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Eva Contreras

Travel, culture and food writer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Content creator for very diverse topics and international projects around the world. Translator (English, Spanish, occasionally German). Photographer and poetry writer in her free time (if there's any). Her LinkedIn bio starts with 'relentlessly curious' although she really wanted to write 'high tolerance to spicy foods'. She has a Bachelor Degree in Mass Communication with a Major in Journalism, as well as a couple of semesters of a Master's Degree in Linguistics.

Eva enjoys working with projects that challenge her to create meaningful, useful, authentic content based on research and organization but also, why not, a bit of passion. Find her on LinkedIn or Instagram.

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Kiritsuke: How Is It Different From A Chef's Knife?

A Kiritsuke is one of the most interesting Japanese knives: extremely sharp and multipurpose. But what is it exactly? Is it a Japanese chefs knife? What is a Western Kiritsuke? Let us read about this wonderful and versatile blade.

9 Mins

How To Check The Internal Temperature Of Turkey

While there are many recipes for turkey, they will all require you to get your internal temperatures and doneness right. So read on to ensure you cook the perfect turkey for that special dinner!

10 Mins

What is the best wood for cutting boards?

Teak is highly resistant to bacteria, moisture, and stains (no wonder it’s been a historical favorite for boats and furniture) thanks to the closed grain. As a cutting board material is highly resistant and undeniably beautiful.

9 Mins

How To Tell When Salmon Is Done

Unfortunately, it’s easy to undercook salmon and the line between well cooked salmon and overcooked salmon can be fine and confusing. Here’s how to tell when salmon is cooked perfectly and ready to be enjoyed; as well as some cooking tips for your next salmon recipe (and remember, practice makes perfect!)

11 Mins

Best Knife Brands

This is an extensive guide to the best kitchen knife brands in the market today: Dalstrong, Wusthof, Misen, Shun and Zwilling. Whether you’re looking for a traditional approach, a disruptive vision, a premium blade that will change your life or an affordable solution; we will walk you through the...

17 Mins

How To Clean A Kitchen Knife Properly

Cleaning your beloved kitchen knives properly is key when it comes to keeping them in optimal condition for a long time. The cleaning process for a knife is actually quite simple, yet a lot of people get it wrong. Learn more today. 

6 Mins

BBQ Brisket Burnt Ends: Little Bites Of Heaven

Brisket is a single cut of meat taken from the breast or pectoral muscles of the cow. This meat is usually on the tough side, not as tender as other cuts, because this part of the cow’s body is exercised and moved a lot.

10 Mins

The Best Nonstick Frying Pans of 2022

Not sure which non stick pan to buy? Don't worry, we'll go over which non stick pans are worth the money in 2022.

14 Mins

Cooking Brown Rice: Secrets to Success

Brown rice has a reputation for being difficult to cook perfectly, but this myth needs to be proven wrong! Once you master the cooking process for brown rice, you will find out it’s actually simple and easy.

11 Mins

What Is A Roasting Pan (And Do You Really Need One?)

A roasting pan is a piece of cookware especially designed for roasting food in the oven. However, do you really need one for your kitchen? Let's dive into that question. 

11 Mins

Easy Chicken Lo Mein Recipe

Do you love Chicken Lo Mein as much as we do? Check out this chicken lo mein recipe. It's an absolute time-saver and yet, delicious.

13 Mins

What Is An Offset Slicer And Why Every Chef Should Own One

An offset slicer is a slicing knife where the blade is lower than the handle, creating a fully ergonomic L-shape. Find out what this means for you and recommendations on buying an offset slicer.

9 Mins

Rotisserie Chicken Recipe: 5 Easy Steps For The Perfect Meal

We all know rotisserie chicken is delicious. It’s crispy and juicy, tasty and light, all at the same time. Learn how to cook the classic favorite Rotisserie Chicken in the comfort of your homes today in 5 easy steps.

14 Mins

Is A Plastic Cutting Board Better Than A Wooden Cutting Board?

Like most things in life, cutting boards come in a variety of shapes, sizes and makes. But do you really know the difference between wood, plastic cutting boards and what they can offer us in terms of food preparation? Read on to find out more about how they differ and the...

11 Mins

Cut Like A Pro: The Best Chef Knife Sets in 2022

Assembling a Chef Knife Set is like assembling a team of super heroes: they need to be valuable in their own right while complementing each other well. Whether you're an amateur or a professional Chef, you'll need one that works for you. Read on for more on how to choose the best chef knife set.

