The Best Knives For Every Type Of Task

Dalstrong Omega Series Kiritsuke Chef Knife on a wet surface next to its leather knife sheath

The Best Knives For Every Type Of Task

Using the correct knife type for every task is something that doesn’t just apply to seasoned chefs, but to home cooks, too. Not only does it help you achieve precise cuts on large vegetables and meat, but it also encourages and maintains a safe cooking experience. In this article, I’ll be talking about the different types of knives and their uses for various tasks. 

1. The Best Dalstrong Knives For Every Task

bull nose butcher knife slicing into raw meatBull Nose Butcher Knife 10" | Delta Wolf Series

I grew up in a ‘one knife fits all’ home before I had a huge revelation about how crucial it is to use the right knife for each task. Given the fact that I am now a total knife aficionado, I’m elated to walk you through my favorite knives available at Dalstrong and also talk you through how you can make the most of them. 

Not only will you find the best western knives at Dalstrong, but also the most incredible range of Japanese knives, chefs knives, stainless steel knives, carving knives, butcher knives, kitchen knives, and other specialty knives that are also perfect to kickstart your very own knife collection! 

And, to the culinary novice, don’t fret! I’ll also be talking about what you should look for in knives before making your purchase. 

2. Different Knife Types And Their Uses

Chef’s Knife

Chefs knives are versatile, ergonomic, and a total kitchen workhorse with very sharp edges. The blade on chef’s knives runs from between 6 to 14 inches. So, not only are they perfect for home cooks, but also for professional chefs. Investing in a chef’s knife is absolutely worth it. 

1. Chef Knife 8" Shadow Black Series | RED Edition 

Chef Knife 8" Shadow Black Series | RED Edition | Dalstrong ©

I’ll never stop raving about the Shadow Black Series. I mean, check out this stunning, glossy red version of the iconic chef’s knife from the series. Perfect to match your favorite fall aesthetics without having an intimidating blade length. Ideal for both, professional chefs and home cooks. With ruthlessly sharp edges, this kitchen workhorse is engineered with high-carbon super steel for the best edge retention you could ask for. 


  • Life-long durability. 
  • Fiber-resin and military-grade G10 handle which is impervious to moisture, cold, and heat. 
  • Anti-slip properties for a safe chopping experience. 


  • You could be on the lookout for a chef’s knife with a minimalist design, and I couldn’t suggest the Gladiator and Crusader series enough. 
  • Perhaps, you’re on the lookout for a shorter blade length. 

2. Chef's Knife 8" Glacial White Handle | Shogun Series X

Chef's Knife 8" Glacial White Handle | Shogun Series X

    The Shogun series is no stranger to crafting the most incredible chef’s knives. The entire collection is super versatile and caters to your personal preferences. So, there’s a knife for everyone here. This is a classic chefs knife that gives you precise cuts, thanks to the blade’s edge retention. The sharp edges on this even sharper knife are hand-polished to make the best western chef’s knife. 


    • Made with 67 layers of Damascus for added robustness. 
    • The blade on this knife is rust and corrosion resistant which makes it easy to clean, too.
    • The ABS polymer handle in glacial white is striking to look at and even better to hold. 


    • This knife has a higher price tag to it, but for all the right reasons. 
    • You could be looking for a knife made purely with carbon steel. 

    Paring Knife 

    Coring tomatoes and dicing onions and shallots have never been simpler. The paring knives at Dalstrong are available in various styles. Paring knives often have a curve on the blade which helps you peel vegetables and fruits. And, if you choose a paring knife with serrations along the blade, you can also use it to slice large cuts of veggies and fruits like butternut squash. 

    1. Bird's Beak Paring Knife 2.75" Shadow Black Series | NSF Certified

    Bird's Beak Paring Knife 2.75" Shadow Black Series | NSF Certified

    This bird’s beak paring knife from the Shadow Black series is NSF certified, which means that you can conveniently use knife sharpeners on the titanium-nitride coating of this knife. This knife is eloquent to look at and has a shorter blade length to cater to home cooks. This knife has a full tang blade with a polished spine, giving you all the goodness of sharp edges for easy peeling, coring, and dicing of fruits and vegetables.


    • Ultra sharp blade, thanks to the high carbon steel. 
    • Non-reflective coating that is resistant to corrosion and has non-stick properties. So, say goodbye to stuck-on food particles. 
    • The blade length makes it the perfect addition to kitchen knifes. 


    • The blade length could be a little too short for professional chefs. 
    • While it’s safe to use knife sharpeners on this knife, the titanium-nitride coating adds a couple of minutes to the knife sharpening process.  

