The 4 Best Cleaver Knives in 2021

Gladiator Series 7 inches Cleaver Knife

Best Cleaver Knives

  1. The 7 Inch Shadow Black Series Cleaver Knife
  2. The 7 Inch Phantom Series Cleaver Knife
  3. The Dalstrong 7 inch Gladiator Series Cleaver
  4. The Dalstrong 9 Inch Gladiator Series “Ravager” Meat Cleaver
Gladiator Series Ravager Cleaver laying on a dark wooden table as a man with black gloves holds an uncooked slab of meat

What is a cleaver knife good for?

Cleavers are a standard in professional kitchens and a mainstay in home kitchens. It’s easy to see why.

The classic Chinese cleaver knife is especially popular owing to its versatility. Similar to a chef knife, but with more power. From cutting bones to slicing and dicing, a Chinese cleaver knife may very well be all you need.

Countless options on the market, however, pose a challenge of finding the best cleaver knife for your kitchen. You need to sort through many contenders to find only the best knives.

Whether you’re a professional chef seeking to expand your collection, or serious about cooking up a storm in your home kitchen, the following are the very best cleaver knives you can buy in 2021.

1. The Dalstrong 7 Inch Shadow Black Series Cleaver Knife


Shadow Black Series 7inches Cleaver - NSF Certified

Shadow Black Series 7 inch


First on the list is the aggressive 7 inch Shadow Black cleaver.

The moment you see and hold it for the first time, you’ll notice just how bold and striking it is and why it's our choice for best cleaver knife. This is largely due to its all-black coating. The black titanium finish affords it sophistication in a fashion unparalleled by other cleavers.

But this beast isn’t just a looker.

This Shadow Black knife is the epitome of functionality and design.

Its blade is handcrafted using high carbon steel with a 58+ score on the Rockwell Scale. This not only makes it ruthlessly sharp but gives it a heightened capacity to maneuver with ease.

This iteration of the Shadow Black series also sports a unique handle. Its geometry is inspired by the F-117 Nighthawk Stealth Fighter. Few cleavers, if any can boast the same.

Furthermore, the handle features sharp, aerodynamic lines. These cut the air offering a snug tuck into your palm as you keep cutting bones and other food ingredients for longer periods without getting tired.

2. The Dalstrong 7 Inch Phantom Series Cleaver Knife


Phantom Series 7 inches Cleaver

Phantom Series 7 inches Cleaver


This full tang knife is forged with precision from a single piece of extraordinary metal. It features only the finest Japanese steel (AUS-8), with a strength exceeding 58 Rockwell hardness. 

For durability and corrosion resistance, the blade is nitrogen-cooled, handcrafted, and designed to reduce drag and would be a welcome addition to your butcher knife collection. 

The blade is also ice tempered and consists of high carbon steel. This, coupled with its 13° to 15° honing contributes to the knife's enhanced precision and would be at home on any cutting board. 

As for the handle, this cleaver comes with a D-shaped Japanese pakkawood. This makes the knife visually appealing and comfortable to hold in equal measure.

Regardless of how much work you have cut out for you, this knife proves itself agile enough to cope. But remember, all knives need proper maintenance to stay consistently sharp.

As with all other knives in the Dalstrong Phantom Series, this knife has guaranteed:

  • exceptional sharpness
  • edge retention
  • strength

All in all, this is a well-rounded cleaver knife ideal for an array of uses.

Whether you’re in a busy professional kitchen or preparing a meal at home, you can’t go wrong with this selection.

3. The Dalstrong 7 inch Gladiator Series Cleaver


Gladiator Series 7 inches Cleaver Knife

Gladiator Series 7 inches Cleaver Knife


The Dalstrong 7 inch Gladiator Series Cleaver does it all, and then some. It is the epitome of grace, style, and brutal yet effortless efficacy.

It makes a great first impression, thanks to its shape and exquisite satin finish. But be careful when you pick it up. This beauty is just as much a beast.

The blade consists of premium high-carbon steel (ThyssenKrupp German)

Not only is it razor-sharp, but also resistant to wear and stains.

This is well complemented by a Spanish pakkawood handle. You, therefore, get a strong and robust workhorse that powers through any heavy-duty kitchen task with ease.

