The Very Best Recipe for Sauteed Mushrooms

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To make the very best sauteed mushrooms:

  1. Clean and slice your mushrooms.
  2. Cook them in olive oil over medium high heat in a sauté pan or skillet.
  3. Add in fresh thyme, oregano, and seasoning.
  4. Take off the heat and add in lime juice to taste.

1. Why We Love Sauteed Mushrooms

There are few foods as delicious, as versatile, and as thoroughly satisfying as mushrooms. Truly, whoever was the first human being to pluck one off the ground and say “I’m going to eat this” should be remembered as some sort of hero to humanity. 

There’s just something about a plump, fleshy mushroom that just hits the spot every time. With its savory umami flavor and decidedly meaty texture (which makes it an ideal food for anyone who is trying to eat less meat for whatever reason), mushrooms can be prepared in a huge variety of ways They can be fried, baked, used as pizza toppings, used as stuffing, used as sauce – truly one of the most versatile and adaptable ingredients we have.

Reading my words now as I sing the praises of mushrooms, you’d never know that until relatively recently I used to be a pretty virulent mushroom hater. It’s true – I didn’t really get it. It just seemed to me like every single reason people raved about mushrooms over, I could easily find in other ingredients and recipes. 

But then there was… this recipe.

Yep, sometimes it only takes one magic recipe to fully change your mind about an ingredient. And only after trying this recipe for sauteed mushrooms did I start to change my tune. Somehow, this recipe showcased all the best attributes of the mushroom and established it in my mind as one of the very best ingredients you can use. Ever since then, I’ve been blown away by their versatility, and have taken to experimenting with recipes involving the instant pot, the air fryer, and more.

But there’s just something about sautéing mushrooms in this specific way that brings out all of their strengths and all of their best qualities. Best of all, this is one of the simplest, most straightforward recipes I’ve ever cooked, and it really highlights how simple recipes can be utterly amazing. So I’ve made it my mission to share this recipe with the world. So let’s talk about the very best sauteed mushrooms you’ll ever try.

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2. The Best Type of Mushrooms to Use

Before we get to the recipe itself, we have to talk about which types of mushrooms you should use. This is a surprisingly big question as there are more varieties than you may realize. Or, at least, as a new-ish convert, there are more varieties than I realized. 

For this sauteed mushrooms recipe, the best type of mushroom to go with is baby bella mushrooms (also known as cremini). These are a more mature version of the white button mushroom. They have a more robust, fuller flavor. But, as the name implies, it’s also a less mature version of portobello mushrooms. This is when the name “baby bella” starts making sense and usually elicits an “aww.”

If you can’t find baby bella mushrooms, you can go with white button mushrooms. The differences aren’t that significant and you’ll still end up with an absolutely delicious end result.

Portobello is one of the most popular types of mushrooms, so it would make sense for someone to want to use them in this particular recipe. That would be absolutely fine as portobello mushrooms have an extremely delicious meaty flavor. You could easily swap the baby bella mushrooms for portobello in this recipe. The end result will have a slightly different look as portobello mushrooms are a little larger. Simply chop the caps into smaller, bite-sized pieces and you’re golden.

Can you use a mix of other mushrooms? Absolutely. Using a mix of mushrooms is great for many types of recipes, and results in a greater breadth of flavor and textures. A good mix would be baby bella with oyster and shiitake, which puts on full display the variety of the ingredients and the flavor and textural contrast you can get from them.

3. Sauteed Mushrooms Recipe

Okay, let’s get to it. Here’s the very best sauteed mushrooms recipe you’ll ever find. I guarantee you’ll rate this recipe as highly as I do. This easy dinner or lunch recipe is vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free. This is also a great and easy side dish to pair with your meal. 


