Dalstrong Knife Sharpening Service
Dalstrong Knife Sharpening Service
Dalstrong Knife Sharpening Service
Dalstrong Knife Sharpening Service
Dalstrong Knife Sharpening Service

Dalstrong Knife Sharpening Service

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All great chefs know: you’re only as good as your knives. Every Dalstrong knife is forged with premium materials and expert engineering to stay sharp for as long as possible. But with rigorous use in the kitchen, even the highest quality knives will lose their sharpness with time. 

With our brand new knife-sharpening service, you can send in 5 or 7 knives at a time for sharpening. You’ll receive fully sharpened knives in just 4-7 days from the time we receive them. 

Please note that our knife sharpening service is ONLY available to customers in the United States as we roll out this new service. Canceling an order after the order has been dispatched may lead to a cancellation fee to cover postage and packaging material.

The process:

  • No slacking allowed: Knives are sharpened on a platten instead of a slack belt to maintain a straight bevel. This prevents the creation of a convex edge, protecting the heel and tip of your knives from being rounded off. 
  • Through thick and thin: We always consider the thickness of the edge when sharpening — ensuring that the blade is as thin as it should be.
  • Quality control: All sharpened knives undergo a proprietary quality control procedure before they are returned to you. 
  • Getting gritty: 120 and 2,500 grit size is used to reach the perfect balance between slicing performance and longevity of the edge, depending on the knife. 
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee: We’re not done sharpening until you are satisfied. If you are not 100% satisfied, reach out to dalstrong@knifeaid.com  within 30 days from receipt of your knives to discuss/ arrange a complimentary resharpening.

What we sharpen:

  • Chef knives
    Up to 16 inches long
  • Paring knives
    And other smaller knives
  • Bread knives
    And other serrated knives
  • Japanese knives
    Kiritsuke, Santoku, Nakiri
  • Cleavers for meat or vegetables
  • Steak knives
  • Filet and boning knives
  • Hunting and Fishing knives
  • Pocket knives
  • Swiss Army, Buck, Spyderco, etc.
  • Scissors


What we DON'T sharpen:

  • Straight razors and hair cutting shears
  • Swords and knives longer than 16 inches
  • All blades without handles (mandoline)
  • Scissors with teeth on the edge (Pinking shears)
  • Automatic opening knives (daggers or switch blades)
  • Tweezers
  • Gardening tools
  • Chisels
  • Double serrated knives
  • Saw blades
  • Blades that have never been sharpened (blanks)
  • Not sure about your knives? Email us at dalstrong@knifeaid.com


Chipped or damaged blades?

Minor repairs are free as part of our service. Larger repairs cost up to $10 per knife and we will contact you before any repairs. Please note that serrated blade repairs and single bevel knife repair may cost up to $20 per knife. 

Ready to give your knives a new life? Order now to receive your free, pre-paid shipping envelope in the mail. Our empty knife envelopes will be dispatched to you. Once it arrives, you simply pack your knives and mail them in. You can expect them back, restored to razor-sharpness, in 4-7 days.