The Best Cooking Knife Sets You Can Get

Gladiator Series 8-Piece Knife Block Set on a wooden table.Gladiator Series 8-Piece Knife Block Set

Our favorite knife sets include:

  • 18 Piece Colossal Knife Set with Block
  • 8-Piece Knife Block Set | Gladiator Series
  • Shogun Series ELITE | 5-Piece Knife Block Set
  • 4-Piece Charcuterie & Cheese Knife Set | Gladiator Series
  • 5-Piece Block Set | Shadow Black Series

    1. What Are Cooking Knife Sets And Why You Need One

    A man reaching for a knife from the Gladiator Series 18 Piece Colossal Knife Set with BlockGladiator Series 18 Piece Colossal Knife Set with Block

    You're in your kitchen ready to tackle that gourmet recipe you saw on the Food Network, but your knife is nowhere near as sharp as you need it to be. Frustration mounts as you mangle rather than julienne your vegetables. That’s a clear sign you’re in dire need of a quality kitchen knife set.

    Kitchen knife sets aren’t just a collection of sharp objects; they’re the quintessential ensemble every culinary enthusiast needs. Offering a spectrum from versatile chefs knifes for your dicing and slicing, precise paring knives for peeling and trimming, to the all-important steak knives for effortlessly serving up that succulent steak, these sets ensure you have the right tool for every culinary challenge.

    Organized style and function

    You don't need any old collection of sharp tools, you need something that looks as good as it performs. That's where the knife block set comes in. They help keep your blades ready at a moment’s notice, as well as organized in a way that adds both functionality and style to your kitchen. A sleek knife block on your countertop not only serves as the home for your sharp edges but also as a statement piece that whispers (or, depending on the design, boldly declares), "Yes, serious culinary magic happens here."

    Moreover, knife sets come with more than just the basics. They often include specialized tools like serrated utility knives for slicing bread or tomatoes, a santoku knife for those who prefer its scalloped edge for a non-stick chop, and even kitchen shears that can tackle everything from snipping herbs to cutting through poultry joints. Some sets go the extra mile with sharpening rods or honing steels, ensuring that your knives remain in peak condition for years to come.

    Craftsmanship and material

    Let's not overlook the importance of the material and craftsmanship of these knives. High-quality sets crafted from high-carbon stainless steel or Damascus steel offer durability, longevity, and the kind of sharpness that makes cutting feel like gliding. The handles, too, deserve attention. The handle material and design, whether it's the comfortable grip of the WÜSTHOF Classic Ikon or the traditional rounded handles of a Japanese knife set, can dramatically affect your cutting precision and comfort.

    More than just knives

    A knife block set is an investment in your culinary adventures. It transforms cooking from a task to an art, allowing you to chop, slice, and dice with efficiency and flair. Whether you're a novice cook learning the ropes or a seasoned chef experimenting with complex recipes, having a set of knives that marries form with function can elevate your cooking experience. It's about bringing efficiency, safety, and a bit of joy into your kitchen practices, ensuring that every meal preparation is an opportunity to hone your skills, experiment with flavors, and create dishes that delight and impress.

    So, the next time you find yourself wrestling with a stubborn vegetable or cursing a dull blade, remember: a well-curated knife set is not just a luxury; it's a necessity for anyone who takes their food seriously. It's the difference between a kitchen that just functions and a kitchen that inspires.

    2. How To Choose The Best Cooking Knife Set

    Vanquish Series 24-Piece Knife Block Set on a wooden board.Vanquish Series 24-Piece Knife Block Set

    Choosing the perfect set from the plethora of block sets out there can indeed feel like navigating a labyrinth. But, equipped with the right knowledge, you'll find that selecting the ideal kitchen companions is not just easy, but also exciting. Let's dive deeper into what you should look for:

    Material and construction

    When it comes to knives, the adage "you get what you pay for" rings particularly true. High-carbon stainless steel and Damascus steel are the gold standards in the world of culinary knives, revered for their ability to hold a sharp edge and resist corrosion. High-carbon stainless steel offers the perfect blend of durability and ease of maintenance, making it an ideal choice for both novice cooks and seasoned chefs.

    Damascus steel, on the other hand, is famed not only for its exceptional sharpness and strength but also for its striking appearance, with distinctive patterns reminiscent of flowing water. Both materials are robust, but each offers a different aesthetic and performance edge.

    Full-tang construction is another hallmark of quality to look out for. This means the blade extends all the way through the handle, providing better balance, strength, and control. Brands like WÜSTHOF Classic Ikon and Zwilling Pro 16piece knife block set epitomize this level of craftsmanship, offering knives that feel like an extension of your hand, with razor-sharp steel blades and comfortable grips that make prep work a pleasure.