    2. Paring Knife 4" Quantum 1 Series

    Paring Knife 4" Quantum 1 Series

    This 4-inch paring knife from the Quantum 1 series is the best of both, grunge aesthetics, and minimalist. Not only does the blade have sharp edges, but it is made with single-piece, high-carbon American BD1N-VX steel for maximum resilience. The polished spine offers a pinch grip which also makes it comfortable to hold the knife. 


    • The blade offers knuckle clearance, making it easy for you to prep food as you chop with speed. 
    • Neatly packed with a carbon-fiber sheath to protect the blade. 
    • The handle is impervious to heat, moisture, and cold, thanks to its fiber-resin military grade G10 make. 


    • You could be looking for a paring knife with a longer blade length. 
    • You might prefer a handle made entirely with stainless steel or pakkawood. 

    Boning Knife 

    A boning knife is perfect for when you need to debone pork chops or other large cuts of meat. Dalstrong’s knives are comfortable to hold and have excellent edge retention that is perfect for professional chefs. A total kitchen workhorse that can debone meats without puncturing or tearing through flesh. 

    1. Boning Knife 6" Valhalla Series

    Boning Knife 6" Valhalla Series 

    This 6-inch boning knife is not only super sharp, but it is precision-forged for cutting up large briskets, ribs, pork chops, and shanks. The pinch grip on this knife is ideal for home cooks who often cook batches of meat or meal prep. If your boning knife needs to undergo a quick knife sharpening process, the knife sharpeners are Dalstrong are perfect. 


    • Sharp edges on the wear-resistant blade. 
    • Tapered blade with excellent edge retention for a seamless deboning process. 
    • Precise cuts on raw meat that has high amounts of marbled fat. 


    • The blade length on this knife could be quite short for professional chefs who are looking to take their skills up a notch. 
    • While this knife is comfortable to hold, you may prefer a softer steel handle compared to a wooden kind. 

    Japanese Knives 

    Japanese knives are the best switch from western knives, especially if you’re looking to take your culinary skills up a notch. A Santoku knife is an affordable Japanese knife that helps you achieve the most precise cuts on meat, veggies, and fruits, too. It is often called the Japanese equivalent of a western chef’s knife. Apart from home cooks, professional Japanese chefs often use the Santoku knife, along with the Yanagiba, Kiritsuke, Usuba, Nakiri, and Gyoto. The number of knife skills you can develop with Japanese knives is endless. 

    1. Santoku 7" Phantom Series

    Santoku 7" Phantom Series

    Western chefs are scrambling for a top-notch Santoku knife like this from the Phantom series, thanks to its tapered blade design and show-stopping edge retention. Not only can this affordable Japanese knife help you achieve precise cuts, but the ergonomic handle shape keeps the super sharp blade in place without any honing required. 


    • An excellent, sharp knife to work with large fruits and vegetables like butternut squash or papaya. 
    • Hollow edge knife with divots to prevent friction and stuck-on food particles. 
    • The blades edge  is sturdy, thanks to the full tang blade. 
    • The handle is comfortable to hold and has a sanitary build for busy kitchens or professional chefs. 


    • You may opt for a classic 8inch knife to work with, rather than this 7-inch Santoku knife. 
    • You may prefer softer steel make on the handle, instead of the pakkawood kind on this knife. 

    2. Nakiri Knife 6.5” Frost Fire Series | NSF Certified

    Nakiri Knife 6.5” Frost Fire Series | NSF Certified

      Nakiri knives are ideal for slicing and plating precise cuts of fish, meat, and herbs for sushi, ramen, and other delectable meals. And, this knife from the Frost Fire series is no exception to that. Made with high carbon steel, the added chromium in the 10CR15MOV steel is sandblasted and finished with expert heat treatment for a classic ‘frosted’ look. 


      • The edge retention on this knife helps you cut longer as you go further without any friction or stuck-on food particles. 
      • The white resin handle is made with premium quality and is comfortable to hold. 
      • The handle has a striking honeycomb finish to turn heads its way. 


      • If you know your way around Japanese knives, you may prefer a longer blade length. 
      • You could be on the lookout for a more traditional appearance, and I couldn’t recommend the Gladiator series enough. 

      Serrated Knife

      A serrated knife is one of many super sharp kitchen knifes that is ideal for both, home cooks and professional chefs. The sharp edges and serrations on this knife are ideal for slicing loaves of bread, cakes, veggies, and fruits. Western knives can require honing and sharpening from time to time, but a serrated knife can remain sharp and sturdy for long periods of time if they’re cleaned and maintained well. 

