Dalstrong’s Call of Duty Culinary Collection — Everything You Need to Know

At the end of a long day, there’s nothing better than kicking back and relaxing. For some people, that means a cozy seat on the couch to binge watch a favorite sitcom. For others, it means immersing themselves in the hyper-realistic first-person shooter experience of Call of Duty. Either way, you’re probably going to want a good meal to refuel and help your body regain the spent energy of the day. Luckily for you, Dalstrong is on a mission to make good food more fun, with unique tools for every cook and every purpose. After all, there is a cook in all of us. And now that cook can be equipped with Call of Duty kitchen knives.

Dalstrong has partnered with Activision to create a culinary collection that is Call of Duty themed. The collection is inspired by the popular video game franchise and includes knives, aprons, a cutting board, and a knife roll and knife bag for the chef on the move. Each item is inspired by iconic graphics and imagery from the game. In this article, we will provide an overview of the Dalstrong Call of Duty kitchen knife collection and offer cooking tips for using this amazing set of culinary utensils.

    1. Call of Duty Knives

    The intensity of a Call of Duty campaign is so all-consuming, it’s basically a meditation. There’s no time for worry or stress. Your team needs you to focus on the mission. And that means choosing the right tool for the job. 

    Call of Duty is known as a first-person shooter game, but some missions call for a stealthier approach or close proximity maneuvers, and in those situations a tactical knife is usually preferred. Different knives are available in different Call of Duty games. The knife first became an option for close quarters combat in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Since then, it has appeared in every game. It was available in previous games but not as a melee weapon. The knife shows up in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Mobilized; Modern Warfare 2: Ghost; Call of Duty: Black Ops (Nintendo DS); Find Makarov; Find Makarov: Operation Kingfish; Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: Defiance; Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified; Call of Duty Online; and Call of Duty: Mobile. If you are playing the latest version of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, you can access a combat knife for melee attacks.

    Since Call of Duty is a first-person shooter game, the primary weapons are all guns, but there are a lot of secondary weapons, AKA back-up armaments. These range from big weapons like launchers for missiles and RPGs, to smaller weapons like a handgun. There are multiple trusty knife blueprints for the Combat Knife so players can customize them. In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, there are seven distinct weapon classes: Assault Rifles, SMGs, Shotguns, LMGs, Marksman Rifles, Sniper Rifles, and Melee weapons. The knives are all melee weapons class.

    The Combat Knife

    Here is some combat knife melee basic information for you. When you need a stealthy weapon for close combat game encounters, the Combat Knife is ideal. It can knock out an enemy with one silent strike, and unlike many of the guns, there are no laser dots that might give you away. It's also very easy to access, and one of the fastest weapon switches in the game. As a lightweight weapon, it also has a very low movement penalty for the Operator. The combat knife is a great tactical knife and very useful for melee kills.

    The Throwing Knife

    The Throwing Knife is another really fun in-game option. It has no explosive yield, but can take down an enemy in a single hit regardless of their health or armor, giving you a distinct tactical advantage.

    The Throwing Knife definitely requires some skill, but if you are already good with sticky grenades, the skills are pretty transferrable. The arc of the throw and the time between throwing and hitting a target are very similar to the grenade, so throw to where the target will be (not where they currently are) if you want to hit an enemy at a distance.

    The Hypno Knife

    One really cool in-game knife is the Hypno Knife from the Extinction mode of Call of Duty: Ghosts. This version of Call of Duty features enemies that are mythical creatures called cryptids. They can be all kinds of monsters. The Hypno Knife, or Ghosts Knife, is a throwable knife that can turn an enemy Cryptid (depending on the type) into an ally. The ghosts knife is as mythical as the ghosts it targets.

    The more Hypno Knives a player finds, the more Cryptids they can hypnotize to fight for them at once, so it can be an incredibly useful tool. Players are also awarded money When a Cryptid is taken over, and the amount of money awarded varies depending on the type of Cryptid.