    Additional tools you might need

    A well-organized storage block not only keeps your countertops tidy but also ensures that each knife is safely housed, protecting both the blades and your fingers. Wood and bamboo blocks are popular for their aesthetics and natural antimicrobial properties, while magnetic blocks offer a modern look and easy access.

    Including a sharpening rod or honing steel in your knife set is crucial for maintaining the sharpness and longevity of your blades. Regular honing realigns the edge of the knife, preserving its sharpness, while occasional sharpening removes material from the blade to create a new edge. Proper care and maintenance guarantee that your investment remains in top condition, ready to assist in your culinary creations at a moment's notice.

    Additionally, a good chopping block is an important purchase if you want to make sure your knife's edge stays in tip-top condition when you're making magic happen in the kitchen.

    By prioritizing quality materials and construction, choosing the right pieces for your needs, and committing to proper storage and care, you equip your kitchen with companions that will enhance your cooking experience, inspire your culinary creativity, and last for years to come.

    Read about the Basic Guide to Knife Steel and Blade Selection, here.

    3. Essential Knives That Should Be In Your Knife Set

    Shadow Black Series 12-Piece Knife Block Set beside a cutting board with tomatoes

    Embarking on a quest to find the perfect knife block set might seem a little daunting at first, but don't worry; we're here to help. This culinary arsenal should be your ally, ensuring you're equipped for any cooking challenge that comes your way. But what knights should you have in your round table of kitchen tools? Let's cut through the clutter and carve out the essentials.

    The chef's knife

    Think of the chef's knife as the king of your kitchen. Typically 8 inches in length, this all-rounder is your go-to for chopping, slicing, dicing, and mincing. Its versatility is unmatched, making it a foundational tool for any aspiring chef. A good chef's knife feels like an extension of your arm, capable of tackling everything from vegetables to meats with precision and ease.

    The bread knife

    The bread knife, with its serrated edge, is a master at slicing through loaves without crushing them. But don't let its name fool you; this knife is not a one-trick pony. It's also excellent for cutting through other foods with hard exteriors and soft interiors, like melons and tomatoes, making it a surprisingly versatile addition to your collection.

    The paring knife

    Small but mighty, the paring knife is your detail-oriented friend for peeling, trimming, and intricate cuts. This knife is perfect for tasks that are too delicate for the chef's knife, such as deveining shrimp or removing seeds from a jalapeño. Its nimble size allows for precision and control, making it an indispensable tool for fine, detailed work.

    The santoku knife

    The santoku knife, hailing from Japan, is known for its "three virtues": slicing, dicing, and mincing. Its shorter, scalloped blade is designed for efficiency, making it particularly adept at creating thin, uniform slices. Whether you're working with meat, fish, or veggies, the santoku knife offers a precision cutting experience with less sticking, courtesy of its unique blade design.

    The utility knife

    Slightly larger than a paring knife but smaller than a chef's knife, the utility knife is the middle child that shouldn't be overlooked. It's perfect for foods with a tough exterior and soft interior. The serrated version is similar to the bread knife but on a smaller scale. Think of it as a bread knife's little sibling, ideal for baguettes or even slicing sandwiches.

    In your quest for a 16piece knife block set, remember that each knife has its role, its specialty. From the chef's knife's versatility to the paring knife's precision, and the santoku knife's efficiency, these tools are meant to complement each other, ensuring you're well-equipped for any culinary challenge.

    But the most important thing to remember is this: your knife set should resonate with you. These tools are extensions of your culinary creativity, partners in your kitchen adventures. A well-chosen set becomes a part of your cooking identity, each knife a story of meals prepared and shared. So wield them well, and may your dishes be as delightful as your journey in choosing them.

    4. How to Look After Your Knife Set

    Gladiator Series 18 Piece Colossal Knife Set with Block on top of a kitchen table.

    Congrats on snagging the ideal knife set! Now, let's talk about keeping those blades in tip-top shape. Proper maintenance is the secret sauce to ensuring your knives cut like a dream for years to come. Here's a quick guide to pampering your kitchen champions:


    After making magic with those blades, you might be tempted to throw your knives in the dishwasher. Don't! The rough and tumble of a dishwasher cycle can do more harm than good, like dulling your blades or even chipping them. A little TLC with hand washing in warm, soapy water will do the trick. And don't forget to dry them right away to dodge any water spots or rust.


    Throwing your knives in a drawer willy-nilly isn't just a recipe for a cut finger; it can also ding your blades. Whether you're a fan of a classic wooden block, a sleek magnetic strip, or a drawer organizer, make sure each knife has its own nook. Not only do they keep your kitchen tidy, they also protect your blades from unnecessary wear and tear.