      1. Serrated Chef Knife 7.5" Gladiator Series | NSF Certified

      Serrated Chef Knife 7.5" Gladiator Series | NSF Certified

      An ode to a German knife, this serrated chef’s knife is made with high carbon German ThyssenKrupp steel and has a sharp blade that is hand-polished and tapered for flexibility. This serrated knife is the perfect addition to your kitchen knives, or better yet, a knife block. Seasoned home cooks and professional chefs can find this knife to be worth the investment, too. 


      • Hand-polished satin finish on the blade with excellent edge retention for a smooth slicing process.
      • The handle is made with premium quality G10 Garolite that is laminated for superior wrist support. 
      • The engraved Dalstrong logo is striking to look at and is sure to turn heads its way. 


      • If you’re looking for a shorter blade length, this knife might seem a smidge intimidating to work with. But, nothing a little bit of practice can’t solve – Dalstrong’s chef blogs have got your back. 
      • Are you looking for a serrated knife that fits your grunge aesthetic? Then, serrated knives from the Shadow Black Series and Delta Wolf Series might be a better fit. 

      Butcher Knives

      Butcher knives are the epitome of strength and durability when it comes to knives. Butcher knives offer sharp edges on their blades and have perfectly rounded edge retention that keeps your knife sturdy and gives you precise cuts on the toughest and most stubborn cuts of meat without much labor. Butcher knives are also great for deboning meats that are uneven in shape and appearance. The blade edge on these knives is designed for robustness while being comfortable to hold. 

      1. Bull Nose Butcher Knife 10" Delta Wolf Series 

      Bull Nose Butcher Knife 10" Delta Wolf Series

      This butcher knife from the Delta Wolf series is a strong contender for tackling large briskets, ribs, and roasts, and breaking them without puncturing the flesh of the meat. The non-reflective titanium-nitride coating keeps the blade free of corrosion and offers non-stick properties. Steel knives are great, but knives made with high-carbon 9CR18MOV steel are a whole other package – Designed for an ergonomic feel and robust quality.  


      • The added chromium in the sharp blade of this knife keeps it free of stains. 
      • This knife is low in maintenance. 
      • Designed for professional chefs and seasoned home cooks looking to kick it up a notch in the kitchen. 


      • If you’re a newbie in the kitchen, the length of the blade can be a tad intimidating. So, I would suggest a shorter blade to get started. 
      • Butcher knives with a longer blade often have higher price tags attached to them, but if you know your way around large meats, it’s worth the investment. 

      Slicing And Carving Knives

      A slicing or carving knife has a long blade to trim and carve meat from large roasts of meat, briskets, and whole turkey, too. Second only to a filleting knife or sword, this is one of the longest knives you can find. Most carving knives come equipped with a fork to hold the meat in place. 

      Enjoy precise cuts and thin slices of brisket to plate for your guests or, simply use it on large fruits like melons and papayas. Carving knives with serrations along the blade can also be used as an alternative to a serrated knife or a bread knife.  

      1. Carving Knife & Fork Set 9" Crusader Series | NSF Certified

      Carving Knife & Fork Set 9" Crusader Series | NSF Certified

      This carving knife and fork set from the Crusader series is the epitome of function meeting form, thanks to the premium quality German ThyssenKrupp stainless steel. Tempered for robustness, the polished spine offers a comfortable pinch grip that reduces friction and stuck-on food for a seamless slicing and carving process. 


      • Cleans quite easily and is low in maintenance, making it perfect for busy bees. 
      • The full tang blade has super sharp edges to slice without any hassle. 
      • The blade is stain-resistant. 


      • The handle on this knife is made entirely with stainless steel, which might seem a little too traditional if you have a liking for all things over the top. 
      • The length of the blade could be a smidge overwhelming if you’re not big on large roasts. 

      2. Extra-Long Serrated Slicer 14" Gladiator Series 

      Extra-Long Serrated Slicer 14" Gladiator Series

      This 14” serrated slicer is extra long as the name suggests, and did not come to play. The length of this blade is perfect for professional chefs and home cooks who know their way around large cuts of meat. The blade has a stunning hand-polished satin finish that is also tapered for robustness and easy maneuvering. 


      • The handle is impervious to heat, moisture, and cold. 
      • The engraved Dalstrong center rivet adds a beautiful touch to the knife. 
      • The perfect kitchen workhorse for busy kitchens cooking roasts, briskets, and large batches of meat. 


      • If you’re not well-versed with slicers and carving knives, this knife may seem slightly intimidating. 
      • Are you looking for a knife that steers away from a traditional design? Check out the Delta Wolf series

      Fillet Knife

      Fillet knives are designed to cut, pierce, and slice fish without tearing through delicate meat. These knives have long, sharp blades with a sturdy grip. Fun fact – Fillet knives are a part of the boning knife family. They are designed to debone and fillet delicate bones from fish like Tuna, Salmon, and Mackarel. 