    It's important to get the most strategy out of a tactical knife like this to complete your game. You can choose which Cryptid to target, and Hypno Knives are very valuable to use against very difficult to kill Cryptids who will instantly be turned friendly. The Hypno Knife is a great way to conserve resources, since it doesn't require ammo. If you like Call of Duty Ghosts, the Hypno tactical knife is probably already a favorite.

    The knives in the Call of Duty games can be used for a variety of purposes, from silent attacks to cutting through ropes. What they can’t do is cook you a delicious meal.

    2. What you need to know about the Dalstrong Call of Duty Culinary Collection

    The Dalstrong Call of Duty knives are real-world culinary tools to help you fuel up for digital missions by making cooking more fun. Even if you’re not a Call of Duty fan, the camouflage look and laser-etched topographical blade patterns give the Call of Duty knives an undeniable allure. You can now cook your favorite meals with knives that look like they belong in a video game. In fact, the Dalstrong Call of Duty cleaver even has the coveted Damascus skin that is so hard to unlock in the game.

    The aesthetic is unmatched by any other culinary collection, so you can be guaranteed these will be conversation pieces when you’re cooking for company.

    The collection includes a complete range of kitchen knives, from a precision paring knife, to a traditional chef knife, to a cleaver so big we call it the Obliterator. You can also get a cutting board, aprons, knife roll, or knife bag to match your gear. Jump to the section where we outline the details of each item below.

    3. How To Unlock Dalstrong Call of Duty Knives

    The Dalstrong Call of Duty knives only exist in “meatspace” and not cyberspace, because there aren’t a lot of game scenarios where players need to whip up a quick snack. Oh to be a digital character and never have to do chores or think about what to cook. 

    If you want to unlock the Damascus camo skin in the game, you have to unlock all the other camouflage options for each other weapon first, and there are a lot of weapon options in the game. Because the Damascus is so hard to get, it carries a lot of status. If you see someone with the Damascus camo, you know that player has a huge amount of experience and skill. The aesthetic is unmatched by any other culinary collection, so you can be guaranteed these will be conversation pieces when you’re cooking for company.

    For us mere mortals, food is still required and the best meals are ones that are also fun to cook. Luckily, there’s really no trick to unlocking the Dalstrong Call of Duty knives. All you have to do is make sure they don’t sell out before you get one, and maybe get yourself a few other kitchen essentials to match.

    4. Get the Specs on Each Dalstrong Call of Duty Culinary Item

    1. The Dalstrong Call of Duty 8” Chef Knife

    Chef Knife 8" Call of Duty © Edition | EXCLUSIVE COLLECTOR SET | Dalstrong ©

    If you have to have just one kitchen knife, make it this versatile, reliable, tried-and-true companion. The all-around kitchen tool, ready to slice, dice, and chop through KP duty, no matter what’s cooking.


    • The pointed tip and slightly curved edge to this classic chef’s knife make for an easy rock chop.
    • This truly is the most versatile knife in the collection, so if you can only get one, get this one.


    • This is a unique and collectible item, made from premium materials. As such, it does come with a hefty price tag. But if it’s any consolation, it will last a lifetime.
    • With the camo handle and topographical pattern, this knife makes a pretty bold statement. Some people might prefer a more subtle look and feel. 

    2. The Dalstrong Call of Duty 6” Fillet Knife

    Fillet Knife 6" Call of Duty © Edition | EXCLUSIVE COLLECTOR SET | Dalstrong ©

    Need a precision kitchen tool that can thread the needle between flesh, skin, and bone? This 6” blade is narrow and flexible so it can follow the contours of your catch for the best fillets. This is an elite operative, highly skilled at cleaning fish. An essential for any seafood lover. 


    • The narrow, flexible blade and finely pointed tip on this knife make it extremely adept at skinning and fileting fish.
    • This is a knife you can take camping, and nobody will razz you for it. Use the triangular, multi-purpose loop on the pommel to strap this blade to your rucksack, bug out bag, or knife roll. The leather sheath protects your blade on the go.
    • This is where the ultra-thin, zero friction design of this series really shines. Slices fall away from the blade, making seafood prep a breeze.