14 Mins

Easy Chef Guide On How To Cook Ham | Plus Glazed Ham Recipe

Cooking a ham is not difficult, but it does require patience and knowing a few things. So let’s not waste any more time and let’s learn how to properly cook a brown sugar glazed ham recipe!

13 Mins

Lemon Pepper Chicken Recipe

We want to emphasize that you can either buy or make your own lemon pepper seasoning for this recipe. However, some commercial options replace lemon with citric acid; and we do believe the secret of the best lemon pepper chicken is natural fresh lemon.

10 Mins

What To Look For In A Chopping Board

It is advisable to own at least two cutting boards, one for raw meat and another for foods like bread or vegetables; to avoid cross-contamination. You can get them in different designs and colors to avoid confusion.

16 Mins

Dalstrong vs Zwilling

When trying to decide which knife is best for you; it’s likely you stumble upon these two names during your research: Dalstrong and Zwilling. Learn more about the brands today. 

14 Mins

Perfectly Grilled Zucchini : Step By Step

We'll help you discover the simple, yet delightful world of grilled zucchini, along with a few ideas to enhance this delicious dinner idea.

10 Mins

Everything you wanted to know about Stainless Steel Cookware

Why is stainless steel cookware so popular? How is it different  or better than other materials? Let’s take you through everything you wanted to know about stainless steel but were afraid to ask.

17 Mins

What is a Fish Spatula?

A fish spatula will change the way you enjoy fish. Read up to find out why you need this among your kitchen tools.

10 Mins

How to Mince Ginger

So most of those recipes will require you to mince or grate ginger root. Here’s how to mince ginger and properly prepare it for cooking.

9 Mins

How to Remove Rust From Stainless Steel Knives

In this article you will learn why rust happens, how to stop it, and most importantly: how to fix it!

10 Mins

How To Slice An Onion

There are several ways to slice an onion, resulting in different sizes / shapes that are good for certain recipes. In this article we’ll walk you through all of them!

13 Mins

Pulled Pork Sandwich Recipe : Good Things Take Time!

Every chef is going to tell you a different “secret” to the best pulled pork recipe. The two factors that you should pay more attention to when cooking are: using high-quality meat and keeping the right temperature for the right amount of time. 

13 Mins

Nigiri vs. Sashimi Sushi : What’s the difference and which is better?

The fact is Nigiri sushi, Sashimi, and Maki are very popular types of sushi but are completely different (one of them might not even be sushi at all). It’s worth knowing what makes each one of them so great. 

10 Mins

The Ultimate Frittata Recipe : How To Make The Simple Dish

What is Frittata? A frittata is an Italian specialty consisting of eggs, cheese, meats and vegetables first cooked on the stovetop and then in the oven. The result is something like a very thick omelette. It can be eaten for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.

12 Mins

The Best Pizza Cutter And Why You Need One

Why do you need a premium pizza cutter? Because you love pizza. Because there’s nothing like a cozy night of homemade pizzas and drinks; and it shouldn’t be shattered by the edge of the first kitchen knife you pulled out of the drawer, breaking all the ingredients apart.

10 Mins

Should I Buy A High Quality Kitchen Knife?

If you cook at home often, or at all for that matter, you should definitely consider upgrading the kitchen tools you use. In addition to streamlining your efforts, a good quality kitchen knife will make cooking more enjoyable and actually save you money in the long run. 

14 Mins

How To Cut A Pomegranate

Pomegranates are among the healthiest fruits on Earth. They offer anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral properties, as well as the ability to lower blood pressure and improve your cholesterol profile. They also improve memory, boost immunity and help in digestion. 

8 Mins

Best Meal Delivery Service Kits

One thing we love about our customers and readers is how diverse the profiles are, from top chefs to students; from working moms to young bachelors. At the end of the day, the main thing connecting all of us here is the love for cooking. This list was created...

23 Mins

How To Shuck An Oyster

Discover how to shuck an oyster properly. Even though you need to learn certain tricks for opening oysters, you don’t need to be a professional chef or have crazy knife skills either.

11 Mins

Best Sharpening Stones

The thing is, all knives in the world tend to lose sharpness over time, regardless of their quality or their brand. This is where a sharpening stone comes into play as a great resource to bring your blades back to life. 

14 Mins