There's More to Kitchen Aprons Than You Think. Here's Why

Black kitchen apron on a wooden floor next to chopped food and a kitchen knifeSous Team Apron Heavy-Duty Waxed Canvas Professional Chef's Kitchen Apron Dalstrong 

It's easy to overlook the humble kitchen apron. Often seen merely as a protective garment to keep our clothes clean, the apron plays a much larger role in the kitchen than we give it credit for.

1. What Are Kitchen Aprons & Their Importance

A photo of the American Legend Blue Denim Professional Chef's Kitchen Apron Dalstrong along side with three Dalstrong knives on top of a wooden table.The Gandalf Professional Chef's Kitchen Apron Dalstrong

A kitchen apron, by definition, is a simplistic piece of clothing. It drapes over the front of the body, often fastening at the waist, and is designed to guard the wearer's clothes from the inevitable food splatters and spills that occur while cooking.

Yet, despite its seeming simplicity, the humble apron holds a position of significance in kitchens all over the globe. From the frenzied energy of restaurant professional kitchens, where the stakes (and steaks!) are high, to the warmth of a cozy home kitchen filled with the scent of a family recipe in the making, the apron is a constant.

But why is such a basic garment so crucial in the realm of cooking? What makes it as indispensable as knife sets are to chefs or a favorite spatula is to a home cook? The reasons are more varied than you might initially suspect.

Aprons keep your clothes clean.

First and foremost, aprons serve the practical purpose of keeping your clothes stain-free. They take the brunt of the accidental ingredient flings, the oil splashes, and the sauce splatters, saving your attire from a trip to the dry cleaners. But their functionality goes far beyond just acting as a shield for your clothes.

Aprons can provide storage.

In the midst of preparing a meal, the kitchen can transform into a bustling battlefield, with a cook needing quick access to various tools and utensils. Here is where the kitchen apron steps in once again, not as a protective layer, but as a convenient storage system. Thanks to the pockets that bib-style aprons often come equipped with, you have an instant solution for keeping important kitchen tools right at your fingertips. This feature makes an apron not just a guard, but a utility belt for the kitchen warrior.

A pitmaster wearing a Dalstrong Heavy-Duty Waxed BBQ Apron outdoors on a grill.

Heavy-Duty Waxed Canvas | Professional Chef's Kitchen Apron | Dalstrong ©

Aprons make you look and feel like a chef.

Moreover, in both professional and home settings, aprons can create a sense of uniformity and professionalism. Picture a restaurant kitchen, where every chef is donned in chef aprons. These aprons, much like their trusted chefs knives, become an integral part of their uniform, signifying their role and dedication to the craft.

Aprons protect you.

Beyond these aspects, aprons also serve as a barrier, protecting the wearer from heat and possible flames when they're at the stove or grill. Certain materials, like the sturdy and resilient waxed canvas, are especially effective in providing this level of protection.

Other materials go a step further in safety measures, such as the leather apron, which boasts resistance to hot splashes of oil or water. This makes it not just a symbol of the culinary world, but also a knight's armor, safeguarding against potential kitchen hazards.

It may appear as nothing more than a simple piece of cloth at first glance, but a kitchen apron plays multiple roles – protector, storage solution, uniform, and safety gear. It's an unsung hero, a silent companion that aids us in our culinary journeys, making the process smoother and indeed, cleaner. So the next time you tie those waist ties or adjust that neck loop, take a moment to appreciate your apron – it's doing more for you than you might realize.

2. Choosing The Right Kitchen Apron For You

Navy blue kitchen apron with brown straps next to kitchen knives and sliced vegetablesAmerican Legend

Selecting the right kitchen apron for your needs and style is as crucial as painstakingly choosing your chefs knives or perfecting your signature dish.

It might seem like a trivial decision, but the right cooks apron can significantly enhance your overall cooking experience, making your time in the kitchen more comfortable and efficient. So, how do you navigate this world of aprons and find the perfect one for you? Here are some key factors to consider:


The first thing you'll want to take into account when selecting an apron is the material it's made from. Aprons are available in a wide variety of fabrics, each with its unique advantages and aesthetic appeal.

