scorpion hellfire

This is a mutiny against the mediocre. A knife series that stands with the kitchen mavericks and culinary outlaws. A new breed of high-performance culinary tools for slicing up the rulebook.

there's a time and place for convention

This isn't it

sharpness that
the ordinary

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No more crushed tomatoes , uneven slices and tearing through foods. Perform the cleanest, most precise cuts - just pure, effortless cutting power.
Unlock flavors and textures you've never experienced before by preserving the integrity of every slice.

Dull isn't on your resume.

The steel

sharpen your standards,
ditch the dull

For the most hostile cooking environments

Tough for whatever trial you face it with. Dalstrong’s own LionShield treatment takes durability to the next level. Heat treated and rapidly cooled for better edge retention, this process prolongs the life of your knife. No matter the culinary task, it won’t chip or break on you.

2-Layer Nickel Alloy

A layer of nickel alloy sandwiches the V-12 ultra core, providing greater tensile strength and durability.

cook more, sharpen less

The blade is meticulously sharpened, polished, aligned, and honed horizontally and vertically to deliver the sharpest, most refined edge possible at 8-12°. This is next-level cutting power in your hands.

Better corrosion resistance, a longer-lasting, razor-sharp edge and easier to maintain.

The result of years of R&D, V12 ultra steel outperforms VG10. Remarkably better hardness, corrosion-resistance and a longer lasting blade edge. So you can spend time on what's important - forging meals to masterpieces.

The Handle

all grit, no quit.

Built for high velocity kitchen work. The lightweight resin handle allows you to blitz through high volumes of work without wearing on your wrist.

master The mayhem

The sloped, partial bolster gives you a comfortable pinch grip for both precision and speed in the kitchen. The scorpion tail in it's distinctive downward arch encloses a full tang blade.

The sheath

carry confidently

A custom black polyurethane leather sheath with an outlaw spirit protects your blade when not in use. Biker-inspired chain snap closure promises security when on the move or when stored.

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Scorpion Series Collection

11" Slicer Knife

8" Chef Knife

4" paring Knife

9.5" Chef Knife



for ambition that
know no limits

We wanted better steel to make better knives, so that you can have better cooking experiences. So we had our own steel made, and yes, we made a better knife.
In the spirit of doing things your own way, we came up with a rebellious, imposing design that only fuels the function of the knife. These are tools after all, but that doesn't mean they have to follow all the rules.
This one's for the trailblazers and the game changers. Keep on doing.

It's about sharpness. It's about redefining resilience. It's fewer passes on the whetstone and more time mastering your craft. Elevate every slice, dice and chop. Challange the ordinary, because those with a rebelious spirit deserve a blade that's cut from a different steel.


What's in the box

Where boldness
& utility collide

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I’ve never heard of “V12 Ultra steel”. What is it?
V12 Ultra Steel is a brand new steel composition proprietary to Dalstrong. It’s a high-performance steel with added cobalt for wear-resistance. This steel has a similar chemical composition to Japanese VG10, but it contains a higher percentage of carbon (1.20% vs. 1.05%), chromium (18% vs. 15.5%), molybdenum (1.5% vs. 1.2%) and cobalt (1.8% vs. 1.37%).

The combination of these added elements strengthens the steel and helps to maintain a sharp edge, longer than VG10.
Where is V12 Ultra steel made?
V12 Ultra Steel is made by our Japanese steel manufacturing partner, Aichii.
How is V12 Ultra steel better than VG10?
V12 Ultra steel surpasses the performance of VG10 in many areas. Together, the increased composition of chromium, molybdenum and cobalt strengthen the steel and give it longer-lasting sharpness when compared to VG10. Higher counts of carbon and vanadium allow for increased hardness, wear resistance & durability. Higher carbon counts increase corrosion resistance.
Does this steel require special care?
V12 Ultra steel does not require any special care in comparison to other high-carbon steels. Best practice is to always wash your knives by hand using a gentle soap or detergent, and dry immediately after washing. It’s best to avoid putting in the dishwasher to prevent pitting and rusting.
Is this real damascus?
Yes, in the modern understanding of damascus steel manufacturing. The steel is created by folding together layers of different steel types, producing its distinctive, bold pattern. The addition of cobalt to the composition of V12 Ultra steel makes this black damascus pattern even more prevalent.
What is the blade thickness?
These blades are approximately 2mm thick. Because we finish all of our knives by hand, some small margin of variation may occur (+/- 0.2mm)
What is the handle made from?
Each Scorpion Series handle is crafted from a unique combination of red & black resin. There are several advantages to using resin in handle construction; Durability - they are highly resistant to moisture, chemicals and wear and tear. Low Maintenance - with a natural resistance to moisture, these handles are less likely to absorb water, oil or food particles. Cleaning is effortless.

Comfort - Resin is lightweight, allowing you a steadfast grip so you can move fast in the kitchen.
Does it come with a sheath?
All Scorpion Hellfire Series knives include a perfect-fit leather sheath with chain & pin closure. Keep your knives protected at home or on the go.
What if I don’t like it?
Reach out! We want your feedback - and your satisfaction is key. Send us an email at Dalstrong proudly offers a limited Lifetime Warranty and the longest money-back guarantee in the industry.