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Healthy Recipe Channel Takes A look At Dalstrong

 Check these guys out on YouTube (Healthy Recipe Channel).  They've got some great, you guessed it, Healthy Recipies.  Worth a watch!


Customer Review of the Dalstrong Shogun Series X 8" Chef's Knife

 We came across this video randomly while browsing YouTube and wanted to share it!  Steve Greenhalgh won a Dalstrong Shogun Series X 8" chef knife as a reward for losing 4 1/2 stone at Slimming World.  Congrats to you Steve!

See His Full Story at

Cooking Is Like Music | Chef Spotlight Petros Jaferis

 Petros Jaferis:  Cooking is like music... 

Training Through The Pain | Chef Spotlight Brent Shriver

Brent Shriver and his thoughts and experience with cooking and cheffing.  

Consistency Is Key In The Kitchen | Chef Spotlight Adam Scott

 Adam Scott is an awesome guy, going very far out of his way to help the culinary community.   He's involved in a variety of projects and is also the GM of a very popular high-end restaurant.  

Bruno Albouze is one funny guy!

 Bruno Albouze is one funny guy!   He also loves cooking with Dalstrong.  Thanks Bruno!

SamCanChef Takes The Phantom Series For A Spin!


Thanks Sam!   Quick note, we've listened and have updated the Phantom Series sheaths to open the opposite way.    


Dalstrong Shogun Series Video

Now you're slicing with power!  Dalstrong power!   

Great teaser on the Shogun Series!   





Cooking Is Like Art | Chef Spotlight - Adrian Cruz

Adrian Cruz on his cheffing origin story:


Burrfection Unboxes Some Dalstrong Knives

Ryky from the YouTube channel Burrfection unboxes some Dalstrong knives! Ryky is a sharpening expert and an excellent teacher. Check out his videos for great insight into the art of sharpening.


Chef Andi on Fox New's Wearing Her Dalstrong Logo

Chef Andi  on Fox New's Wearing Her Dalstrong Logo

We love seeing Dalstrong in the wild!  Thanks Chef Nick Thiers for sending us the link of Chef Andi wearing the Dalstrong logo over her heart on this Fox news broadcast!    Great work Chef Andi!

See the video here:

Chef Andi