For example, a linen apron is lightweight and breathable, perfect for light cooking tasks or warmer climates. In contrast, a waxed canvas apron, with its durable, water-resistant nature, offers sturdy protection, making it an ideal companion for heavy-duty grilling or kitchen work. 

For those who seek a more luxurious, yet highly resilient option, top-grain leather aprons are a great choice. These aprons are crafted from high-quality leather that not only provides excellent protection against heat and spills but also ages beautifully over time, developing a unique patina that adds character.

Denim aprons, meanwhile, bring a sense of stylish ruggedness to the kitchen. Known for their durability and comfort, denim aprons can hold out against a lot of wear and tear, making them ideal for both professional settings and busy home kitchens. Their timeless appeal ensures that you'll look as great as your dishes taste. Note that not all types of aprons are machine washable.


Moving past the fabric, the next consideration is the style of the apron. Aprons are not a one-style-fits-all item; they come in a variety of designs to suit different needs and body types. From bib aprons that cover both the chest and lap, providing maximum coverage, to waist aprons that protect only the lower half of the body, making them a suitable choice for servers in a cafe setting. 

Japanese style aprons look great and are very comfortable. For those who find the traditional neck-strap aprons uncomfortable, crossback aprons distribute weight more evenly across the shoulders, providing relief. It's worth trying a few styles to see what aligns with your comfort, the type of cooking you do, and of course, your fashion preference.

Black leather kitchen apron on a wooden floor next kitchen knives and chopped vegetablesThe Culinary Commander


Beyond the basic form and function, aprons also have different features that can enhance your cooking experience and express your personal style. Do you find yourself always misplacing your kitchen tools?

Look for an apron with pockets, turning your apron into a handy tool belt. Perhaps you find standard aprons uncomfortable around the neck? Consider an apron with an adjustable neck loop for a custom fit. An adjustable bib is always nice to have.

For those who view cooking as an art form, a solid color apron might provide that sleek, professional look you desire. And if you want to display a sense of humor, you can get a funny apron to bring a touch of silliness into your kitchen, serving as a conversation starter at your next dinner party.


Just as you wouldn't buy a chef's jacket or chef pants that don't fit right, the same consideration should go into choosing your kitchen apron. Aprons come in many different shapes and sizes to suit different body types.

Whether you're searching for a men's apron with a more generous cut, a women's kitchen apron with a more fitted design, or a unisex apron that offers a one-size-fits-all solution, the market caters to everyone. Plus, many aprons feature adjustable straps or waist ties, so you can adjust and tailor the fit to your body, ensuring comfort and ease of movement as you cook.

3. Caring for Kitchen Aprons

Close up shot of the Dalstrong logo on the The Culinary Commander Apron by DalstrongThe Culinary Commander Top-Grain Leather | Professional Chef's Kitchen Apron | Dalstrong

Just as you maintain your kitchen tools or sharpen your chefs knives, it's essential to take good care of your kitchen apron. The correct maintenance not only extends its lifespan but also ensures it maintains its visual appeal and functionality. Here's a guide to help you keep your apron in tip-top shape:

Caring for fabric aprons 

Most fabric aprons, like those made of cotton or linen, are fairly straightforward to care for, making them a popular choice for many home cooks. They can usually be machine washed with colors on a gentle cycle. If your apron is a solid color or if you have a cute apron with a vibrant design, washing with similar colors helps prevent color bleeding. Unless the care instructions specify otherwise, these aprons can typically be tumble dried on a low setting. 

To keep your apron looking its best, remove it from the dryer promptly and smooth out any wrinkles by hand. If necessary, you can use a warm iron to get rid of any stubborn creases.

Waxed canvas aprons 

If you've opted for a more rugged waxed canvas apron, the care instructions will be slightly different. The wax coating on these aprons makes them unsuitable for machine washing, as the heat and agitation can strip the wax from the fabric. Instead, spot cleaning with a damp cloth is generally recommended. For more stubborn stains, a gentle hand wash with a mild soap in cool water will do the trick. Once washed, let your waxed canvas apron air dry. Do not wring it out, as this can damage the wax coating and lead to creases.

