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Monique Nicholas

Based in Vancouver, Monique enjoys jumping into bodies of water, sending postcards, and adding lemon to every single one of her dishes.

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10 Whiskey Cocktails You Can Make at Home

Discover a world of whiskey cocktails that you can make from the comfort of your home. The best part of these recipes is that you can really utilize a lot of the same ingredients to make different whiskey cocktail variations.

14 Mins

Gifts For Dads Who Love To Cook & Grill | Dalstrong ©

Finding gifts for dad is not always easy, especially when you have a father like mine who replies, “world peace” every time you ask him what birthday gift he’d like. Rest easy sweet children of fathers, in this article we’ll cover those traditional dad gifts (that likely include Dad’s...

15 Mins

What Is A Gyuto Knife?

Knowing what kind of steel the knife is made from can help us determine what type of knife it is. It also helps us understand how to sharpen and maintain our blades so that they can last long into our lifetimes. 

10 Mins

Knife Recommendations For Female Chefs

In this article we’ll explore some of our most famous female chefs. We’ll break down the knives they either use or should be using, with some pros and cons of each. From paring knives to knife sets, we’ve got the very best knives that can elevate your cooking prep if you...

17 Mins

Best Yanagiba Knives

It’s important to know your knives and what they do. Let’s understand first and foremost what a Yanagiba Knife is and how it differs from any old regular kitchen knife. Next, we’ll take a look at all the ways we can use a Yanagiba in the kitchen. Then we’ll...

10 Mins

Oven Safe Skillets : Everything You Need To Know

When we think of an oven safe skillet, an old school cast iron pan probably comes to mind. While one of the most commonly known oven safe skillet types, we often overlook a good stainless steel pan. As we’re shopping for the best type of oven safe cookware it’s...

16 Mins

What is a Fishmonger?

What is the difference between a fisherman and fishmonger? While they can be interchangeable in that fishmongers can also fish and fisherman can also sell their fish, fishmongers tend to buy directly from the fisherman and then sell to others. You could say one is the production side (the fisherman)...

12 Mins

BBQ Tattoo Ideas

We just highlighted our top 5 picks, but there are an endless amount of stellar BBQ tattoos out in the world. Here are some other fantastic BBQ tattoos that should really get the wheels turning for you.

9 Mins

How To Saute Mushrooms

A sauteed mushroom is the perfect addition to whatever dish you’re serving up at your dinner party and a great way to get your house smelling delicious. I find a nice wild mushroom the perfect side for a steak dinner or some juicy button mushrooms as an added topping...

11 Mins

How to Cook Corn on the Cob in the Oven

Learn a bit about the history of corn, what exactly you need to make the ideal easy oven roasted corn, and let us walk you through the recipe step by step. We’ll also offer up some ways to spice up your corn and variations in case you don’t have...

11 Mins

The Nakiri Knife Will Make You Want To Eat Your Vegetables

If you prepare vegetables of any kind in your kitchen I promise you a nakiri knife is everything you’ve ever needed and more. From its straight edge to its high scoring rockwell hardness scores this is the kind of knife that makes cooking easy.

15 Mins

Best Slicing Knives

Aside from the day to day paring knife and chef’s knife there’s at least one more knife you’ll need in your arsenal. The slicing knife is that perfect long blade for special occasions. Think Christmas dinners, Easter Sundays, or any time you need to carve a fresh roast out...

15 Mins

How To Make Delicious Pasta At Home

There is nothing better than slurping up the remains of your grandmother’s homemade pasta recipe. Whether it’s a delicious fettuccine, a scrumptious stuffed pasta, a simple spaghetti, or a seasonal ravioli, a fresh pasta recipe is the best comfort food all year round. 

22 Mins

How To Make Delicious Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed bell peppers are a classic in my household when we’ve had some sort of rice dish the night before and want a simple dinner that will please the masses. With its tomato sauce, delicious ground beef, and scrumptious bell pepper combination you can’t beat this palate-pleasing dish.

13 Mins

Best Serrated Knives: What To Look For And How To Use Them

Serrated knives are often known as bread-cutting knives, but they can also slice a solid veggie, a quiche, or even a roast chicken. Don’t underestimate the power of a finely crafted serrated blade.

20 Mins