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Make your arena roar

The Gladiator Series R “Annihilator” cleaver is an utter beast of a blade, forged to cause total destruction with a single chop. Crafted from premium high-carbon 7cr17mov Steel and heat-treated to 60HRC, this 14" steel titan weighs in at 2.5lbs and 5.5mm thick. Its gargantuan size is complemented by its uniquely savage shape, which helps deliver Gladiator-level ferocity with every slice. Whether breaking down a whole hog or gliding through squash, you’ll carve through everything that lies on its path with a razor-sharp edge that provides surprising precision for such an absolute beast.

- Gary Marandola, the BBQ Chef.

“From the BBQ pits to the kitchen, Dalstrong knives have been my companion for the last two years through this wild ride on social media! From the eye popping designs to those razor sharp carbon steel edges that actually retain an edge, these are the knives that I choose to abuse!”