    Even the best knives will start to lose their edge over time. Keeping them sharp is not just about ease of use; it's about safety, too (ever tried slicing tomatoes with a blunt knife?). You might find a sharpener in your knife block, or you could go old-school with a sharpening stone or steel. And hey, there's no shame in outsourcing to a pro sharpener when needed.

    Taking care of your knives is an investment in your culinary future. Proper upkeep means you're always ready to slice, dice, and impress, ensuring your knives last longer and perform better. Treat them with the respect that they (and you!) deserve.

    5. Must-Have Dalstrong Knife Sets 

    1. 18 Piece Colossal Knife Set with Block Gladiator Serie Dalstrong

    Check out this beast of a knife set – the 18 Piece Colossal Knife Set from the Gladiator Series by Dalstrong. It's like they've poured their heart and soul into crafting each piece, living up to the rep Dalstrong has for top-notch quality. Plus, it looks like a real statement piece in your kitchen, not just a bunch of blades.

    This set includes: Carving/slicer (9"), bread knife (9"), kiritsuke chef knife (8.5"), chef knife (8"), santoku knife (7"), nakiri knife (7"), boning knife (6"), utility knife (6.5"), serrated utility knife (6"), six straight edge steak knives (5"), paring knife (3.5"), bird's beak paring knife (2.75"), Gladiator Series honing steel (10"), handmade Acacia wood block


    • The blades are crafted from high-carbon German steel, so they're super sharp and built to last without picking up stains or wear easily.
    • Sharpened to perfection at 16-18 degrees on each side, these knives make chopping and slicing feel almost too easy, letting you get those paper-thin cuts without breaking a sweat.
    • With a knife for practically every kitchen task, this set's a dream for any cook, whether you're just starting out or you've got some serious skills.
    • The knives come tucked into a handcrafted Acacia Wood Block, which isn't just practical for keeping your blades in tip-top shape; it looks darn good on the counter, too.


    • If you're new to the cooking game, the sheer number of knives might have you scratching your head over what to use when.
    • Heads up if your kitchen's on the cozier side – this set's pretty large, so you'll need a good amount of counter space to house it.

    2. 8-Piece Knife Block Set Gladiator Series Dalstrong

    Thinking the 18-piece set might be overkill? Check out Dalstrong's 8-Piece Gladiator Series knife block set. It's the more compact sibling, delivering all the essential knives without flooding your kitchen with options. And it still brings that Dalstrong quality and kitchen swagger, making it a practical choice and an awesome-looking addition to your countertop.

    This set includes: Slicing/carving knife (9"), bread knife (9"), chef’s knife (8"), Santoku (7"), utility knife (6"), serrated knife (5.5"), paring knife (3.75"), honing rod, and Gladiator Series 8-piece Dalstrong Acacia wood block.


    • Crafted from high-carbon German steel, these knives have incredibly sharp edges and are built to resist stains and wear like a champ.
    • Each blade is hand sharpened to a precise 16-18 degrees, ensuring you get buttery smooth cuts without any elbow grease.
    • It's a leaner set but covers all your bases, perfect for both newbies in the kitchen and culinary wizards.
    • The handles are made from top-notch ABS polymer, tough against heat, cold, and moisture, all while being comfortable to hold and easy to handle.


    • More experienced chefs or those needing a wider variety of blades may prefer a larger set such as the 18-Piece Colossal Knife Set from the same series listed above.
    • The knife block may take up a good amount of counter space in smaller kitchens.

    3. Shogun Series ELITE 5-Piece Knife Block Set

    Take your kitchen game up a notch with this beautiful 5-piece block set. It's where old-school charm meets cutting-edge functionality. The kit rocks a hand-made Acacia wood block sprinkled with stainless steel bits and bobs for that luxe look. It's a show-off piece, no doubt, showcasing your go-to blades, each flaunting Dalstrong's eye-catching 'Tsunami Rose’ motif and a textured finish, all set to slice and dice with elegance and exactitude.

    This set includes: Shogun Series X 8" Bread Knife, Shogun Series X 8" Chef Knife, Shogun Series X 7" Santoku Knife, Shogun Series X 6" Utility Knife, Shogun Series X 3.5" Paring Knife, Acacia wood block.


    • Razor-sharp, with each blade sharpened to a keen 8-12° angle on each side, ensuring seamless and accurate cuts.
    • Boasting a heart of AUS-10V Japanese super steel surrounded by 67 layers of Damascus, these knives are a trifecta of stellar performance, robustness, and lasting sharpness.
    • The G10 handle isn't just about good looks; it's ergonomically crafted for top-notch grip, comfort, and standing up to extremes of heat, cold, and dampness.
    • Beyond their prime cutting capabilities, these knives are a visual treat, sure to spruce up any kitchen setup.


