Dalstrong Announces The Launch Of Its Delta Wolf Series

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The Delta Wolf Series

The hunt has begun.

Dalstrong proudly announces the launch of its Delta Wolf Series, a collection of strong, agile, and long-lasting knives that take their inspiration from the Special Operations Force of the same name. 

Crafted to help daring chefs go further, these knives deliver elite performance in every context, whether at home or in professional kitchens. Forged from a single piece of high-carbon steel, each knife is hand-sharpened to a savage 8-12 degrees for effortless slicing, regardless of the target.

Rated at 60+ Rockwell Hardness, the full-tang blade is coated in onyx-black Titanium Nitride to reduce friction and preserve the steel against corrosion. Paired with the ultra-durable, G10 handle in midnight camouflage, chefs can move with confidence and sniper-like precision. 

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A Message From Dalstrong CEO, David Dallaire

"The Delta Wolf Series has been a passion project for some time now, and we as a company are thrilled to make these elite kitchen knives available to our community. 

This launch is particularly special to me, because a portion of the proceeds from Delta Wolf sales are going toward military veterans. This is a cause that everyone at Dalstrong strongly supports.

The cool digital camouflage G10 handle fuses a culinary knife with bowie knife, which I think is something special and unique for our industry. I'm eager to see the reaction from our fans as we continue to bring innovation to the culinary world."

Discover the full 9-knife collection below:

Delta Wolf Series 8″ Chef Knife

Delta Wolf Series 8'' Chef Knife

Hit your mark on every culinary mission with this elite-grade, 8" Chef Knife — a kitchen workhorse that’s always ready to take on your next target.

Sophisticated yet sturdy, its full-tang length and optimal balance are just what you need to get every job done, from slicing and dicing vegetables to carving up meats and cheeses. 

Delta Wolf Series 8″ Crixus Knife

Delta Wolf Series 8″ Crixus Knife

The 8" Crixus Knife is a uniquely engineered chef knife and cleaver hybrid, designed for meat lovers, BBQ enthusiasts, and anyone who likes to cook on the edge. Carve through flesh, cartilage, sinew, and fat with military precision.

The scimitar-like curve of the blade creates the ideal leverage to complete cuts in one, seamless motion. Make clean, perfect slices through flesh, skin, and sinew with the curved edge,  while the width and weighted front half make sectioning and portioning easy.

Delta Wolf Series 10'' Chef Knife

Delta Wolf Series 10'' Chef Knife

The 10" Delta Wolf Chef Knife takes traditional chef knives to the next level. The high-carbon stainless steel — hand-sharpened to a savage 8-12 degrees — performs at the top of its  class, taking out your target with military precision. 

The onyx-black, titanium nitride coating reduces friction and preserves the steel against corrosion, making it sleeker and more durable. 

Delta Wolf Series 7″ Santoku Knife

Delta Wolf Series 7″ Santoku Knife

“Santoku” roughly translates to “three virtues,” speaking to the triple-threat versatility of this uniquely savage, high-carbon blade.

The distinct geometry of this knife, with a straighter-edge profile hand-sharpened to 8-12 degrees, makes it the master of the push-cut for slicing, dicing, or mincing. Tackle your favorite meats and vegetables with the finesse of a chef’s knife and the strength of a cleaver in one — this ruthless kitchen warrior is awaiting your command.

Delta Wolf Series 7″ Barong Chef Knife

Delta Wolf Series 7″ Barong Knife

Traditionally wielded in battle by the Tausug tribes of the Southern Philippines, the 7” Barong knife is a wickedly fitting addition to the Delta Wolf arsenal. Forged with a uniquely curved blade shape for versatility, it’s always ready to make quick work of its next target.

The rounded edge is perfectly suited for the rock cuts required to quickly mince spices, herbs, and garlic, while the pointed tip can easily pierce through the flesh of dense cuts of meat and tough-skinned fruits and vegetables. But this exotic knife’s utility doesn’t end there —- the extra-wide blade is ready to expedite transfers from cutting board to pan, pot, or plate. 

Delta Wolf Series 6″ Fillet Knife

Delta Wolf Series 6″ Fillet Knife

This rapier-thin knife is wickedly tapered to a breathtaking sliver, the high-carbon steel expertly engineered to fulfill its purpose.

The narrow tip of the flexible blade allows you to make quick work of your favorite fish and poultry, meeting minimal resistance as you move easily around bone, joints, and in-between skin. With a few deft flicks of the wrist, you can filet, trim, skin, de-bone, de-scale, and butterfly with accuracy and speed. 

Delta Wolf Series 4″ Paring Knife

Delta Wolf Series 4″ Paring Knife

The Delta Wolf Paring Knife will prove a reliable recruit to your squad, more than strong and sharp enough to take on your next objective.

Perfectly engineered for detail-oriented tasks such as coring, mincing, peeling fruits and vegetables, slicing shallots, and chopping herbs or a clove of garlic, and other more intricate tasks. This indispensable knife is always ready to deliver. 

Delta Wolf Series 12″ Slicer Knife

Delta Wolf Series 12″ Slicer Knife

For those missions that require finesse and flexibility, this 12" slicer is the perfect fit. The high-carbon steel — hand-sharpened to a savage 8-12 degrees — ensures quick and easy de-boning, filleting, skinning, trimming, and butterflying all your favorite meats.

Carve long and delicate slices of larger cuts uniformly with military precision. But this knife isn’t limited to carnivores. Its slender blade is perfectly suited for prepping large fruits and vegetables, slicing bread loaves and layer cakes, and more.

Delta Wolf Series 10″ Bull Nose Butcher Knife

Delta Wolf Series 10″ Bull Nose Butcher Knife

With this machete-like, 10" Bull Nose Butcher Knife in hand, you’ll be ready to rampage. The rounded front edge of this knife extends its razor-sharp length — hand-sharpened to 8-12 degrees — to new extremes for longer, cleaner cuts.

The weighted nose gives the hand stronger support and control, while the sloping lines make skinning and serving both easier and more efficient. 

Delta Wolf Series 10″ Butcher & Breaking Knife

Delta Wolf Series 10″ Butcher Knife

With this 10” Butcher Knife in your hand, there’ll be no question of who’s in charge. Made from a single piece of high carbon steel, this wicked blade’s graceful arc creates natural leverage to carve with agile, effortless movements — much like an elite force moving through the night.

Expertly slice through flesh, break through cartilage and sinew and trim fat with ease. 

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Dalstrong Announces The Launch Of Its Delta Wolf Series

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