Elite Spotlight: John D. (barbecuebeast)
When he started a New York City-based food vlog eight years ago, John DeMartino had no idea it would be the beginning of an intense love affair with BBQ. The lifelong foodie became passionate about exploring different varieties and techniques, bought a Traeger, and the rest is history.
Elite Spotlight: Matt K. (meatthecook)
When Matt Krull’s first marriage began to unravel in his early twenties, he joined the Marine Corps and came out the other side “forged through fire.” His journey into cooking started much later in life with a love for feeding his family, and has turned into a passion for sharing love and positivity with his followers. He sat down with Dalstrong to talk about heartbreak, spirituality, and why he’s driven by the creative process. 
Elite Spotlight: Misty (Seattle Butcher’s Wife)
With a strong social following on Instagram, it’s hard to believe that Misty Banchero has only been cooking for a little over a year. Her drool-worthy BBQ pics and videos have earned her a loyal, engaged, hungry audience. She sat down with Dalstrong to talk about her inspiration, why ingredients are everything, and what it means to be a “meat man’s wife.”
Elite Spotlight: Kelsey Shade (Chef Kelsey Shade)
After being furloughed from her restaurant gig, Chef Kelsey Shade put down the puzzles and picked up her phone to post chef tips on Tik Tok. With two culinary degrees and a passion for teaching, she’s created a robust following through focusing on the fundamentals of cooking. But there’s nothing simple about this young chef. She sat down with Dalstrong to talk about her philosophies, her inspirations, her opinions — and why no one should discount her expertise because of her age. 
Elite Spotlight: Mel Chmilar, Jr. (Dark Side of the Grill)
What do you get when you cross Ozzy Osbourne, a purple bathrobe, and BBQ? Mel Chmilar, Jr. The home-trained grill master and pit builder isn’t shy about his deadly meat creations or his daughter’s birthday bouncy house. He sat down with Dalstrong to talk about his family, his best hack for slaying every meat dish, and the coffin he keeps in his kitchen. 
Elite Spotlight: Chuck Matto (Chucks Flavor Train)
Grill master, lover of life, and self-proclaimed “fat kid,” Chuck Matto is burning up social media with tips and recipes for everything BBQ related. (And he’s just started a journey into baking.) With a huge personality and a passion for spreading love, he’s become a favorite for foodies and novices alike. He sat down with Dalstrong to talk about his pet peeves, his favorite cooking hack, and why he puts family first.