Leather aprons 

Leather aprons, the sturdy companions of many a blacksmith and grill master, also require particular care. Like waxed canvas aprons, they shouldn't be machine washed or dried. Instead, you may use a soft, damp cloth to clean and wipe dirt or food particles. If a more thorough clean is necessary, use a specialist leather cleaner. Remember to keep your leather apron away from direct heat sources as it dries to prevent cracking or damage.

4. Recommended Dalstrong Kitchen Aprons

Dalstrong offers an extensive range of kitchen aprons, each meticulously designed for comfort, functionality, and style. These aprons are not only perfect for your own kitchen but make fantastic gifts as well, like a thoughtful Father's Day gift or a unique wedding shower gift.

Here are a few recommendations.

1. Dalstrong Heavy-Duty Waxed Canvas Sous Team Apron

Dalstrong Professional Chef's Kitchen Apron - Sous Team 6"

This awesome apron is a medium-duty, professional-grade cooking accessory crafted from extra-strength 16oz waxed canvas and featuring military-grade metal rings. This apron is outfitted with a variety of pockets for your cooking essentials, including two chest pockets, three front pockets, a kangaroo pocket, and additional towel and tong loops. Its comfort is enhanced by an adjustable genuine-leather cross-back harness designed to distribute weight evenly, reducing neck strain during extended kitchen sessions


  • Built with high-quality materials such as extra-strength waxed canvas and military-grade metal rings for enhanced durability. This apron is designed to withstand the heat of the kitchen.
  • Comes with multiple pockets including two chest pockets, three front pockets, a kangaroo pocket, and towel and tong loops, providing ample storage space for your cooking essentials.
  • The adjustable genuine-leather cross back harness is designed to evenly distribute weight across your shoulders, reducing neck strain and enhancing comfort during long hours in the kitchen.
  • Custom engravings and fixings add a touch of elegance and distinctiveness, making these awesome black aprons stylish and functional.


  • While the apron's high-quality materials and design make it a reliable choice for professional chefs, it may be seen as overkill for home cooks who may not require such an array of features.
  • The sleek, jet black design, while stylish, might not appeal to everyone.

2. Dalstrong Culinary Commander | Top-Grain Leather Apron

Dalstrong Professional Chef's Kitchen Apron - The Culinary Commander Top-Grain Leather

Talk about a statement piece. This incredible apron is designed for demanding culinary environments. It features a fully adjustable cross-back harness for maximum comfort and a range of pockets, including three chest pockets, an extra-large knife pocket, an inner stash pocket, and a towel and tong loop.

This heavy-duty apron is made even more stylish by unique Dalstrong engravings and fixings, including a custom-molded brass plate adorned with the iconic Dalstrong lion insignia, looking as good as it is functional.


  • This apron is crafted with genuine top-grain Brazilian leather, providing a luxurious feel and exceptional durability.
  • The adjustable cross-back harness made of genuine leather evenly distributes weight across your shoulders, minimizing neck strain during long working hours.
  • Thoughtfully designed with multiple pockets, including an extra-large knife pocket, a towel and tong loop, and an inner stash pocket, providing ample storage space and quick access to your tools.
  • Unique Dalstrong engravings and fixings, along with the iconic Dalstrong lion insignia on a custom-molded brass plate, make this apron not only functional but also a style statement in any culinary setting.


  • Due to its premium materials and distinctive features, this apron is considerably more expensive than other options in this list. 
  • The genuine top-grain Brazilian leather, while luxurious and durable, may require more maintenance and care than a waxed canvas apron.

3. Dalstrong American Legend | Blue Denim Apron

Dalstrong Professional Chef's Kitchen Apron - American Legend

This beautiful apron is a lightweight yet robust apron constructed from 100% blue denim cotton. Offering tailored comfort, it features an adjustable neck strap and easy-tie waist. Its design includes three front pockets and an additional hidden stash pocket, making it a functional solution for your cooking adventures. Its distinctive design serves both style and utility, ensuring you stand out in the kitchen.


  • Crafted from 100% blue denim cotton, the American Legend Apron is durable yet light-weight, providing comfort during long hours in the kitchen.
  • Adjustable neck strap and easy-tie waist offer a customized fit, increasing comfort and practicality.
  • Three easily accessible front pockets and a hidden stash pocket offer ample storage for essential items, from cooking tools to personal belongings.
  • Genuine leather accents and the iconic Dalstrong lion insignia on the front chest pocket add a touch of style and distinction, letting you stand out in any kitchen.


