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The Gladiator Series 12.5” ‘Devastator’ butcher's knife is one mean looking behemoth of a blade, engineered for causing utter devastation to large cuts of meat and bone it is a must-have for any bu...
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The Ultimate Whetstone Set: Trusted Dalstrong award-winning craftsmanship, awe-inspiring design and handcrafted with the absolute best materials available. Protect your investment by ensuring prop...
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The versatile sister of the chef knife. The santoku is known for combining elements of a chef’s knife with that of a cleaver, providing exceptional usefulness for a variety of cutting tasks. The st...
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The Shogun Series X 5-piece Block Set is a show-stopping statement piece in knife storage, combining more traditional elements with a richly designed hand-crafted Acacia wood block, and featuring m...
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The Shogun Series 6” serrated utility knife is a master at slicing loaves, sandwiches, pastries, sausages, cheese, soft and hard fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, avocados, lemons, limes, ora...
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The Dalstrong Nomad Series is constructed of 12oz heavy duty hard waxed canvas, and features ultra-premium 100% genuine and top-grain Brazilian leather straps and accents. Meant to blemish and wear...
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The Shogun Series 4.5” Mini Cleaver offers impressive control and powerful performance, all wrapped up into one stylishly compact package. Engineered from high-quality Japanese AUS-10V super steel,...
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The Dalstrong Gladiator Series 2.75” Birds Beak paring knife is a master of intricate cuts.  With a blade shape resembling that of a bird's beak, the short, curved blade is exceptional at fluting m...
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This compact 5” santoku is a master of precision work and medium-sized cutting tasks, featuring a shorter blade and smaller handle than its larger 7” counterpart.  The Japanese word, “Santoku” mean...
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The Dalstrong Shogun Series 10.25” professional bread knife. Your indispensable kitchen and bakery champion. Wide loaves, hard crusts, thick crusts, soft breads, tall melons, juicy roasts, thick sa...
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