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When he's not adding way too much butter to his recipes, Pablo likes to write about knives, music, food, cinema, and all of the other things that make life worth living.

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Best Knife Sharpener 2023

When was the last time you sharpened your kitchen knife? If the answer is “gee, I really can’t remember, it was so long ago,” your reputation as a chef might be in danger.

12 Mins

Best Bread Knife

While considered an essential part of any professional chef’s knife collection, the serrated knife, or bread knife, often gets overlooked by the non-initiated. In truth, these saw-toothed beauties are part of the Holy Trinity of kitchen knives along with its more famous siblings: the chef’s knife and the paring...

11 Mins

Best Boning Knife in 2023

While it is true that you might not need it as much as say, a kitchen knife, a butcher knife, or a bread knife, in the end, owning a boning knife will end up saving you a lot of money, allowing you to buy whole chickens or sides...

14 Mins

Unique Knives

Dalstrong possesses a relentless dedication to creating the most innovative, beautiful, and highly functional culinary tools. Tools that shock with their quality and delight with their design.

6 Mins

Best Fillet Knife

Whether you’re a seasoned outdoorsman or a savvy home chef, a fillet knife, also known as a filleting knife, is a must-have for anyone who enjoys fishing for food or simply cooking meat at home.

11 Mins

Best Knife Roll

If you’re a professional chef or culinary student that needs to travel regularly, or if you simply like to take your culinary tools with you wherever you go, owning a high-quality knife bag or knife case is a must.

9 Mins

Best Honing Steel

Your honing steel can enhance your knife’s day-to-day performance and help you reduce the frequency of your sharpening sessions. This is essential, because sharpening shouldn’t be done that often. 

9 Mins

You Need A Paring Knife. You Just Don't Know It Yet.

Featuring a short yet sturdy blade, generally ranging from 2-4 inches long, the paring knife’s primary function is to peel the outer layer of fruits and vegetables. And yes, a peeler might do the job just fine but it’s nowhere near as versatile as a good paring knife.

11 Mins

Best Whetstones

One of the most versatile sharpening tools available, the whetstone can not only repair, sharpen, and polish knives but it’s also ideal for other tools such as scissors, razors, and chisels. Owning one of these babies will allow you to bring your blade’s dull edge back to life in...

11 Mins

What Makes a Good Fish Fillet Knife?

All fillet knives should be corrosion-resistant because a lot of the time you will be using it will be close to water. A high-carbon stainless steel blade ensures that your knife remains in prime condition, even if it gets wet.

17 Mins