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Masterfully Elegant. Ultra Agile.

The versatile sister of the chef knife. The santoku is known for combining elements of a chef’s knife with that of a cleaver, providing exceptional usefulness for a variety of cutting tasks. The straighter edge and wider blade facilitate push cuts and food transfer, with the slightest of curves along the edge allowing for light rocking. The Phantom Series 7” santoku further adds rockhollow divots which minimize stock on food and create air pockets to reduce friction. Excelling at slicing, dicing and mincing (the ‘three virtues’ of the knife. ‘Santoku’ in Japanese means “three virtues’ of ‘three uses’), the Phantom Series santoku is a must for every chef’s cutlery roll.

Carefully designed to convey a look of stealthy motion, like a shadow racing through the dark, or a gust of wind blowing through the night, the Phantom Series of knives are elegant, agile and ruthless culinary instruments of exceptional performance.

Featuring Japanese AUS-8 steel beautifully engraved with the Dalstrong name down the spine as well as the Japanese kanji for ‘phantom’ or ‘ghost’. Each blade is painstakingly hand sharpened using the traditional honzabuke method, bringing the edge to a razor sharp 13-15 degrees, ensuring swift, effortless cuts.

Precision forged from a single piece of ice tempered steel, the blade features a narrower width for improved agility and maneuverability, with a traditional Japanese D-shaped black pakkawood handle designed to tuck perfectly in the palm of your hand. Near the bolster a distinct red spacer and carefully crafted mosaic of copper and brass ensures adds elegance and refinement. A hand-polished end cap creates counter balance, ensuring the nimble blade feels more like a ghostly extension of your body, than an ordinary kitchen tool.

A premium-quality polymer Dalstrong DragonLock saya (sheath) folds shut perfectly over the blade, locking into place. A soft suede like interior protects every square inch.

The Dalstrong Phantom Series are a masterful statement in culinary expertise.

The Blade

  • 7” precision forged blade with premium Japanese AUS-8 at 58 HRC
  • Rockhollow divots minimize friction and stock on food
  • Curved blade allows knife to easily glide along the contours of bone
  • High levels of chromium (Cr) added to steel for stain resistance
  • Full tang for incredible robustness and quality
  • Ice-tempered blade ensures excellent resilience and superior edge retention
  • Ruthlessly sharp scalpel like edge is hand finished to a mirror polish within a staggering 13-15°
  • Tapered blade design for durability and flexibility
  • Polished spine to facilitate a comfortable pinch grip
  • Beautiful hand polished satin finish blade, further refined with detailed engravings
  • Precisely tapered blade minimizes surface resistance for buttery smooth cut through.
  • Cleans easily for low maintenance
  • Minimal sized mirror polished bolster further perfects the carefully engineered balance and gently encourages a comfortable and proper pinch grip
  • Blade’s spine is hand polished to a smooth finish for enhanced pinch grip comfort

The Handle

  • Stainless steel hand-polished end cap adds counter balance and distinction
  • Premium quality laminated pakkawood handles imported from Spain, for superior strength, refinement, and beauty. Sanitary build perfect for busy kitchens
  • Attractive red spacer adds distinction
  • Carefully crafted brass and copper ‘phantom spirit’ mosaic adorns the handle
  • Traditional Japanese D-shaped handle designed to tuck into the palm of your hand for superior hand control, comfort and agility.


  • 7” Phantom Series Santoku Knife
  • Dalstrong DragonLock Sheath
  • Neatly Packed with Dalstrong’s Renowned Packaging

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