    • Some people prefer stainless steel for seafood knives. Luckily for you, the topographical pattern on this is protective and easy to clean. 
    • A fillet knife is for specialized use. It can be used for things other than fish, but still, if you don’t eat a lot of seafood, you might prefer a more versatile blade like the chef knife or santoku.

    3. The Dalstrong Call of Duty 3 Piece Block Set

    3-Piece Knife Set with Block Call of Duty © Edition | Rubberwood Knife Block | EXCLUSIVE COLLECTOR SET | Dalstrong ©

    This culinary tool kit holds the essential 8” Chef Knife as well as two knives only available as part of this set: the 7” Santoku and 4” Paring knife. The Rubberwood and steel stand is sleek and compact, easily tucked away to maximize counter space. 


    • This block combines the three knives you’re most likely to need, so it’s a great all-around kitchen setup.
    • The rubberwood and steel stand for this one keeps all the knives safely stored together, neatly displayed, and within easy reach. 
    • This is the only way to get that sweet santoku and paring knife.


    • You might want more than just these three knives from the collection, so you might prefer to buy the knives individually and use a magnetic holder, our universal knife block, or just store your knives in the sheaths. 
    • You might think you don’t want the santoku or the paring knife. They are awesome, so you probably do, but if you already have favorites of those shapes you might not want to get two more with this set.

    4. The Dalstrong Call of Duty Obliterator Cleaver Knife

    Cleaver Knife with Stand Obliterator | Call of Duty © Edition | EXCLUSIVE COLLECTOR SET | Dalstrong ©

    One chop, one slice. Some operations are covert. Others are meant to send a message. The Obliterator Cleaver is a kitchen juggernaut that lets everyone know you mean business. Light enough to move with speed, and heavy enough to leave one helluva mark. It's an ode to the "all ghillied up" mission. A single blow will cleave through beef, poultry, pork, or tough-skinned fruits and vegetables like melons and squash. Keep it on display or tuck it safely away with the Rubberwood and steel stand. Assemble the legs with the included screws and screwdriver. 


    • Own the coveted Damascus knife skin in real life. The Dalstrong Call of Duty Obliterator has the same Damascus blade pattern as the incredibly rare in-game skin.
    • The absolute SIZE of this unit makes it a great conversation piece, especially when it’s on display in the slick rubberwood and steel stand.


    • This knife is a whopping 15” from tip to tip, with a blade that’s 9” long by 5” wide. It’s huge. It weighs 3lbs. Are you ready for all that?
    • At this size, this knife also requires a large quantity of all those premium materials, so the price reflects the added material costs.

    5. The Dalstrong Call of Duty 6.5” Pitmaster Knife

    BBQ Pitmaster Knife 6.5" Call of Duty © Edition | Forked Tip & Bottle Opener | EXCLUSIVE COLLECTOR SET | Dalstrong ©

    A forked tip, a built-in bottle opener, and a razor’s edge. The pitmaster kitchen knife can slice your prey, skewer, flip, and transfer it from board to grill or pan, and quench your thirst along the way. If you’re stationed grillside, make this your tool of choice.


    • This knife is super fun, functional, and a great conversation piece. Save on dishes: slice your meat into bite-sized pieces and use the forked tip to bring them right to your mouth.
    • Four words: Built. In. Bottle. Opener. 


    • This knife is a lot. It looks like some kind of alien warcraft tech. If you prefer something a little more classic, you might want to stick with the chef knife or the santoku.
    • If you're not often cooking on a grill or slicing up a lot of meat, this knife might not be an essential for you.

