Evelyn Duskey

Evelyn Duskey

Born in Ohio and based in Buenos Aires, Evelyn loves sharing her grandmother’s midwestern recipes with unsuspecting Argentines.

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How To Organize Pots and Pans

While some people decide to hire professional pots and pan organization experts, there are plenty of ways for you to reduce the clutter and make progress towards the kitchen of your dreams on your own.

6 Mins

Best Magnetic Knife Holders

Storing knives is essential for a tidy and safe kitchen. Unlike a knife roll or knife block (both of which have their uses), a magnetic rack allows you to store and display your entire knife collection at all times. 

8 Mins

Best Stainless Steel Cookware

When choosing a premium cookware set, you are looking for two things: durability and performance. The best stainless steel cookware fulfills all expectations, as long as you invest in a high quality stainless piece set and care for it properly. 

11 Mins

Homemade Pizza Recipe

Today it is hard to go anywhere without finding a pizza joint, but it’s considerably easy (and delicious) to make at home. With just a few ingredients from your local supermarket, you can make your own homemade crust and top exactly as you like for pizza night.

12 Mins

Best Nonstick Pans

With a good nonstick pan, you can make delicious dishes without a single drop of oil, both enhancing your health and saving money. 

10 Mins

Elite Spotlight: Jennifer Plemmons (@Thegirlthatgrills)

Jennifer Plemmons (@Thegirlthatgrills) sat down with us at Dalstrong to talk about culinary heroes, choosing the right grill, and why you should never, ever throw out your veggie scraps. 

10 Mins

Best Santoku Knives

Perhaps no region of the world is more famous for its knives than Japan, where the blades are typically forged thin and delicate. Japanese knives are beloved for their stunning and intricate design, as well as the thin, precise cuts they produce — perfect for presentation. One of the...

11 Mins

Dalstrong Announces The Launch Of Its Delta Wolf Series

Dalstrong proudly announces the launch of its Delta Wolf Series, a collection of strong, agile, and long-lasting knives that take their inspiration from the Special Operations Force of the same name. 

5 Mins

Where Are Dalstrong Knives Manufactured?

We get it. In a world full of old-school knife titans, we’re the fresh contender, the new kids on the block. Our knife designs are bold, innovative, and exciting. But besides looking fierce, those new to our brand may be asking themselves: Where are these knives from? How...

17 Mins

Dalstrong Announces Partnership with Pine Street Inn

Dalstrong has donated 60 professional chef knives and fifteen professional honing rods to the Pine Street Inn for their iCater program.  A multi-disciplinary nonprofit that helps over 2,000 men and women daily, Pine Street Inn helps homeless individuals in the Boston area move towards self-sufficiency.

3 Mins