      1. Fillet Knife 6.5" Valhalla Series

      Fillet Knife 6.5" Valhalla Series

      Dalstrong has over 15+ knife collections, but the Valhalla series has got to be my current favorite. This fillet knife has the perfect blade length for working with small and medium-sized fish. The blade is wear-resistant and painstakingly hand-sharpened to 8-12º on each side. 


      • Stain resistant and low in maintenance. 
      • Cleans easily while maintaining its premium quality. 
      • Designed with a sanitary build which is perfect for busy kitchens. 


      • Depending on your knowledge of fillet knives, you may need a shorter or longer blade length. 
      • You may prefer a handle made entirely with stainless steel compared to the stabilized blue resin wood handle on this knife. 

      3. What To Look For In Knives 

      Circular loaf of bread on a cutting board next to a bread knife on a dark surface

        Blade Types 

        Carbon Steel Blades

          Carbon steel blades are a mix of iron and carbon. This blade has very little chromium present compared to stainless steel. Most forged knives and professional hollow edge knives are made with carbon steel.

          Stainless Steel Blades 

            A stainless steel blade is hands down, one of the most popular materials for professional knives. Especially on an 8inch chefs knife. This material is quite durable and is resistant to rust, stain, and corrosion, too. 

            Types of Blade Edges

            Straight Edge

              A professional chefs knife usually has a straight edge. The blade’s edge remains sturdy, thanks to the flat ground-like edge.

              Serrated Edge

                Knives with serrated edges have tiny ridges or grooves that help the blades edge remain sharp. These serrations also help keep the shape of the food without squeezing, slicing, or squeezing them.  

                Scalloped Edge

                  Scalloped knives have tiny dimples on each side of the blade to prevent food from sticking to the knife. This helps the size and cut of veggies and meat look the same without any untidy pieces making it into your food. 

                  Hollow Edge 

                    Hollow ground-edged knives are tapered down from the middle of a sharp blade which helps create a fine tip/edge. If you’re looking to decrease ‘hand dragging’ while you’re slicing or chopping, a professional hollow edge knife is the perfect investment.  

                    Full Tang VS Half or Sub Tang

                    What is a ‘tang’? If you look at a kitchen knife, you would see a tiny portion of the blade extends into the handle. That, folks, is what we call ‘tang’. There are 2 types of tang – Full and half tang. Let me elaborate. 

                    Full Tang

                      A knife with a full tang blade has a tiny section of the sharp blade extending into the butt. This increases the robustness of the knife and makes the blade ten folds sturdy. Thanks to a comfortable pinch grip, the grip on knives with full tang blades can withstand added pressure from the user when working with stubborn veggies, fruits, and meat. 

                      Half or Sub Tang 

                        Knives with half and sub tang blades are shorter in appearance and make great paring knives, steak knives, and utility knives. They’re as durable as full tang knives as they can withstand pressure from large fruits, veggies, and meat. 

                        Stamped Knife VS Forged Knife 

                        Stamped Knife

                          A stamped knife is made with one piece or sheet of steel. They’re slimmer in appearance and not as durable as forged knives. They have a comparatively cheaper manufacturing process and aren’t popular for the same reason.

                          These knives are lighter in weight and can’t take on heavy cuts of meat or whole veggies and fruits with odd shapes, such as papayas, melons, and pineapples. 

                          Forged Knife

                            Forged knives are made of a large sheet or piece of metal. They’re engineered by placing a block of steel and hammering it under a very powerful press. During this process, the blade becomes tremendously strong, sturdy, and sharp. 

                            You wouldn’t need to use knife sharpeners as often on these knives as you would with stamped knives. While these knives have slighter higher price tags, they’re the best in the market and completely worth the investment. 

                            4. Frequently Asked Questions  

                              Which is the best brand for knife?

                              While there are numerous brands out there that have great knives, Dalstrong offers you high-quality knives at an affordable price, because premium is the standard. Moreover, Dalstrong has over 15 knife collections which makes it a versatile brand with a knife for everyone. 

                              What is most popular chef knife?

                              Undoubtedly, one of the most popular Dalstrong chef knives is from the Gladiator series, followed by the Centurion and Shogun series. 

                              Which knives are most useful?

                              Chef knives and paring knives are the most useful knives that can be found in the kitchen. Depending on the length of the blade, you can enjoy a hassle-free chopping, slicing, trimming, and coring process with these knives. 

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                              The Best Knives For Every Type Of Task

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