Gladiator Series 3.75

Gladiator Series 3.75" Poultry Boning Knife

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Get the most out of every stroke and slice with the Gladiator Series 3.75” Poultry Boning Knife. Handcrafted from high-carbon German stainless steel, this razor-sharp boning knife expertly separates poultry, meat and fish from bone and skin with ease. The narrow, pointed blade tip effortlessly pierces through skin and maneuvers skillfully around ribs, breastbone and joints, yielding every ounce of meat while the short blade length is ideal for small fowl and game, allowing you to get in and out of the tightest corners.  The hand polished Gladiator Series signature handle is both sanitary and ergonomic, meaning you can work more effectively and more efficiently for longer. Whether you butcher your own chickens, or process dozens per day in an industrial workplace, the Gladiator Series poultry knife will serve you faithfully and effectively.

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