What Makes a Great Bread Knife?

Gladiator Series 10" Serrated Bread Knife

In the pastry world, the bread knife you choose can make or break your career.

Your pastry knife must be functional and efficient. It should cut through bread without ruining the crumb or fluffiness of your pastry.

As a chef, you know that the perfect knife for bread should:

  • Protect the integrity and texture of the bread so it doesn’t get compressed in the cutting process.
  • Produce even slices, which improve the presentation of your dish.
  • Protect the crust from crumbling and creating excess waste.
  • Make cutting pastry easier as you don’t need to strain your hands.

All of the above points depend on the quality of the blade you choose. As you will see, different factors influence the quality of your bread knife.

Characteristics of a Quality Bread Knife

Circular loaf of bread on a cutting board next to a bread knife on a dark surface

A bread knife is only as good as its parts. Dalstrong focuses on each element to create bespoke tools you will love.

If you want to appreciate a good quality bread knife, you need to pay attention to its elements.

The Handle 

The handle on a serrated knife affects your ability to work. Your control, comfort, and maneuverability will be influenced while working.

You need to choose an ergonomic handle with no-slip. When choosing a handle, you should look for:

Surface - A good handle must be anti-slip. It should give you a good grip, which translates to better control.

Shape - Make sure you find an ergonomic handle, like those found on Dalstrong knives. You may need to ‘feel’ different bread knives to find the right one.

Components - The handle should be simple and seamless. It can feature a single-piece material or have three rivets at most. 

A handle should also have enough knuckle clearance for you to get a firm and comfortable grip. 

The Serration of the Blade

All bread knives must have serration on the cutting edge to give you a clean and smooth cut.

The serrations make it easy for you to ‘saw’ through crusty bread into the soft interior with minimal friction. Excess friction causes crumbling, shedding, and tearing, which can affect presentation.

When choosing a knife, look for deeper and pointier serrations. They are more versatile and give better slices.

Additionally, look for serrated knives with fewer serrations. Fewer serrations create more force when slicing crusty bread, making the knives more effective.

The Blade

The most important part of your knife is the blade.

When choosing a blade, you need to look at different factors, such as length, thickness, and blade material. 


Most serrated knives have a 7 to 10-inch blade.

Your choice depends on the type of bread you make. A longer blade works better on crusty loaves with a tough exterior and a soft interior. When using the ‘sawing’ action, a longer blade is more efficient. You get more slices with less work. A longer blade also makes it easier for you to slice into bigger loaves.

However, if you deal with specialty pastries or smaller loaves, you can get a shorter blade. It will make your work easier. 


When choosing the right blade thickness for cutting bread, a thin and narrow-angled bevel works best.

Note: The bevel is the sharpened edge angled towards the cutting surface. You measure the sharpness of the bevel in degrees.

A thin blade creates minimum friction while cutting, giving you a smoother slice with little to no crumbling. You also get a sharper edge with thinner blades, which gives you finer slices. 


The best material for serrated knives is high carbon stainless steel. It gives a sharper edge with better cutting ability.

Dalstrong uses high carbon stainless steel for its blades. This steel is tougher, more durable, and stays sharper for longer. It is also easier to clean and maintain.

What Are the Best Bread Knife Options on the Market

Dalstrong makes the best knives for professional and domestic use.

As a chef, you will appreciate the variety of bread knives available from Dalstrong.

You can take your pick from one of the following knives:

Shogun Series 10.25" Bread Knife

Shogun Series 10.25 inches Bread Knife Shogun Series 10.25 inches Bread Knife

This 10.25” bread knife is an indispensable bakery champion. The extra-long blade gives you the power to cut through bread in a single stroke. It also comes with perfectly spaced serrations for a smooth cut.

The saw tooth on this blade will give you great performance with little crumb dispersion. You can use it to cut through wide loaves, tall melons, juicy roasts, and hard crusts.

The Shogun Series bread knife is an artistic masterpiece you can build your career on. It is crafted over 60 days with the highest quality material to give you a razor-sharp powerhouse.

Some of the premium features you get from this bread knife include:

  • A razor-sharp blade made from strain-resistant AUS-10V Japanese high-carbon steel. 
  • A super-steel core made with extra high carbon levels for long-lasting edge retention.
  • A G-10 Garolite, military-grade, non-porous handle. It is resistant to both heat and moisture for life-long durability.
  • An ergonomic handle stabilized with an engraved end-cap. This gives you superior control and comfort.
  • A tapered blade created to minimize surface resistance and give you a buttery smooth cut.

