Dominique Crenn : Three-Star Michelin Chef Joins Forces with Dalstrong

Three-Star Michelin Chef Joins Forces with Dalstrong to Unite Culinary Community

Donation of 200+ professional knives helps feed homeless population in San Francisco

In a time when many restaurants are closing across the country due to COVID-19, Chef Dominique Crenn and Dalstrong have come together to unite a struggling community. Through a donation of more than 200 culinary tools — including knives, aprons, and accessories — to Crenn’s foundation, they have supported the effort to feed San Francisco’s homeless population, providing about 2,000 plates a week.

The owner of three restaurants in San Francisco that bear her name, Crenn is the first female chef to receive three Michelin stars in the US. Her decision to partner with Dalstrong is very personal. “They hold the same values I do. That every chef deserves high-quality, beautiful knives. When I work with companies outside of my businesses, they have to care as much as I do. I’m grateful to have Dalstrong helping me to support my community. One of our restaurants cooks for the homeless five days a week. Dalstrong’s donation has really helped us feed those who need it most,” she said

While Crenn’s partnership with Dalstrong comes at a difficult time for the food industry, they both have an aspiration to continue to elevate and strengthen all chefs — home cooks, aspiring professionals, and seasoned experts. The team will continue to reach out to the culinary community and look for ways to help. Dalstrong recently launched their Chef Spotlight featuring a variety of chefs on their blog and social channels to help them gain more exposure.

Dalstrong CEO David Dallaire feels the relationship with Crenn is powerful. “Dominique is a rebel chef. She’s not afraid to go against the status quo, just like our team at Dalstrong. We are constantly innovating, from our new giant Obliterator Cleaver to our Chef Sword. We break molds and expectations. We also believe strongly in giving back to the culinary community, supporting professional and aspiring chefs, and uniting over a shared passion for making and sharing great food,” he said.

Dalstrong is an industry-leading professional knife, cookware, and culinary accessory company with over 450,000 customers worldwide. Dalstrong seeks to turn a stale industry on its head by providing the highest quality tools to both home cooks and professionals alike. Its mission is to create best-in-class culinary products and a community of passionate, lifelong fans.

Chef Profile - Who is Chef Dominique Crenn?

Chef Dominique Crenn sitting down in a kitchen giving an interview with subtitles of her name

As the only female chef to receive three Michelin stars in the US, Chef Dominique Crenn is one of the most celebrated female chefs in the world. With a long list of awards behind her name and no formal culinary training, she has broken barriers and become a source of inspiration for women in the restaurant industry, as well as the international culinary community.

While she’s had a global impact on food prep and cooking, her day-to-day work centers on the Bay Area in San Francisco where she works with nonprofits to feed the hungry and runs three successful restaurants: Atelier Crenn, Petit Crenn, and Bar Crenn.

Originally from France, Dominique Crenn grew up on a family farm and was frequently taken to fine dining restaurants by her parents, planting the seeds of culinary passion and a love of cooking in her at an early age.

Her career started in the late 1980s at Stars, run by the legendary Jeremiah Towers, and took her on restaurant adventures across the globe before she eventually returned to California — Los Angeles then San Francisco — to perfect her craft and pursue her dream of opening her own professional kitchen. 

Aside from her love of creating artful and exquisite cuisine, Dominique Crenn is wholeheartedly devoted to living in harmony with nature and practicing good land management. She has her own farm where she cultivates ingredients for her meat-free recipes, Bleu Belle Farm in Sonoma.

She is known for her warm, inviting personality and has become a fan favorite for anyone who loves cooking and food prep. She appeared in Chef’s Table (season 2), a documentary on Netflix, and an endless stream of interviews on social media. 

Widely considered the world’s best female chef, she’s also a woman of conviction, a fierce advocate for social justice, and a passionate steward of the planet. Her recent book, Rebel Chef, is a powerful illustration of how the little farm girl from France became a force for change both in and out of the kitchen — and across the world. 

She currently lives in a small town called Larkspur outside of San Francisco with her wife, actress Maria Bello, and her twin daughters. 