    6. The Dalstrong Call of Duty Cutting Board 

    Cutting Board with Rubberwood Stand Call of Duty © Edition | EXCLUSIVE COLLECTOR SET | Dalstrong ©

    The Dalstrong Call of Duty® cutting board is made from premium European Beech wood and laser etched with the Dalstrong and Call of Duty® logos on one side, topographical terrain on the other side. A heavy-duty, yet lightweight aluminum alloy handle makes this board easy to transport, and the black Rubberwood stand makes it compact and easy to store. This space-saving, ultra-durable design is easy to clean and tough enough for professional use. Hand wash between uses.


    • That European Beech wood is as beautiful as it is functional. Wooden boards protect your blades really well, and they retain the natural aesthetic of the wood grain for years to come.
    • The etched patterns on each side of this make it a unique collectors item and a fun conversation piece.
    • The black rubberwood stand makes this board so easy to store and display. It’s basically art with a purpose.


    • Wooden cutting boards will last a lifetime, but it does require a bit of maintenance. We recommend oiling your board with food-grade board oil on a monthly basis. It's quick work, but if you don’t have it in you, your board will lose a little luster eventually.
    • This board has the same bold, eye-catching look as the rest of this collection. If you’re into a minimalist look, this might not be the board for you.

    7. The Dalstrong Call of Duty Canvas Apron 

    Canvas Chef Apron Call of Duty © Edition | Black Waxed Canvas | EXCLUSIVE COLLECTOR SET | Dalstrong ©

    MOLLE system straps and pockets make this kitchen apron as practical and comfortable as it is stylish. This apron is made to support heavy loads, be breathable, and give options on how you want to set it up. Comes with 4 embroidered logo patches — use the velcro to add your own patches. Customize the look and utility of this apron using the MOLLE system. An included strap lets you adapt items like knife sheaths, cell phone cases, and more to be MOLLE system compatible. Stay hydrated, with the built-in bottle opener and bottle holder pocket. Whenever you’re on kitchen duty, this apron is your lifeline. 


    • 16oz waxed canvas is the same material used by explorers, sailors, and military professionals for rucksacks and other items that had to endure the elements. It’s super heavy duty and reliable.
    • The MOLLE system on the shoulder strap lets you personalize your apron. How many pieces of flare do you want to showcase?
    • That bottle opener and drink holder are super handy. Pop a straw in your drink and you can wear this while gaming. Stay hydrated, hands free!


    • Waxed canvas can protect you from a lot of things, but it’s not entirely impervious. If you’re powering through some butchery with the obliterator, you might prefer the thick leather protection of the next item.
    • If you like the MOLLE system and want even more customizable features, the next item will be more up your alley.

    8. The Dalstrong Call of Duty Leather Apron 

    Limited Edition Chef Leather Apron Call of Duty © Edition | Black Genuine Leather | EXCLUSIVE COLLECTOR SET | Dalstrong ©

    Playing with fire? Don’t get burned. This ultra-premium, limited edition apron is your ultimate kitchen apparel. Black leather protection, with adjustable green straps so you stay comfy in your kit. Carry everything you need in the kitchen or at the grill, with 2 chest pockets, 2 chef knife pockets, 1 inner stash pocket, 2 towel loops, and 4 adjustable MOLLE system loops (for when you need to stay on a tight loop). The velcro MOLLE portion of the front and back are flaps that can accommodate cummerbund. The premium, top-grain leather and nylon will outlast you


    • This is one item you won’t ever see again. We only made a select number of these aprons and once they are sold out, no more will ever be made. It’s an incredibly rare, unique, limited edition collectible.
    • Make it even more unique with your own modifications using the MOLLE system.


    • This is a lot of leather. If that’s not your thing, maybe stick with the waxed canvas version.
    • It’s also a lot of premium materials, and leather this nice doesn’t come cheap. If you’re looking for something a little easier on the budget, go with the canvas version.

    8. The Dalstrong Call of Duty Canvas Knife Roll

    Canvas Knife Roll Call of Duty © Edition | Black Waxed Canvas | EXCLUSIVE COLLECTOR SET | Dalstrong ©

    Ready to rollout? This kitchen knife rucksack has space for all the essentials, with 22 knife pockets. The black, waxed canvas exterior features green leather details, embroidered patches, and ultra-durable clasps. An adjustable strap and quick access rear pocket make this a handy go-bag.