  • Compared to the leather and waxed canvas options, this blue denim cotton apron is a little more down-to-earth and may lack the luxurious feel and high-end aesthetic that some chefs prefer.
  • Although it's light-weight and comfortable, the denim material may not offer the same level of protection against spills and splatters as the previous waxed canvas or leather aprons.

4. Dalstrong Canvas Chef Apron | Call of Duty © Edition

Limited Edition Chef Leather Apron Call of Duty © Edition Black Genuine Leather EXCLUSIVE COLLECTOR APRON Dalstrong

Meet the Dalstrong Canvas Chef Apron, a unique Call of Duty © Edition for culinary and gaming enthusiasts alike. Crafted from explorer-grade 16 oz waxed canvas, it features nylon and leather straps, along with robust rivets and lightweight aluminum carabiners. Versatility is elevated with the shoulder strap MOLLE system, attachable pockets, a kangaroo pocket, and a canvas tool loop. This collector's apron pairs utility with a nod to the Call of Duty © series, creating a unique experience in the kitchen. A great birthday gift for the gamer in your family.


  • Made from 16 oz waxed canvas, this apron is very durable and designed to support and withstand heavy loads while remaining breathable.
  • The MOLLE system offers unparalleled versatility, allowing you to adapt items like knife sheaths, cell phone cases, and more to your apron.
  • Comes with 4 embroidered logo patches and a COD collector pin for fans of the Call of Duty © series.
  • The built-in bottle opener and bottle holder pocket ensures you can stay hydrated, adding to the apron's practicality.


  • The waxed canvas material, while durable and practical, may not provide the same luxurious feel as the top-grain leather of the Culinary Commander apron.
  • The Call of Duty © theme, while exciting for fans of the game, might not appeal to all chefs or culinary professionals.

5. Dalstrong Night Rider Black Denim Professional Chef's Kitchen Apron

Dalstrong Night Rider Black Denim Professional Chef's Kitchen Apron

The Dalstrong "Night Rider" Black Denim Apron is the epitome of style and function, offering style as well as sleek practicality. Designed with a versatile fit, this lightweight apron employs ultra-premium poly-cotton and genuine leather accents for an optimal balance of performance and refinement. Some of its features are double-stitched pockets with a distinct gray stripe for enhanced hold, and thick top and bottom hems for shape retention. The convenient three front pockets, along with a discreet interior stash pocket, optimize your storage options, while the apron's unique design allows chefs to demonstrate their dedication to culinary excellence.


  • Crafted from 100% poly-cotton and genuine leather, providing durability and a lightweight feel.
  • The versatile design with an adjustable neck strap and easy-tie waist ensures a comfortable fit.
  • Features multiple pockets, including a hidden interior stash pocket, for convenient storage.
  • The Dalstrong lion insignia adds a touch of prestige and pride to the apron.


  • Some prefer lighter or even white aprons over the black look.
  • Despite its quality materials, it might not offer the same level of luxury as the Culinary Commander's top-grain leather.

5. Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between a chef's apron and a standard kitchen apron?

A chef's apron is often made of more durable materials to withstand the potential dangers (and spills) of a professional kitchen. They might also include additional features like multiple pockets or a towel loop.

How do I ensure the right fit for my apron?

Many aprons come with adjustable straps, so you can modify the fit according to your body type. When trying on an apron, make sure it covers the areas you most want to protect and that it's comfortable to wear for extended periods.

How often should I clean my apron?

How often you should clean your apron depends on how frequently you use it and what you're cooking. A good approach is to simply clean your apron whenever it's visibly dirty or has come into contact with raw meat.

Are there special aprons for women?

Most aprons are unisex and can be worn by men and women alike.


Written by Jorge Farah
Born on the coast of Colombia and based in Buenos Aires, Jorge is a cooking enthusiast and kitchenware obsessive with a tremendous amount of opinions.

There's More to Kitchen Aprons Than You Think. Here's Why

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