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Abby spends her free time exploring her home turf of British Columbia’s west coast and snacking on all the wild edibles there from blackberries to maple tree blossoms. She’s a certified word nerd with a French degree, a passion for scrabble, and a repertoire of terrible puns. Some day Abby hopes to have a proper farm, but for now she’s making do with a back yard garden. She’s currently living a vegetarian life, but if the deer get in the garden and eat the veggies again, venison is definitely coming back on the menu.

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Elite Spotlight: Al Wasserberger, Eat More Vegans

Self-proclaimed animal “bites” activist Al Wasserberger (@eatmorevegans) sat down with Dalstrong to chat about how he’s catching up to lifers in the BBQ community through passion, perseverance, and pragmatism.

7 Mins

Dalstrong in the pit with Jeffrey Earnhardt

Some people are determined to prove there are no limits, and NASCAR driver Jeffrey Earnhardt is one of them. Whether he’s pushing himself to win, noodling for catfish, or duck hunting with his dog, Earnhardt has his eye on excellence. And...

13 Mins

Elite Spotlight: Blue Smoke Blaire (@bluesmokeblaire)

Erica B. Roby keeps all the plates spinning at home, at the office, and on the road. Between raising her family, running her law practice, and filming her own digital series showcasing the BBQ community, she sat down with Dalstrong to chat about passing some hard tests, her journey...

11 Mins

Elite Spotlight: Sean Hill, 205 Pitmasters

BBQ Coach Sean Hill of the 205 Pitmasters took time to speak to Dalstrong for our Elite Spotlight Series.

8 Mins