blade to handle tough meat, while stainless steel blades can be used to filet fish. Dalstrong’s cutlery which is made with stainless steel is not only stain and corrosion-resistant and durable but also comes with comfortable handles that allow you to work for hours with minimal wrist fatigue. 

While Chef knives are the all-rounder workhorse, a well-equipped kitchen arsenal requires much more than that. The beauty of Dalstrong’s range is that it is divided into various series that cater to different cooking needs. In each of these series, you can find a wide variety of blades like authentic Japanese knives like Santoku or Nakiri, Chef’s Knives, Paring Knives, Cleaver Knives, and much more. 

One of their most popular collections is the Shogun Series. This is a striking line of knives that are precision-forged from a single piece of ultra-premium Japanese high-carbon AUS-10V steel. It also comes with 67-alternating layers of SUS410 Damascus cladding for stain resistance and durability. 

Another great collection is the Gladiator Series. The blades of this collection are the perfect combination of elegance and performance. Precision-forged from a single piece of premium quality, high-carbon ThyssenKrupp German steel and hand-sharpened to 16-18 degrees per side, these blades can handle the heat of both, home and professional kitchens. 

Dalstrong’s arsenal also has some unique and visually appealing series of knife collections like the Shadow Black Series and the Crusader Series. The Shadow Black Series is a collection of sleek, powerful, bold, and futuristic knives that feature a black non-reflective titanium-nitride coating and unique handle geometry that provides exceptional grip and support. The Crusader Series on the other hand is an all-steel series of blades that have a minimalistic and beautiful design and can fit well in any kind of kitchen. 

While these styles are popular, they are only a fraction of the collection available at Dalstrong. You can take a look at the wide array of knife collections, BBQ tools, cookware, and other kitchen essentials on their website. With a much broader and more versatile range of knives than Kamikoto, Dalstrong knives are worth the price and allow you to find a blade that lets you express your individuality while making other kitchen tasks a breeze. Some of them also come with beautiful display stands or a knife block that allow you to boast your knife collection and make for easy storage. 

Kamikoto Knives: 

Kamikoto Knives

This brand offers knives that are graded very high and are crafted traditionally from authentic Japanese steel with excellent edge retention. Their knives are known for their sharpness, portability, designs, and durability. The brand is known for carrying bestseller Japanese knife sets that are popularly used by seasoned chefs. 

You can find a knife set to match your kitchen needs or find individual blades that will assist you with your day-to-day tasks. Some of the bestsellers are Kamikoto Knife Set, Kamikoto Kanpeki Knife Set. Kamikoto Kensei Knife Set, Kamikoto Kuro Series Knife Set, Kamikoto Steak Knives, etc. They also offer individual knives such as Kamikoto 13-inch Yanagiba,  Kamikoto The Complete Collection, and some special Kamikoto knives. All of these come at different yet affordable prices. 

Single-bevel Kamikoto knives are made from some of the finest steel in the world. Inspired by the 800-year legacy of steelmaking on Japan’s Honshu island, Kamikoto knives are handcrafted out of the same Honshu steel and are forged in a rigorous 19-step process that needs several years to complete each knife.

While knives like Kamikoto Kanpeki Knife or 13-inch Yanagiba knife make sense for someone who is a pro at using professional chef blades, for amateur cooks and chefs Dalstrong’s range is a better option because not only do they have different blade styles available, but they also have multiple sizes available. This helps ensure you get a knife that is the perfect fit for you. 

3. Pros and Cons

Dalstrong vs Kamikoto Knives

Dalstrong Pros: 

  • These incredibly sharp blades are made of high-quality and super durable materials. 
  • The brand produces knives of various materials. 
  • You can find a wide range of knives that are designed to meet different cooking needs and help express the chef's personality. 
  • Dalstrong offers both, Asian and Western-style knives. 
  • They also manufacture other kitchen essentials like pans, pots, aprons, and blade sharpening tools. 
  • The material used to make these products are stain and corrosion-resistant. 
  • You can find knife sets or pick individual blades. 
  • The high-end knives are less expensive than those available at Kamikoto.
  • The company is known for its excellent customer service and speedy delivery. 
  • Dalstrong also promises a 70 day money-back guarantee.
  • Some knife sets also come with a beautiful wooden display stand to boost your knife collection.  
  • Be it a utility knife, slicing knife, Yanagiba knife, Santoku knife, or any other blade, find it all at your one-stop shop, Dalstrong. 