The Shogun Series 10.25" Bread Knife is a vote of confidence in your skills. It is an expression of your passion and respect for baking as an art and a science.

Gladiator Series 10" Serrated Bread Knife

The Gladiator Series 10” bread knife delivers thin slices in a single stroke. It also gives a clean, smooth cut in vegetables, fruits, and boneless hams.

This serrated knife boasts of meticulous construction from premium materials. Dalstrong makes the gladiator bread knife from a single piece of imported, high-quality carbon steel. This steel ensures you get an ultra-sharp stain-resistant edge.

The gladiator series bread knife is hand-sharpened at 14-16 degrees. It also has the perfect serration to deliver thin slices and effortless dicing. It requires minimal maintenance and cleaning.

This serrated knife features a bespoke, ergonomic, and ambidextrous Pakkawood handle from Spain. Dalstrong also laminates the handle for extra strength and water/stain resistance. The handle design ensures you get maximum comfort and flexibility.

By buying the Gladiator Series 10” serrated knife, you get the best of design and functionality. 

Phantom Series 9" Serrated Bread Knife

Phantom Series 9 inches Serrated Bread Knife
Phantom Series 9 inches Serrated Bread Knife

The Phantom Series 9” bread knife features double serration, which gives you the cleanest, straightest cuts.

By investing in the phantom serrated knife, you get:

  • A 9” blade made with premium, AUS-8 Japanese high carbon steel.
  • Rockhollow divots on the blade to reduce friction on food.
  • An ice-tempered, stain-resistant, chromium steel blade with superior edge retention.
  • A sharp, hand-finished scalpel edge with a shocking 13-15 degree edge.
  • Hand polishing on the blade’s spine for a smooth finish. This enhances the pinch grip comfort.
  • A distinctive steel end cap to counterbalance the blade.
  • A Japanese D-shaped handle that tucks snugly into your arm. This gives you better hand control, comfort, and agility.

If you value comfort while working, the Phantom Series 9” professional bread knife is your best companion.

Shadow Black Series 9" Bread Knife

Bread Knife 9" Shadow Black Series | NSF Certified | Dalstrong ©
Bread Knife 9" Shadow Black Series | NSF Certified | Dalstrong ©

The shadow black 9” serrated knife combines exceptional craftsmanship and menacing design. With this knife, you get a sleek, aggressive, and brawny masterpiece.

Dalstrong uses the 3-step Honbazuke method to create a scalpel-like double edge at 15 degrees. In this series, you get a non-reflective, non-stick, and corrosion-resistant titanium blade. You also get extraordinary performance and edge retention from the vacuum heat treatment on the blade.

This knife showcases a midnight black, ergonomic handle. Your grip on the handle will be nearly impervious to cold, heat, and moisture. The handle's geometry ensures the knife tucks snuggly into your palm, giving a firm grasp with no slip.

Owning the shadow black 9” knife is not simply a matter of performance, it is a statement of your uniqueness.

Crusader Series 8" Bread Knife - NSF Certified

Crusader Series 8 inches Bread Knife Crusader Series 8 inches Bread Knife

The crusader 8” serrated blade is an all-steel, minimalist, and unobtrusive piece of art.

The less is more approach from Dalstrong culminates in the perfect serrated knife.

The blade on the crusader comes from German high carbon steel. It then transitions seamlessly into the high-chromium stainless steel handle. The combination of the two premium materials gives the knife its forward-leaning stance and assertiveness.

On the crusader 8” serrated knife, you will love:

  • The hand-sharpened edge at 16-18 degrees. It creates the perfect knife for ultra-thin slicing with maximum resilience.
  • A bespoke satin finish combined with a tapered design for maximum flexibility and hardness.
  • The stain- and wear-resistant handle and blade.
  • The seamless transition between the blade and the handle, making it easy to clean.

The crusader bread knife is a perfect choice if you love minimalist design.

Get a Quality Bread Knife

As you can see, Dalstrong offers five of the best serrated knives in the world.

While shopping with Dalstrong, you can choose your serrated knife based on:

  • The style you love
  • The length of the blade
  • Color and material of the blade and handle

Dalstrong offers the best quality bread knives, whether you are a world-class chef or a home cook.

You can also check in with our Expert Knife Finder Quiz and get specific recommendations based on your needs. 

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What Makes a Great Bread Knife?

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