Why You Need A Dalstrong Knife Magnetic Holder

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As we welcome the new year, it only makes sense to elevate our kitchen with the tools it really needs to impress your guests each time they walk in there – I’m talking about magnetic knife blocks and strips! Magnetic strips and knife blocks can give you a solid combination of versatility, hygiene, and aesthetically pleasing culinary tools that will have you eating with your eyes first. 

In this blog, I’ll be sharing the most striking and efficient magnetic knife strips and blocks that will amplify the functionality of your kitchen and give it more definition and meaning. 

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1. What Is A Magnetic Knife Holder?

Usually made with premium quality wood or stainless steel, magnetic knife holders are the epitome of knife storage and call for a clean and safe kitchen. The knife strips in a magnetic holder can house everything from chef knives, paring knives, butcher knives, and premium quality Japanese knives like the Nakiri and Santoku. 

Also known as a knife stand or magnetic knife strip, these can rest comfortably on your kitchen countertop or be used as mounting hardware to display top-of-the-line cleavers or carving knives. Storing your knives safely doesn’t just keep mishaps away but also prevents knives from catching dust particles or rusting. 

Most magnetic knife holders also have plenty of space for storing kitchen shears or kitchen scissors, but you can also use these slots to store other kitchen accessories, as there isn’t a rule to do it a certain way. Magnetic holders have an ‘easy install’ process as they don’t need to be mounted with multiple screws, nuts, bolts, or external holder magnets.

2. Benefits Of Magnetic Knife Storage Tools

A photo of the Magnetic Bar Walnut Wall Knife Holder Dalstrong with its box on top of a wooden tableMagnetic Bar Walnut Wall Knife Holder Dalstrong


The kitchen can be an intriguing spot in the house when you have kids under the age of 12, and it’s important not to keep sharp objects within the reach of youngins. 

Magnetic knife blocks and strips are ideal to have around children. This is because they hold the knife from the handle, which allows the blade to stick flat to the magnet, keeping their curious fingers safe. We highly recommend that blocks and strips are kept at a height that is not easily accessible by small children. 


Magnetic strips like Dalstrong’s don’t put a massive amount of pressure on the blade as they support the spine and handle of the knife. Well-made magnetic strips are also great contenders for taking on heavy-duty kitchen tools like kitchen shears, tongs, spatulas, spoons, and knives with long blades. 

Magnetic strips and knife blocks can not only hold a variety of heavy-duty kitchen tools, but they do so without taking up any space, as they’re placed on kitchen countertops or the wall above it.

3. The Advantages Of Dalstrong’s Magnetic Knife Blocks And Strips

A photo of the Magnetic Bar Stainless Wall Knife Holder Dalstrong with its box on top of a wooden tableMagnetic Bar Stainless Wall Knife Holder Dalstrong

Knife holders are a one-stop shop for all your knives without taking up plenty of space. Since the knife holder magnetically keeps the sharpest and longest knives in place, you can save time and space as you wouldn’t have to sharpen the knives repeatedly if they were kept in a kitchen drawer. Or not having to worry about the knives kept on your kitchen countertop that can cause mishaps and injuries.

Saving You Plenty Of Space

The space-saving design of wood magnetic knife holders is not only efficient and functional for folks with a compact kitchen but is also striking to look at, making it an excellent kitchen decoration or accessory. Dalstrong’s magnetic holders can store up to 12 knives. 

The magnetic strength on these holders is genuinely one for the books. These knife holders have a double-sided magnetic wall that gives you ample storage for both long and short-shorted knives.  


A crucial reason for people to buy magnetic knife holders is that it upholds and encourages sanitary standards in their home kitchens. You can store your knives in a clean and dust-free kitchen drawer, but they will still require sharpening more often than the knives on a magnetic wall. Holder magnets can elevate and keep your knives away from stovetops to avoid splashing and staining. 


There are some kitchen tools out there that can make life really easy in the kitchen. And, if they make excellent kitchen decorations, there’s nothing better than that. Whether it’s mounting hardware or wooden knife holders with modern innovations that help in storing your knives with little to no physical labor, it’s a win. 

And, Dalstrong’s knife blocks and holders are some of the most functional kitchen tools that you can own in 2023. If that wasn’t enough, you can now let your guests devour foods like briskets and roasts with their eyes, thanks to the futuristic and artistic design.

4. Dalstrong vs. Other Companies And Their Magnetic Knife Holders

A photo of the Magnetic Bar Silicone Wall Knife Holder Dalstrong with Dalstrong knives and honing rod attached to it on a concrete wallMagnetic Bar Silicone Wall Knife Holder Dalstrong


Ouddy’s magnetic knife holders are undoubtedly one of many popular magnetic holders in the culinary world. The Ouddy 16inch magnetic knife holder is one of their best-selling products. Their magnetic knife strips can hold kitchen knives such as paring knives, chef's knives, and other kitchen tools. 

