Should I Buy A High Quality Kitchen Knife?
If you cook at home often, or at all for that matter, you should definitely consider upgrading the kitchen tools you use. In addition to streamlining your efforts, a good quality kitchen knife will make cooking more enjoyable and actually save you money in the long run. 
How To Cut A Pomegranate
Pomegranates are among the healthiest fruits on Earth. They offer anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral properties, as well as the ability to lower blood pressure and improve your cholesterol profile. They also improve memory, boost immunity and help in digestion. 
Best Slicing Knives
Aside from the day to day paring knife and chef’s knife there’s at least one more knife you’ll need in your arsenal. The slicing knife is that perfect long blade for special occasions. Think Christmas dinners, Easter Sundays, or any time you need to carve a fresh roast out of the oven. 
The Best Tomato Knife You Will Ever Use
It’s good to set yourself up for success, and use the tools that will make things easier and more enjoyable for you as a cook. For this reason, we have specialty cutlery like cheese knives, fileting knives, steak knives, and the like. Today we’re talking about one of those specialty knives: a tomato knife.
What is a Nakiri Knife?
If you prepare vegetables of any kind in your kitchen I promise you a nakiri knife is everything you’ve ever needed and more. From its straight edge to its high scoring rockwell hardness scores this is the kind of knife that makes cooking easy.
How To Shuck An Oyster
Discover how to shuck an oyster properly. Even though you need to learn certain tricks for opening oysters, you don’t need to be a professional chef or have crazy knife skills either.
How To Cut A Watermelon
If you want to end up with good watermelon slices, watermelon wedges, watermelon triangles, watermelon cubes, or watermelon sticks, you should take care to use the correct cutting technique.
How To Cut A Mango
The mango seed is a flat oblong pit in the center of the fruit. The task is to use your paring or chef knife to cut along the sides of the pit, cutting the mango cheeks from the seed. 
5 Ultra Sharp Japanese Knives

The Orient; home of magic and mysticism, and the Japanese knife. From Ashigur and Samurai warriors to Ninja and mythical dragons, the West is captivated by the Far East and its history. Japan is renowned for seafood, and their knives have become synonymous with style and finesse. 

Best Sharpening Stones
The thing is, all knives in the world tend to lose sharpness over time, regardless of their quality or their brand. This is where a sharpening stone comes into play as a great resource to bring your blades back to life. 
What is Damascus steel?
One of the most plausible speculations is that the steel was named after the city of Damascus in Syria, who traded with India. Damascus may also refer to patterns formed in the metal when compared with Damask fabric (also thought to be named after the city).
Shopping For a Steak Knife? Here's What You Need To Know
There’s a lot of confusion about whether a steak knife needs to be serrated or if a hollowed or straight edge knife is better. Is it about preference, or is there more to it than that? Hopefully, this blog will help you decide for yourself.
Best Oyster Knives

Just as there are specialized knives for many requirements, an oyster knife is a purpose-made tool specifically for oyster, clam, and shellfish shucking. A great oyster knife needs to be robust, safe to use, and last a lifetime.

How To Cut A Pineapple
I know. The first time you’re faced with the thick, prickly skin of a pineapple, it’s a bit intimidating. More than a fruit one can easily slice, it more closely resembles some kind of sci-fi space rock. It seems like something one would need special equipment to pierce through, or know some sort of special knife skills to conquer. It’s actually super simple!
How To Cut An Onion Without Crying
If you’ve ever chopped onions (and chances are that you have), it’s very likely that you’ve found yourself welling up with tears. It’s also likely that you’ve already normalized this to the point where you don’t even ask yourself why this even happens in the first place. Well, let’s break it down, and then talk about how you can avoid those tears. 
Oven Safe Skillets : Everything You Need To Know
When we think of an oven safe skillet, an old school cast iron pan probably comes to mind. While one of the most commonly known oven safe skillet types, we often overlook a good stainless steel pan. As we’re shopping for the best type of oven safe cookware it’s important to take a look at the type of metals that can and cannot go in the oven. In other words, cookware material is key. 
Best Yanagiba Knives
It’s important to know your knives and what they do. Let’s understand first and foremost what a Yanagiba Knife is and how it differs from any old regular kitchen knife. Next, we’ll take a look at all the ways we can use a Yanagiba in the kitchen. Then we’ll explore my top three recommendations for the best sushi knife. You’ll be off and slicing sashimi in no time. 
How To Cut An Avocado
Avocados can present a challenge for those of us who didn’t grow up working with them: cutting and slicing them feels like an intimidating task when you’ve never done it before. There’s so much that could go wrong! But don’t worry: there’s actually nothing to it.
Best Charcuterie & Cheese Knife Set
Charcuterie boards or cheese boards are meant to be indulgent experiences where the food is savored in small servings, and texture is an important part of that equation. If you try to cut a hard cheese with a soft cheese knife, you’re going to run into some issues; it might chip away and fall apart. And that’s a waste of perfectly good cheese.
Best Kiritsuke Knives
Japanese knives are known for being ruthlessly sharp and exquisitely well-made. The Kiritsuke knife is no exception. Whether you are a professional chef, someone learning to make Japanese cuisine at home, or an aspiring chef looking for a uniquely styled chef’s knife, the time has come to learn a bit more about Kiritsuke knives.
Knife Recommendations For Female Chefs
In this article we’ll explore some of our most famous female chefs. We’ll break down the knives they either use or should be using, with some pros and cons of each. From paring knives to knife sets, we’ve got the very best knives that can elevate your cooking prep if you too are inspired by any incredible female chefs.