Best Magnetic Knife Holders

Dalstrong Wallnut Magnetic Bar a cemented wall displaying Dalstrong knives and tools.

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Best Magnetic Knife Holders

  1. Magnetic Knife Wall. It utilizes high-powered magnets that are recessed into the wood to grip all types of blade shapes and sizes, along with other stainless steel tools to clear your counter space. 
  2. Magnetic Knife Block. Unlike traditional wood slotted designs, the magnetic knife block uses vertical columns that are easily cleaned and have no space for dirt or debris to become trapped. 
    When you invest in a quality knife, you are hoping that they will last for a lifetime — or at the very least, a significant amount of time. But just like any kitchen tools or instruments, even the highest quality chefs knives will only last if they are cared for properly. Storing premium cutlery improperly, by tossing them loosely into a knife drawer or other container, will cause blades to go dull, become chipped, or develop dings over time. One of the best ways to store your knives today is with a magnetic holder.

    1. What Is A Magnetic Knife Holder?

    Dalstrong Magnetic Silicone Bar hung up on the cemented wall with Dalstrong knives attached to it.Magnetic Bar Silicone Wall Knife Holder

    Storing knives is essential for a tidy and safe kitchen. Unlike a knife roll or knife block (both of which have their uses), a magnetic rack allows you to store and display your entire knife collection at all times. This makes selecting the right knife for the task simple: no guessing by the handles or rummaging through a kitchen drawer to find the blade you’re looking for. Using a magnetic knife holder clears counter space and also helps reduce the risk of reaching into drawers for a sharp knife and accidentally cutting yourself by grabbing blindly.  

    In addition, magnetic knife racks remain one of the most hygienic ways to store light and heavy knives. Unlike knife blocks there is absolutely no way for food and debris to build up in wood as long as the knives and utensils are properly cleaned and dried before storing. A high quality magnetic knife rack is both easy to install, maintain and clean. In addition to storing your chefs knives, bread knife, boning knife, and more, they can be also used as a tools holder for items such as knife sharpeners, scissors and bottle openers.

    2. Are Magnetic Holders Bad For Knives?

    Dragon Spire Double-Sided Magnetic Walnut Wood Block

    When it comes to magnetic knife holders, you get what you pay for. Modern innovations mean that a magnetic knife bar is both convenient and safe for your knife sets, but only as long as their magnet force is strong enough to hold onto the blade and other utensils. On the other hand, if a magnet is too strong, it may require an irritating amount of force to pull the knives from the rack. It is therefore a worthy investment to shell out a few dollars more for a high quality model that provides the right amount of magnet strength and vastly improves your kitchen organization. 

    Other than knives falling from poorly made magnetic knife bar, the other possible risk for knives while using a magnetic knife rack is by improperly attaching and detaching knives to the magnetic bar. To minimize the risk of damage while removing a knife, gently twist and pull the knife so that the sharp edge leaves the magnetic strip first. Note that not all knives qualify as a stainless steel magnetic knife. (More info on that below) When you go to store your kitchen knives again, softly place the spine of the knife blade against the magnetic knife strip until the strong magnet pulls the knife against it with a click.

    3. What Is The Best Magnetic Knife Holder?

    Dalstrong Stainless Magnetic Bar hung up on a cemented wall displaying some Dalstrong knives.Magnetic Bar Stainless Wall Knife Holder

    While a quick internet search for a kitchen magnetic knife holder will display one magnetic knife bar after another, or racks with wood bases and magnetic knife strips, we believe that the best magnetic knife holders need stronger magnets than can be found in these narrow designs. Though there are many factors to consider, we highly recommend magnetic knife blocks or knife walls for your knife sets. 

    A. Magnetic Knife Wall

    With an open-storage design for ultimate functionality, a magnetic knife wall utilizes an ultra strong magnet force that are recessed into the wood to grip all types of blade shapes and sizes, along with other metallic tools such as certain knife sharpeners. The narrow design saves valuable countertop space while remaining extremely strong and sturdy, with a heavy stainless steel base for stability and a stylish design that will add to your kitchen decor. The transparent and durable food-grade polycarbonate cover will ensure that the wood surface remains free of imperfections, as well as being heat & cold resistant. It looks great standing alone on your kitchen counter or on top of a cutting board next to other kitchen utensils. 

    B. Magnetic Knife Block

    Dragon Spire Double-Sided Magnetic Walnut Wood Block

    Turning a traditional kitchen knife block on its head, this Double-Sided Magnetic Walnut Wood Block is a powerful magnetic knife storage solution, providing extra-strength magnets on both sides of each column to ensure a secure hold on your valued blades utensils. With smooth walnut wood panels and an open air design, you can ensure more hygienic conditions in your kitchen. Unlike traditional wood slotted designs, the vertical columns are easily cleaned and have no space for dirt or debris to become trapped. 