  • Baby bella (cremini) mushrooms - 16 ounces
  • Fresh thyme and oregano mix - ⅓ cup
  • Olive oil - 3 tablespoons
  • Fresh lemon juice - 2 tablespoons
  • Kosher salt - ½ teaspoon
  • Fresh ground pepper - To taste


  1. Clean the mushrooms thoroughly. Slice them. Chop the fresh thyme and oregano.
  2. Heat the olive oil over medium high heat in a sauté pan or skillet. Add in your sliced mushrooms and cook them for 2 minutes, stirring occasionally. You’ll start to notice at this point that the mushrooms will start releasing their liquid.
  3. Add in your fresh herbs and kosher salt and pepper. Cook for another 4 to 5 minutes, making sure to stir occasionally until most of the liquid released by the mushrooms is cooked out. The mushrooms should be nice and tender at this point; give them a taste to check for doneness.
  4. Turn off the heat and add in your lemon juice. Stir the cooked mushrooms with the lemon juice. Taste them and add in a little more salt and pepper if you feel like it needs it.

And… there it is. Can you believe it’s that simple? It’s like those salad recipes you find that are just “chop stuff and throw it in a bowl.” Truly an extremely straightforward recipe, but also a testament to how simple recipes can be while also being absolutely delicious and satisfying in the very best way.

Optionally: Chop up a few onions and garlic, and throw them in during step two. You won’t believe how good sauteed mushrooms with garlic and onions taste. Mushrooms with garlic is a whole new level of combination. Fresh parsley is also another good option to add.

4. Tools You’ll Need to Make Sauteed Mushrooms

A big part of the success of a recipe is the tools you use to make it. And a good sauté pan is an absolute must when it comes to sautéing mushrooms. Here’s a list of some of the best sauté frying pans in the market.

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5. How to Serve Sauteed Mushrooms

Sauteed mushrooms are delicious as a stand-alone meal, not only satisfying on its own but also being a whole food plant based (WFPB) recipe. But you can also serve them as a side dish or as part of a larger dish. Here are a few ideas of how you can serve sauteed mushrooms:

  • In pasta. This is how I tried them, and what my personal preference is. Simply cook up a pound of pasta, add these mushrooms in, drizzle them with a little olive oil and some shredded cheese and you’re in heaven. An incredible meal right here, and the mushrooms really do get the chance to shine.
  • On a burger. If you’re a burger fan (who isn’t these days?) I’m sure you can imagine how these delicious sautéed mushrooms would go on a hamburger, whether it be a plant-based one or not. An absolute delight.
  • With salmon. These sauteed mushrooms would be incredible as a side dish for salmon, complimenting the textures and the flavors beautifully.
  • On a pizza. Mushrooms and pizza go together better than you think! These are fantastic pizza toppings. Make a nice homemade pizza and simply throw these sauteed mushrooms on as employment and I think you’ll find yourself really loving this pairing, the mushroom’s natural umami flavor complimenting the crust and the cheese beautifully.
  • With pork chops. This may seem a little weird, but sauteed mushrooms make an exceptional side dish for pork chops. Give it a try!

6. Sauteed Mushrooms Nutritional Information

Below are the nutritional facts about the sauteed mushroom recipe above. The recipe serves 4, and calories per serving are 115.

Total fat


Saturated fat


Total carbohydrate


Dietary fiber






Vitamin A


Vitamin C






Vitamin D






Vitamin B6


Vitamin B12


7. Frequently Asked Questions

    How long do mushrooms take to sauté?

    Sauteing the mushrooms in a skillet over medium heat, they should take 6 to 10 minutes to fully cook and achieve a golden brown color on all sides.

    What are the steps to sauté mushrooms?

    To make the very best sauteed mushrooms, first, clean and slice your mushrooms. Second, cook them in olive oil over medium high heat in a sauté pan or skillet. Add in fresh thyme, oregano, and seasoning. And then take off the heat and add in lime juice to taste.

    Is it OK to sauté mushrooms?

    It’s more than OK to sauté mushrooms. Sauteing is one of the best ways to cook mushrooms, really bringing out their natural umami flavor. Sauteed mushrooms are a great side dish to serve with other dishes as well.

    How do you sauté mushrooms without getting them soggy?

    The secret to sauteing mushrooms without getting them soggy is to properly manage heat. Mushrooms give off their own moisture when being cooked, and if you use medium to high heat you’ll be able to fully cook out that water.

    Written by Jorge Farah
    Born on the coast of Colombia and based in Buenos Aires, Jorge is a cooking enthusiast and kitchenware obsessive with a tremendous amount of opinions.

    The Very Best Recipe for Sauteed Mushrooms

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