    • Honestly, knife rolls are just cool. Who would suspect that you have 22 kitchen knives rolled up and strapped to your shoulder? Plus, the black and green Dalstrong & Call of Duty look of this one is the cherry on top.
    • That same heavy duty waxed canvas from the apron above is paired with genuine leather details and ultra-durable clasps. Your kids will pass this roll down to their kids. It’ll last that long.
    • The rear pocket will hold a few small accessories like a notepad, cell phone, etc.


    • Knife rolls really live up to their name. They hold knives, all rolled up. If you want to hold much more than the essentials, you might prefer the leather knife bag coming up next on this list.
    • Because knife rolls are so iconic, some people actually might suspect that you have 22 kitchen knives strapped to you. The leather knife bag might actually be less conspicuous.

    9. The Dalstrong Call of Duty Leather knife Bag

    Limited Edition Leather Knife Bag Call of Duty © Edition | Black Genuine Leather | EXCLUSIVE COLLECTOR SET | Dalstrong ©

    If you’re on KP duty, you’ll want this bag on hand. Carry a whopping 60 kitchen knives, each separately secured. The bag has three separate compartments, or you can convert it into a single large compartment by removing the internal panel walls. Transport your culinary knives and tools, or take full advantage of the larger compartment and luggage loop handles to carry bulkier items like chef attire, cutting boards, a gaming system, or just to make this your favorite travel bag. The black leather exterior is tough, durable, and sleek. The canvas interior is built to last and gives your knives a striking background and safe resting place. The nylon straps can be adjusted to fit you, for comfort even when you need to bug out. 


    • This is another super unique  limited edition collectible. Just like the leather apron, we only made a select number of these bags and once they are sold out, no more will ever be made. 
    • This bag is super modular and adjustable. The panels with knife pockets can be strapped in or removed as needed, so you can load your sushi knives onto one, your grilling gear to another, and just take whichever blades you’ll need.
    • Traveling somewhere? Take those knife panels right out and turn this into your overnight bag. 
    • It holds 60 knives. Sixty. That’s so many knives.


    • If you aren’t a chef, there’s almost no way you’ll need a bag that can hold 60 knives, so just know that you’re buying it for the rare collectibility or the adjustable nature of the bag.
    • This is a sizable bag, capable of carrying a lot of gear. If you’re looking for something smaller and more manageable, you might prefer the knife roll.

    5. How to Care for Your Dalstrong Call of Duty Knives

    Caring for your Dalstrong Call of Duty culinary collection is as effective as you are when you're on a mission. Although crafted with premium materials for extra durability, we advise treating your tools with respect and care. In return, this gear should last a lifetime. We recommend washing by hand with a small amount of detergent and a coarse bristle brush, followed by wiping it clean and air drying. To avoid micro-corrosion, don’t use soaps with citrus extracts or bleach, and never let your tools soak in the sink.

    6. Frequently Asked Questions

    Does Call of Duty have knives?

    Yes! Call of Duty has knives in the game. Depending on which edition you are playing and if you are in multiplayer mode, campaign mode, or another mode, you could come across the Combat Knife, the Butterfly Knife, the Fury's Song, the Carver, the Malice and the Path of Sorrows. 

    How do you use the knife in Call of Duty?

    Using the knife in the Call of Duty game is achieved with different buttons or actions depending on the gaming station you’re using. If you’re on a PC, it’s the melee button, usually the E or V. If you’re playing on the Xbox 360, activate the knife by clicking the right thumbstick. On a PS3 system, click the R3 button. On Wii, pressing down on the D-Pad.

    Can I buy Call of Duty themed kitchen knives?

    Yes! Dalstrong has partnered with Activision to make a line of Call of Duty themed culinary tools including kitchen knives, aprons, and more. Find them on Dalstrong.com and start playing with your food.

    Shop the Dalstrong X Call of Duty Collection

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