    • If your culinary ventures demand a broader array of knife types for niche tasks (I'm talking boning knives and the like), this set's select lineup might leave you wanting.
    • The standout aesthetics and high-end materials of this set reflect in its price tag, something to ponder over if you're watching your wallet.

    4. 4-Piece Charcuterie & Cheese Knife Set Gladiator Series Dalstrong

    Dive into the world of gourmet cheese and wine nights or upscale dinner gatherings with this specialized 4-Piece Charcuterie & Cheese Knife Set from the Gladiator Series. This set is meticulously forged from a singular piece of high-carbon German stainless steel, ensuring each knife is of the highest quality. Paired with a top-tier G10 Garolite handle, these knives are not only functional but also sleek in design, making them a great addition to any serving platter.

    This set includes: a mini cleaver knife (3.75") for hard or aged cheese and cured sausages, a forked cheese knife (3.75") for medium to hard cheeses, a soft cheese knife (3.75") designed specifically to prevent cheese from sticking, and a rounded-tip serrated cheese knife (3.75") perfect for spreadable cheeses, dips, and pates.


    • Tailored for cheese aficionados, this collection includes four distinct knife types, each designed for slicing through different cheeses, meats, and spreads with ease. It's an all-in-one solution for any social dining event.
    • Constructed from durable high-carbon German stainless steel, these knives are built to last, maintaining their sharpness and integrity over countless gatherings.
    • Safety and maintenance are made easy with included protective sheaths for each knife, ensuring they stay sharp and protected when not in use.
    • The G10 Garolite handles not only offer exceptional durability but also bring a touch of elegance to your charcuterie board.


    • Given its specialized nature, this set might not be the go-to for everyday kitchen tasks, especially for those who rarely indulge in cheese or charcuterie.
    • For those new to the charcuterie game, there might be a bit of a learning curve as you get acquainted with the specific uses of each knife in this beautifully curated collection.

    5. 5-Piece Block Set Shadow Black Serie Dalstrong

    This powerful lineup ensures you're equipped for any culinary task, combining top-notch functionality with a design straight out of a stealth mission. Drawing inspiration from the F-117 Nighthawk, this set boasts a look that's as bold and efficient as the aircraft itself. The knives feature a midnight black titanium coating, not just for show, but to boost their performance, making a striking statement in any kitchen setup.

    The set includes: chef knife (8"), santoku knife (7"), serrated utility knife (6.5"), utility knife (5.5"), paring knife (3.75"), and a storage block.


    • These knives aren't just tools; they're a statement. With their jet-black hue and futuristic design, they could easily belong in the hands of a sci-fi hero.
    • Crafted from vacuum-treated high carbon 7CR17MOV-X steel, hardened to 58 Rockwell, the blades promise unparalleled durability, edge retention, and resistance to wear.
    • The handles are designed for a grip that feels secure and comfortable, providing unmatched control and agility as you slice and dice.
    • The sleek oak wood block not only keeps your knives organized but also features a matching black finish, making for a stunning display piece on your countertop.


    • The distinctive, bold design of the Shadow Black series might not be everyone's cup of tea, especially for those who lean towards traditional kitchenware styles.
    • These precision-crafted knives will require a bit of extra attention to keep them in peak condition, given their exceptional sharpness and unique construction.

    There's many more amazing knife sets for you to pick from on Dalstrong's website, so go ahead and take a look. You're sure to find the exact right configuration of razor-sharp blades to fulfill your specific kitchen needs.

    6. Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a good set of knives for cooking?

    A good set includes a variety of knives for different tasks. The Misen Essentials Knife Set and Shun Hikari 7piece knife block set are excellent starters, offering essential knives like an 8inch chefs knife, knife utility knife, and paring knives.

    What is the world's best kitchen knife?

    While subjective, Japanese knife sets like the Miyabi Artisan series are highly regarded for their Damascus chef knife and precision steel knife blades.

    What knife is the most useful in the kitchen?

    The 8inch chefs knife is a versatile tool, ideal for a wide range of tasks. It's a must-have in any chef knife sets for both home cooks and professional chefs.

    Incorporating these kitchen knives into your arsenal is like upgrading your kitchen's hardware. From serrated knifes for bread to santoku knives for veggies, and the ever-important steak knives for those steak nights, each knife has its role. A knife block set not only equips you with essential knives but also adds a touch of elegance to your countertop with its wooden block.


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    The Best Cooking Knife Sets You Can Get

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