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Mike is a late arrival to cooking. However, experimenting with vegetarianism and seafood is a new passion. That is if all the ingredients and tools are there!

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Best Oyster Knives

Just as there are specialized knives for many requirements, an oyster knife is a purpose-made tool specifically for oyster, clam, and shellfish shucking. A great oyster knife needs to be robust, safe to use, and last a lifetime.

8 Mins

What is Damascus steel?

One of the most plausible speculations is that the steel was named after the city of Damascus in Syria, who traded with India. Damascus may also refer to patterns formed in the metal when compared with Damask fabric (also thought to be named after the city).

13 Mins

5 Ultra Sharp Japanese Knives

The Orient; home of magic and mysticism, and the Japanese knife. From Ashigur and Samurai warriors to Ninja and mythical dragons, the West is captivated by the Far East and its history. Japan is renowned for seafood, and their knives have become synonymous with style and finesse. 

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Delicious Burrito Recipes

Struggling for dinner ideas? This blog is for burrito lovers everywhere and, in particular, to learn some gloriously tasty burrito recipes we’ve compiled just for you.

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