Dalstrong Cons: 

  • The company is relatively young and is still making a name in the culinary tools market, 
  • The design and aesthetics of some blades may be too bold or flashy. 
  • The wide collection of knives can be confusing but they have an amazing Knife Finder that can help you find your perfect knife. 

Kamikoto Pros: 

  • They have a wide range of single knives and sets of knives. 
  • Each blade goes through an intense 19-step process to be crafted to perfection. 
  • You can spot a lot of celebrity chefs using these knives. 
  • They ship worldwide. 
  • These single bevel knives come with a lifetime warranty. 
  • They also have a 60-days exchange and returns policy. 
  • They have high positive feedback from customers. 

Kamikoto Cons: 

  • These knives are more expensive than Dalstrong knives. 
  • Some customers have complained about the blade's quality. 

4. Difference: Dalstrong Knives VS Kamikoto Knives 

Dalstrong vs Kamikoto Knives


Dalstrong Knives

Kamikoto Knives


Toronto, Canada

Tokyo, Japan

Blade Material

Japanese Steel, American Steel, German Steel, Sino Steel, Scandinavian Steel

High-quality Honshu Steel

Handle Material

G10, Carbon Fiber, Stabilized Wood, Pakkawood, Resin

Wood and resin handles 


  • Multiple series of knives
  • Most feature triple-riveted handles with a bolster and full tang
  • Chisel-style blades 
  • Steel is heated up to 1922 degrees F for 2 hours and annealed at 392 degrees F for 2 hours

Blade Hardness

55-62 Rockwell Hardness
    53 +/-2 Rockwell Hardness

      Knife Collections

      14 and counting

          Price Point

          $$ - $$$

              Sheath Included

                Not in all the products


                  Limited Lifetime Warranty + 100% satisfaction or 70 days money-back guarantee 
                    Limited Lifetime Warranty


                      Yes- saute pans, stockpots, cutting boards, aprons and much more. 

                          BBQ Tools


                              Knife Sets

                              3-18 piece Knife Sets with various kinds of blades. 

                                Premium Packaging


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                                    6. Frequently Asked Questions

                                    Is Kamikoto a Chinese company?

                                    Kamikoto is a Japanese company that manufactures high-end Japanese-style knives in China and Japan. These knives retail for some pretty high prices, even when compared to brands like Yoshihiro that hand-make their blades using high-quality steel. 

                                    Are Kamikoto knives made in Japan?

                                    Fully versed in traditional blade-making practices, Kamikoto’s blades are handmade by a select group of experienced craftsmen in Niigata, Japan, where blacksmithing can be traced back to before the Edo period, as well as in Yanjiang, China- a town with over 1,000 years of knife and sword making heritage.

                                    Is kamikoto made in China?

                                    Kamikoto knives are not made in China. They are made in Niigata, Japan. Kamikoto offers high-quality knives, including the Santoku Ganjo knife set, which is known for its sharpness, durability, and corrosion-resistant properties. These knives showcase traditional Japanese craftsmanship, and their distinctive appearance and performance set them apart from mass-produced knives that may resemble them.

                                    Do chefs use Kamikoto knives?

                                    Yes, chefs use Kamikoto knives for their quality and performance. Kamikoto offers premium knives crafted in Niigata, Japan, known for their sharpness and traditional craftsmanship. While Kamikoto knives may have a lower price compared to some luxury brands, they are still highly regarded. The Kamikoto knife set, which includes a 5-inch utility knife and a 7-inch Santoku, is often praised for its sharpness and presentation in a wooden box.

                                    Where is Kamikoto from?

                                    Kamikoto knives originate from Niigata, Japan. Renowned for their traditional craftsmanship and exceptional sharpness, Kamikoto knives are crafted in this region using high-quality steel and manufacturing techniques. The company's commitment to producing premium knives has earned them recognition among professionals and enthusiasts in the culinary world.

                                    What is Japan strongest steel?

                                    Japan is renowned for its exceptional steel known as "tamahagane." This traditional steel is used in the crafting of high-quality Japanese swords and knives. Tamahagane is derived from iron sand, which undergoes a meticulous smelting process to create a refined and strong steel with remarkable sharpness, durability, and ability to hold a keen edge, making it highly sought after for cutlery production.

                                    Why are Kamikoto knives so expensive?

                                    Kamikoto knives are often considered expensive due to several factors. They use high-quality materials like Japanese steel, known for its edge retention and sharpness. The traditional single bevel edge requires precise craftsmanship. The knives are also handmade and come with unique features like carefully crafted handles. Kamikoto's attention to detail and the high-end nature of their knives contribute to their premium pricing compared to other options.

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