Corner Cutting Board - Teak Wood | Dalstrong ©
Corner Cutting Board - Teak Wood | Dalstrong ©
Corner Cutting Board - Teak Wood | Dalstrong ©
Corner Cutting Board - Teak Wood | Dalstrong ©
Corner Cutting Board - Teak Wood | Dalstrong ©
Corner Cutting Board - Teak Wood | Dalstrong ©

Corner Cutting Board - Teak Wood | Dalstrong ©

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Enhance your kitchen and your culinary craft with this cleverly engineered Corner Teak Cutting Board. Designed to reclaim space where you need it most, this kitchen ally fits snugly into the inner corner of your countertop to assist with everyday chopping and cutting tasks. A stabilizing corner block ensures it will stay in place while you’re busy with your knife in hand. And with its elegant, shield-like design, it adds a stylish element to your working surfaces.  Crafted of 100%, sustainably sourced Tropical Teak wood — a material known for its impressive moisture resistance and durability due to its natural oils — this cutting board will only get more beautiful with age. 

While designed to save space, it cuts no corners when it comes to quality. Contrary to traditional wooden cutting boards, end-grain fabrication prevents gouging in the board by allowing the wood fibers to spring back easily. This unique checkered construction offers a slip-resistant surface that absorbs impact, ensuring your Dalstrong knives stay sharper longer. Hard enough to offer precision for clean cuts, with enough “give” to maintain your knife’s sharpness through use after use, this is an investment that will outlive many of your favorite kitchen tools. Paired with the wood’s naturally antibacterial properties, the tight-wood grain ensures a long-lasting hygienic cutting surface, ideal for wet environments such as busy professional kitchens. 

  • Handcrafted With 100% Natural Teak Wood
  • Clever Space-Saving Design
  • Premium Quality Materials
  • Checkered Construction For Impact Absorption
  • Durable & Long Lasting 
  • Moisture & Bacteria Resistant
  • Beautifies With Age
  • Low Maintenance


The low-maintenance surface of our Dalstrong Corner Teak Cutting Board is naturally moisture and bacteria resistant. However, it should not be soaked for long periods to reduce potential weakening or warping of the wood. Wash your cutting board with soap and warm water and scrub well to flush bacteria and other food particles. After rinsing the cutting board, dry immediately with a towel and let it air dry standing up or on a raised rack with air flow.

Oil your board at least once monthly with food-grade mineral oil. Let the wood soak in the oil for several minutes and then wipe off excess. We recommend additional oiling after several washes. 

Be sure not to place hot pots or pans on top of your Dalstrong Corner Teak Cutting Board. While the sustainable wood is highly durable, it's not intended for hot surfaces.


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