    C. Magnetic Bar Walnut - Wall Knife Holder

    Magnetic Bar Walnut - Wall Knife Holder  

    Made of North American Walnut wood, this magnetic knife bar is not only an eye-catching addition to your kitchen but also a great tool to store and protect your knives. The wooden surface, rare-earth magnets, and aluminum alloy guarantee a strong and durable frame to display your knives on the wall.

    Featuring a discrete and minimalist design, this magnetic knife bar provides a very practical way to free up space in your kitchen and display your precious knives for everyone to see. It measures 18" long and 2.5" wide and provides plenty of storage space. It will help you save space on your countertop and drawers. Certainly an impressive visual complement to your overall kitchen aesthetic.

    D. Magnetic Bar Silicone - Wall Knife Holder 

    Magnetic Bar Silicone - Wall Knife Holder

    Featuring the strength of ferrite magnets and matt black silicone cushioning, your knives will cling easily, and safely, without risk to the blades with this Silicone Magnetic Knife Bar. 

    Scratch-resistant, durable, and impervious to heat and water, this high-quality magnetic knife bar is your ultimate storage solution if you have a small kitchen. Measuring 18" long, this bar will help you store and display your knives elegantly within reach and for everyone to see.

    E. Magnetic Bar Stainless - Wall Knife Holder

    Magnetic Bar Stainless - Wall Knife Holder  

    Keep your knives and other kitchen tools visible and easy to access with this powerful Stainless Magnetic Knife Bar. Hanging your precious knives with this magnetic knife bar will not only save you some kitchen space but will also help you protect your knives from getting damp and damaged in a drawer.

    With its Stainless steel material, this knife bar is easy to clean and install, and guaranteed stain-resistant. The storage design of this magnetic knife bar will help you minimize bacteria accumulation in your knives, keeping them safe and cleaner. 

    Protect your knives and save kitchen space with this compact and minimalist magnetic knife bar.

    4. Where Should I Keep My Magnetic Knife Holder?

    Behind The Sink

    Easily accessible to you but not to small children, this can be a perfect option for busy families. Knives and kitchen utensils can be conveniently stored nearby after washing and drying. Be sure to double check that your chosen rack is resistant to humidity before installation, especially if made of wood.

    On The Counter

    Some magnetic holders and racks are just begging to be shown off. Proudly display all of your steak knives (or utility knives, paring knives or a nice mixture of all your knife types) together on a holder for an attention-grabbing storage solution that’s as accessible as it is stylish.

    Below The Cabinets

    On the countertop but under the kitchen cabinets, the area near your backsplash is a fantastic location to keep your magnetic knife rack. If (like many of us) you store your cutting board on the countertop, you’ll have everything you need to get to work all together. 

    In An Under-Utilized Cupboard

    Don’t love having your stainless steel knife on display? Placing your knife holder in an underused cupboard (preferably one with a bit of vertical space for easy access) can be the perfectly discrete solution, especially for a slim-lined model. 

    Above the stove.

    If you do opt for a magnetic knife strip, this is one of the most common places to install it, as it’s a generously-sized, unused area and adds a bit of aesthetic flair to your kitchen.

    5. Are stainless steel knives magnetic?

    Dalstrong Double-Sided Magnetic Blade Wall

    While many would assume that the answer to this question is a simple yes or no, the reality is that whether or not your kitchen knife is stainless steel magnetic or not is more complicated. Do you own a stainless steel magnetic knife? Find out below! 

    Stainless steel, while often thought of as a singular material, is actually a more generic term that includes several metals with different qualities and compositions. To be classified as stainless steel, the steel alloys must be comprised of a minimum of 10.5% chromium, which gives the steel exceptional corrosion resistance, ie. rust-free. This chromium content creates a ferritic microstructure, which when combined with carbon hardens the steel and qualifies it as martensitic. 

    Austenitic steel, on the other hand, has a higher percentage of chromium along with nickel, which renders the stainless steel non-magnetic. Stainless steel knives are usually martensitic, and therefore are stainless steel magnetic. All Dalstrong knives qualify as martensitic stainless steel, and will be easily mounted on your stainless steel magnetic knife holder.

    Knives out

    Anyone who spends a substantial amount of time in their kitchen understands the importance of having good knives, and maintaining them in top condition. To ensure they stay intact and protected, choose a storage system that keeps even your larger knives out of harm's way and easily accessible. Whether walnut wood with hidden magnets or a modernized display unit, you can add both form and function to your kitchen.

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