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New Quantum 1 Series 5pc Block Set

Meet The New Quantum 1 Series 5pc Block Set

Secure your new Quantum 1 Series 5pc Block Set this holiday season before they are all gone.

Block Set includes: 8.5″ Chef Knife, 7″ Santoku Knife, 7″ Serrated Utility Knife, 6.5″ Curved Boning Knife, 4″ Paring Knife, and Handcrafted Oak Wood Block (with 8 knife slots)


@edge_bbq - Kevin Edge

"I love quantum series because the blade detail is beautiful and also stays incredibly sharp. The carbon fiber handle looks fantastic and is very comfortable to hold. The knife is very well balanced and oozes Dalstrong quality." - Kevin Edge

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@tfti.bbq - Tone Ramirez

"I love how sleek and sexy it looks. From the design on the blade to the carbon fiber handle and sheath, it’s a very well balanced knife that I can use for almost anything." - Tone Ramirez

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@macdogmac - Rhonda

"I love the Quantum Series knife because it’s super sleek, very comfortable to hold, it’s absolutely gorgeous, the sheath and packaging is incredible!" - Rhonda

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The New Quantum 1 Series 5pc Block Set

Behind the Quantum 1 Series

"The Quantum 1 Series was inspired by  a lot of the science fiction pop culture we see today, including Tron - which I would watch continuously with my son, and inspires some of the shapes that we see in the handles, some of the aerodynamic nature present." - David Dallaire, CEO

Inspiration behind

At Dalstrong, we work hard to stay on the cutting edge of culinary innovation. But with the Quantum 1 Series, we wanted to do more than keep up with the future — instead, we sought to create it. Taking inspiration from both interstellar space travel and high performance racing vehicles, we crafted iteration after iteration until landing on a design that took our breath away.

Premium Quality

BD1N-VX Steel + G10 Carbon Fiber Handle

Sourcing hyper-advanced materials and applying the latest in knife smithing technology, the Quantum Series performs at a level that sets the bar for a better tomorrow. Experience unparalleled precision and velocity with a visionary blade that propels your kitchen into the next era of gastronomic excellence.

At the peak of innovation

Uniquely Designed

The stunning Nova Prime pattern — inspired by the sheer power of an exploding star — not only looks like the future, it feels like it. Experience reduced drag and increased agility like never before, allowing you to soar through your prep-work at the speed of light. Complemented by the aerodynamic yet ergonomic handle design, you can reach new galaxies of flavor in total comfort. 

Quantum 1 Series

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Quantum 1 Series Features

The Blade

Featuring ultra-premium American made BD1N-VX hyper-steel, and added vacuum heat-treatment boast 63 HRC. A Nitrogen treatment further increases hardness, flexibility, and toughness of your blade. Gorgeously laminated and hot forged with the head-turning “Nova Prime” pattern—uniquely designed to reduce drag and stuck on food.

The Handle

The powerfully designed Dragon Skin G10-carbon fibre hybrid handle reminds you this is no ordinary knife, offering you exceptional reliability and grip while being near impervious to heat, cold, and moisture.

Dalstrong Guarantee

Rocksolid 100% satisfaction or 70-day money back guarantee, try it risk free. Limited lifetime warranty against defect.

The Future of Cooking

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Get The Perfect Gift This Holiday Season

There is only a limited number of Quantum 1 Series Block Sets in stock, so secure yours before they are all sold out.

The Quantum 1 Series Block Set includes: 8.5″ Chef Knife, 7″ Santoku Knife, 7″ Serrated Utility Knife, 6.5″ Curved Boning Knife, 4″ Paring Knife, and Handcrafted Oak Wood Block (with 8 knife slots)