Shogun Series 8

Shogun Series 8" Chef's Knife & Cleaver Hybrid

Best Seller!!!
Best Seller!!!

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The Shogun Series 8” "The Crixus" is a uniquely engineered chef knife and cleaver hybrid designed for meat lovers, BBQ enthusiasts and those looking for something different.   Named after the infamous Gladiator "Crxius", this specialty blade honors its namesake by making quick work of any challenge. The curved profile allows for clean, perfect slices through flesh, skin and sinew, while the width and weighted front half let you chop like a cleaver for easy sectioning and portioning.  The classic cleaver hole near the nose allows for hanging the knife, or store in the included PerfectFit sheath. Poultry, beef, pork, fish, wild game and even fruits and veggies easily fall prey to this blade, which is versatile enough to handle much more beyond proteins. This highly-functional knife is a must-have for those who prep meat and want to have fun while doing so.

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