Who is Dominique Crenn’s partner?

Dominique Crenn has partnered with Dalstrong, a professional chef knife, cookware, and accessory company dedicated to offering innovative, world-class products to professionals, aspiring chefs, and home cooks at every stage of their culinary journey.

Crenn is promoting Dalstrong products, and they are discussing plans for a co-branded line of professional chef knives. 

How many restaurants does Dominique Crenn own?

Dominique Crenn owns three restaurants: Atelier Crenn, Petit Crenn, and Bar Crenn.

Atelier Crenn

3127 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA 94123

Named one of the world’s 50 best restaurants*, Atelier Crenn offers an elegant dining experience in Cow Hollow, San Francisco. Against the backdrop of the San Francisco Bay, guests will be fully immersed in intimate luxury and a deep connection to nature.

With only eight tables in an exquisitely designed space, diners are taken on a divine journey with Crenn’s tasting menu with fruit, vegetables, and herbs curated from her Sonoma farm, Bleu Belle Farm. Her passion for storytelling goes well beyond her menus with art inspired by her childhood featured prominently in the restaurant.

“Artist’s studio” in French, “Atelier” is indeed the perfect canvas for Crenn’s devotion to “poetic culinaria” through her whimsical creations. Working closely with a talented team, Crenn creates an experience that is uniquely personal while constantly evolving. The wine list, chosen from diverse winemakers with a commitment to thoughtful stewardship of the planet, offers tiered pairings and carefully selected glasses and bottles. 

For more information, email

Petit Crenn

609 Hayes St, San Francisco, CA 94102

*Working exclusively with Rethink and GLIDE to feed the hungry

Using the best ingredients found in Northern California, Petit Crenn puts a fresh spin on modern French cuisine. Nestled into a pocket of Hayes Valley with set family-style menus, guests enjoy seafood and vegetable dishes in a casual, comfortable setting featuring upscale rustic touches and an open kitchen.

A more affordable alternative to Atelier Crenn, Dominique Crenn’s second restaurant still offers expert pairings with a French-leaning wine list and gourmet inspirations.

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Bar Crenn

3131 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA 94123

Guests are immediately immersed in luxurious old-world charm as they enter Bar Crenn. Pairing french culinary gastronomy and the finest organic and biodynamic wines, the dining experience takes place in one of two ways.

Diners have the choice of a six-course tasting menu (by reservation only) or a la carte. All cuisine consists of seafood and vegetables. As with all of Dominique Crenn’s restaurants, no meat is served. Ingredients are sourced from Crenn’s Sonoma farm, Bleu Belle Farm. 

Dominique Crenn's Favorite Dalstrong Products

1. The Crusader Series

A man slicing meat using the Crusader Series Fillet Knife 6.5"

Crusader Series Fillet Knife 6.5"

 The Dalstrong Crusader Series is a collection of stunningly designed, all-steel knives, offering a minimalist aesthetic with unobtrusive beauty. The less is more approach to this series’ design ensures a perfect pairing with any decor, while the razor sharp German made ThyssenKrupp x50crmov15 blade steel at 58+ Rockwell delivers exceptional performance.

2. Dalstrong Teak Cutting Board

A man slicing meat on the Teak Cutting Board Lionswood

Featuring sustainably sourced, tropical teak wood, and paired handsomely with satin-finished steel handles, the Dalstrong Teak Cutting board functions as your all-purpose chopping, slicing and serving board. Meticulously hand-crafted from end-grain wood and filled with rich moisturizing oils, Teak is a luxury wood naturally resistant to water, bacteria, and staining.

3. Dalstrong Ceramic Honing Rod

A man honing a knife using the Ceramic Coating Honing Rod 10"

The Dalstrong 10” Ceramic Honing Rod is the premium honing rod that will gently sharpen your knives back to peak performance. Equipped with a G10 handle and Dalstrong's unique, scratch-free, black ceramic coating. Ensure your blades are always ready to operate at maximum performance with zero compromise.

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Dominique Crenn : Three-Star Michelin Chef Joins Forces with Dalstrong

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