The downside to the Ouddy magnetic knife holder is that the magnetic strip is prone to losing its strength over time and can be harsh on the blades of most kitchen knives and Japanese knives since their magnetic strips usually have powerful magnets that provide a stronger grip on the tip of the blade rather than the handle. The strip isn’t scratch-resistant, which can be a downer, especially for folks that prefer using premium Japanese knives. 


Walnut magnetic knife holders are known for their knife magnetic strips that are held firmly with neodymium magnets. This strip can hold a range of kitchen knives, but the width of the magnetic strip isn’t suited for knives with longer blades, such as serrated knives, bread knives, slicing knives, and carving knives. 

Some reviews do suggest that the mounting hardware with the knife magnetic strip isn’t an ‘easy install’. Dalstrong’s magnetic knife strips, on the other hand, are easy to install, mount, and access. 

Schmidt Brothers 

Schmidt Brothers are known for their minimalistic and simple approach to all things culinary. The Schmidt brothers acacia 18inch magnetic wall bar is one of their most well-known products and is used for the cutlery storage of compact knife ware. Such as paring knives, chef knives, vegetable knives, and other kitchen tools like kitchen shears and stainless steel steak knives. 

The strong magnet grip is a well-loved trait of their knife holders for walls, with the width of the template being the only downside, according to popular reviews. Since the magnetic strip is thinner than most wall magnet strips, it can be difficult to store average-sized cutlery. 

For instance, folks that use knives with a blade length of 6 inches and more may require two of these magnetic wall bars. So, some home cooks simply prefer working around magnetic knife blocks instead of magnetic knife racks. 

Modern Innovations 

The modern innovations stainless steel magnetic knife strip is one of the company’s popular products. The magnet bar is sturdy and firm, with an apt size for those with a compact kitchen. If you prefer magnetic knife holders that are portable and can add a little more dimension to your countertops, I’ve got a few recommendations for you.

5. Benefits Of Acacia Wood Magnetic Knife Holders

Acacia wood makes a great knife holder and knife block as it is derived from the trees and shrubs in native Australia, which gives it its sturdy, durable, and robust finish. Acacia wood, along with Teak wood, makes great cutting boards, knife holders, and magnetic knife blocks. 

In fact, if you’re looking to elevate your kitchenware, Acacia wood is a solid handle choice to go with. As for knife blocks, this material is known for building some of the most long-lasting kitchen tools, as well as furniture! 

Acacia wood is water-resistant and scratch-proof, too. So, if you want to use large and sharp knives in your kitchen, a knife holder with this material will do you justice as it doesn’t take on any significant damage. Since it isn’t treated with different sorts of chemicals, it can last up to 4 long decades, which is unheard of when it comes to kitchen tools and cookware. 

This material is perfect for holding onto magnetic stainless steel kitchen tools, as well as some heavy-duty kitchenware like shears, spatulas, tongs, spoons, and other tools. Acacia wood is mainly known for its ability to resist warping under extreme temperatures of heat. It is also highly resistant to fungus and is phenomenally antibacterial in nature, making it perfect for home kitchens as well as busy kitchens where hygiene is encouraged. 

All you need to look out for is the maintenance of kitchen tools made with Acacia wood. It’s best to hand-wash these knife holders instead of soaking them in water. It’s also ideal to keep it at a safe distance from the stovetop, so it doesn’t lose its density from the temperatures.

6. 5 Dalstrong Knife Blocks To Elevate Your Kitchen Arsenal

1. Dragon Spire Double-Sided Magnetic Walnut Wood Block

Dragon Spire Double-Sided Magnetic Walnut Wood Block

This phenomenal double-sided magnetic wood block is ideal to hold 12 kitchen knives, especially the ones from our Phantom series that are staggering to look at and painstakingly sharp to use. 


  • The strength of the magnets on each side offers a stable and secure grip on your favorite knives. 
  • This magnetic block is engineered together for a hygienic build, so bid farewell to bacteria and germs.
  • The design of this knife block keeps you away from stuck-on dust particles that would be found in slotted knife holders. 


 2. Double-Sided Magnetic Blade Wall

Double-Sided Magnetic Blade Wall Dalstrong

This double-sided magnetic blade wall is built to hold 12 of your favorite knives with ease while keeping them safe, clean, and within arm’s reach. This is the perfect accessory for your countertops and can make cooking food feel like a breeze rather than a chore. 