Other key attributes include:

  • Minimal cutting resistance, regardless of the type of food
  • Tapered design for flexibility and hardness
  • Low maintenance, easy cleaning
  • Triple-riveted to keep it sharper for longer
  • A polished spine for comfort

4. The Dalstrong 9 Inch Gladiator Series “Ravager” Meat Cleaver


Gladiator Series Ravager 9 inches Meat Cleaver

Gladiator Series Ravager 9 inches Meat Cleaver


Last but most certainly not least, is the 9-inch Gladiator meat cleaver. Its added blade length makes this a heavy-duty implement. This knife is purposefully designed to cut through any meat bones with astonishing ease.

Its blade is made of hardy German steel and ranks at 56+ on the Rockwell Scale. The blade’s design goes from 14 to 16 degrees on either side. It then culminates in a razor-sharp tip. The blade doesn’t wear or stain easily thanks to its high carbon levels.

Unlike smaller knives, this heavy duty cleaver weighs 1.3lbs and has a 4mm thick spine. That way, you get enough power behind every chop.

Despite its hefty size, the 9-inch Gladiator meat cleaver is a product of intuitive design. You don’t need to worry about it being unwieldy. Thanks to its ambidextrous and ergonomic handle, it achieves the balance between weight and precision that would rival any butcher knife. 

To support such a powerful blade, the Gladiator sports a pakkawood handle. Imported from Spain and laminated, it offers maximum control of your knife at all times. In a bid to maximize heft and balance, the handle is shorter and thicker than other Gladiator Series knives.

If your kitchen is an arena, then the 9-inch Gladiator is all you need to conquer.

Why Dalstrong Cleaver Knives Are The Best

Dalstrong is a leading maker of strong, effective, durable hand-crafted cleaver knives. Dalstrong cleaver knives have been extensively featured on numerous blogs where they rank highly. This is due to one key factor:

Our cleavers embody the wide-ranging capabilities of Chinese cleavers, but with additional power.

While a typical Chinese cleaver can cut through many kinds of ingredients, it can’t match up to a butcher knife. Consequently, Chinese cleaver knives may not cut through bone satisfactorily. Our cleavers, therefore, bring together aggressive strength and versatility, setting them apart.

And there’s no shortcuts or secrets to it.

At Dalstrong, we painstakingly craft each blade to perfection ensuring it is fit for the intended purpose. From chopping up tender greens to tearing through the toughest cuts of meat.

Our approach entails the combination of several aspects to deliver the most powerful and effective knives regardless of your budget:

Blade Construction

Our blades are made of high-carbon steel. This is preferred given its ability to produce sharp, durable knives with the perfect blade thickness. Whether from Germany or Japan, the steel we use is high grade and strong. Various knives from our range have received NSF certification, ascertaining our commitment to uncompromised standards.

Blade Length

The ideal length for a cleaver blade is 7 to 9 inches. Knives that fall within this range offer versatility and maneuverability. Whatever your needs are, our cleavers can meet and exceed your expectations owing to this.

High-Grade Handle Materials

The notion of settling has never had much sway in our approach at Dalstrong. We seek to break barriers which makes many of our knives innovative. Part of this involves fusing one premium material with another. In doing so, we craft knives that are of solid quality from end to end.

For instance, we often use imported pakkawood together with imported steel. Pakkawood is captivating to the eye. It, therefore, gives each knife that incorporates it the visual appeal to complement even the highest grade kitchen.

We don’t stop there, though. Since pakkawood can harbor bacteria, Dalstrong knives are polished, eliminating any potential risk.

Other high-end materials used include fiberglass and Garolite epoxy.

Ergonomic Handle Design

It’s one thing to have a material of high quality. It’s another thing altogether to form it in a manner that enhances functionality, and ease of use.

Each Dalstrong cleaver knife is part of a series set on design principles. Whichever series you choose, each knife features a handle meant to fit comfortably.

Rather than getting in your way, our knives work just as hard as you do, without you feeling it.

From military-grade G10 fiberglass to resin and pakkawood, each Dalstrong handle is crafted to deliver a firm yet light, heaven-like grip.

Enhance Your Culinary Experience With Dalstrong Cleaver Knives

Get a Dalstrong cleaver knife today and enjoy:

  • Exceptional performance
  • Refined craftsmanship 
  • Great value for money
  • Free shipping (within 48 contiguous US states)
  • Excellent customer support.



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