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Dalstrong Content Team

Dalstrong believes in the power of cooking to unite us and bring out the best in people. To break barriers and build community. The tools we create are made to empower your creative journey and, in some cases, take your professional career to the next level. In product innovation, in beauty and functionality, in unlimited culinary creativity and self-expression, in professional and recreational pursuits, in the love that is felt when we feed ourselves and our family… There Are No Limits.

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Meat Claws : What Are They And Why Are They A Must-Have BBQ Accessory

The perfect gift for the die-hard meat smoker in the family. Meat shredding claws are advanced and versatile meat-smoking tools every BBQ-lovers need to smoke delicious meals. Whether you're a professional pitmaster or just enjoy grilling in your backyard, meat claws can help you achieve better results and make the...

6 Mins

How To Cut Flank Steak In 5 Easy Steps

Did you know that there is a specific way to properly cut a flank steak? Yes, just like most things, the way you slice your flank steak will greatly affect the tenderness of your dish. I bet nobody wants a tough and hard-to-chew steak, right? Read on to learn the right way...

9 Mins

How To Choose A Flatware Set In 2023

Whether you're in the market for a new cutlery set for your home or looking to upgrade your current silverware, you've come to the right place. Sit back, relax, and let us guide you through the world of flatware sets.

6 Mins

Best Nakiri Knife

If you spend much time in your kitchen however, the nakiri knife is one of the most useful knives you can have. The word “nakiri” can be broken down to “na” meaning ‘leaf’ in Japanese, and ‘kiri’ meaning ‘cutting’.

8 Mins

What Makes a Good Steak Knife Set?

7 Mins

Everything You Need to Know About the Santoku Knife

6 Mins

What Makes a Good Chef's Knife?

6 Mins

What Makes a Good Skinning Knife?

7 Mins

What Makes a Great Bread Knife?

7 Mins

The Best Leather Knife Roll of 2023

If dogs are a man’s best friend, knives are a chef’s best friend. The way you store your prized knife set is reflective of the care you provide your most valuable kitchen tools. 

10 Mins

What to Look for in a Quality Knife Roll

11 Mins

5 Things You Need To Know About Ceramic Knives | Dalstrong ©

7 Mins

Everything You Need to Know About the Chef Knife

4 Mins

What Makes a Great Cleaver Knife?

6 Mins