  • The wall is designed to be extra-strong and more durable than other knife holders out there. 
  • Made with Acacia wood to keep your knife holder free of any scratches and stains. 
  • Highly resistant to heat and cold. 


  • The design of this knife holder could be intriguing to new home cooks, but knife block sets could be a better fit. 
  • If you don’t own 12 elaborate knives, a magnetic knife holder could seem slightly daunting to own.

3. Magnetic Bar Walnut Wall Knife Holder

Magnetic Bar Walnut Wall Knife Holder Dalstrong

Made with North American Walnut Wood, this magnetic knife holder adds a touch of elegance to every kitchen out there. Packed neatly with Dalstrong’s renowned packaging along with a magnet bar. 


  • Perfect for displaying your favorite knives while keeping them clean and sharp at the same time. 
  • Ideal for both compact and professional kitchens. 
  • The aluminum alloy frame, along with the super powerful magnets, holds your favorite knives securely.


  • If you’re not a huge fan of magnetic knife strips, other magnetic knife holders might appeal more to you, depending on your needs. 
  • If you prefer silicone kitchenware, this silicone magnetic bar might better suit your needs in the kitchen.

4. Magnetic Bar Silicone Wall Knife Holder

Magnetic Bar Silicone Wall Knife Holder Dalstrong

Raise the bar with this safe and compact magnetic knife holder that has a matte black silicone finish, making it the perfect accessory for your kitchen and your favorite knives.


  • The satin-finished steel adds durability, longevity, and strength to your favorite new magnetic knife strip.
  • Impervious to heat and water, and scratch-resistant to give your beloved knives a resting place. 
  • Equipped to hold all of your sharp, cutting-edge essentials, thanks to its 18-inch length. 


5. Magnetic Bar Stainless Wall Knife Holder

Magnetic Bar Stainless Wall Knife Holder Dalstrong

Made with Satin Finish 201 stainless steel, this power magnetic bar is designed for a no-nonsense approach to cooking, thanks to its functional yet sleek appearance. The 18-inch long and 2-inch wide dimensions give it its ‘easy to install’ characteristics, making it a perfect addition to just about any kitchen out there. Will you make it yours? Here are some irresistible details to convince you some more. 


  • Powerful Ferrite magnets to hold it in place and display your precious knives. 
  • Designed to keep bacteria away from accumulating, allowing you to enjoy the perks of a hygiene and clean kitchen. 
  • Easy to mount to a wall or cabinet, depending on your preference. 


7. How To Clean Magnetic Knife Holders

A photo of the Magnetic Bar Walnut Wall Knife Holder Dalstrong with the Dalstrong knives and scissor attached to it on a white wallMagnetic Bar Walnut Wall Knife Holder Dalstrong

The maintenance of your favorite magnetic knife holders is extremely important. After all, they’re a resting fort for your treasured knives. Be it a cleaver knife, chef knife, Santoku knife, or serrated knife. All you need to do in return is keep it clean and free of dust. 

Here’s a quick guide on how to clean your magnetic knife block/holder.

Knife Block 


  1. Remove the knives from the slots and flip the knife block over to dust off any stuck bits of crumbs or dirt. 
  2. With a bottle brush, clean out the corners of the knife block.
  3. Use a diluted mixture of bleach (4 cups of water to 1 teaspoon of bleach) and gently scrub the slots of the block. 
  4. Lastly, place the knife block near a window or in direct sunlight to dry it off and kill any germs or bacteria that are still lurking.

8. Frequently Asked Questions

Are magnetic knife holders a good idea?

Magnetic knife holders are a fantastic upgrade from the good ol’ kitchen drawers and plain knife blocks. They don’t put too much pressure on the blades and amp down the odds of sharpening your beloved cleaver, Santoku, or chef’s knife. 

Is it OK to store knives on magnetic strip?

Magnetic strips are an alternative to magnetic knife blocks and walls. But there are more risks involved with this one. If the mounting hardware used on the strip loses its strength, it can fall off the wall at any time. Knife blocks are safer, use lesser space than the strips, and can be kept away from children. 

Do metal magnetic knife holders damage knives?

No, magnetic knife holders don’t cause any damage, as the magnetic strength is distributed near the handle of the knife rather than the blade. This is another reason why home cooks are upgrading their kitchens from magnetic strips to magnetic blocks and walls.

How do I choose a magnetic knife holder?

This is fairly up to you! Is it the aesthetic you don’t want to compromise on? The budget? The storage space? Functionality? The durability? The strength? If you’re looking for variety and versatility, head on over to Dalstrong’s website to make the process all the easier. 

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Why You Need A Dalstrong Knife Magnetic Holder

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