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nsf certified for professional performance. NSF

Vanquish collection

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8-Piece Knife Block Set

Vanquish Series

8-Piece Knife Block Set

White Handle

3 Piece Paring Knife Set

Shogun Series Elite

3-Piece Knife Set

Black Handle

24-Piece Knife Block Set

Vanquish Series

Chef's Knife 8"

Vanquish Series

Paring Knife 3.5"

Vanquish Series

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Santoku Knife 7"

Vanquish Series

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the steel
the steel


Better steel for better cooking
Designed to be used with vigor everyday, X50 CRMOV15 is celebrated for its balance of hardness, sharpness, and durability. Stains, wear and tear, and corrosion aren't worth worrying about.
the steel
the steel

DalstrongD3TM Sharpening

Superior Precision& Power
Dalstrong Diamond Detailing – or D3TM Sharpening Process – takes the blade to its keenest edge so you can experience superior cutting. Every blade is meticulously sharpened, polished, aligned and honed horizontally and vertically to produce the sharpest, most refined edge possible at 9°.
the steel
the steel

Dalstrong Lionshield™ treatment:

Lifelong resilience
The Dalstrong Lionshield™ Treatment conditions your knife against extreme environments, wear and tear, rust, and corrosion. We expose every blade to extreme heat to boost hardness and toughness, then extreme cold to fortify the steel's microstructure and enhance its edge-retention.


Sharp knives are a cook’s right, not a privilege. We believe that anyone who wants to cook – and cook well – should be able to own premium quality, high performance tools that don’t cost the earth. So we made them for you.

8" Chef Knife

DalstrongMisenHenckels classicGlobal
Premium Steel
Handle POM TPE Plastic Stainless steel
Lifetime Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee
Price $69 $85 $70 $130

Don't Settle For Just Fine.

This is about accessible luxury. Doing away with mediocrity. Allowing culinary professionals and passionate home cooks to own razor sharp, dependable knives without breaking the bank.

Meet a stable of high-performance, low-maintenance, beautiful knives that you’ll reach for over and over again.

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Premium German

High Carbon & Chromium Steel That Lasts

NSF Certified

For Professional Kitchens

Hybrid Bolster

Pinch-Grip Enabled


Ultra-durable, low-maintenance POM

9-11 Per Side

Razor Sharp Edge

55+ HRC

Rockwell Hardness


What real value for money looks like.

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A blade for chasing your culinary dreams. Premium German X50CRMOV15, honed to a surgically sharp 9° angle, gives you ultra-precise, paper-thin slicing, dicing and mincing.A refined satin blade finish ensures fast, frictionless cuts, and allows for easy, fast cleaning.Its light weight helps you work with superior control, whether fileting large cuts or sailing through a mountain of prep work.

the Sharpest choice for your kitchen

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see what Dalstrong customers are saying

Paring Knife
“I don’t know why I didn’t get one sooner. Excellent feel, perfect size super sharp, great price. Go for it.”
Timothy S
Paring Knife
“It was already sharp when I took it out of the box which was a plus. And it works great with all of my kitchen needs.”
Daithan Narayanan
Santoku Knife
“I have a knife from every series so far and this one is by far my go to. I look for this knife first on my knife block. For me it’s perfect weight, sharpness, mobility and my kind of style. I recommend this knife to my friends.”
Gionni E. Pichinte
Santoku Knife
“I’ve had very expensive knives and this knife is hands-down, my favorite. I won’t get into a long winded description. I almost bought another one just because I like this one so much.”
Justin C Stedman
Santoku Knife
“Best knife in my house! Everyone who uses it comments on how good it feels and cuts. Replaced jobs that were reserved for the electric knife. So satisfying to use.”
Hal White
Chef Knife
“Best Knife Ever”
Tom Johnson
Chef Knife
“The best knife I have ever bought from you guys!!! I am a banquet chef at a hotel and do some heavy work with that knife and it has yet to lose its edge a few runs on a honing rod and it’s just like new”
Aaron Sekula
Chef Knife
“One of Dalstrongs "best bang for the buck"! Extremely sharp blade and very attractive!”
Nick Mallory
24-Piece Set
“Apparently these knives are better than I am at cutting. These knives make me feel like I have wasted my money over the years with the knives I have purchased. They slice through anything and I refuse to allow my kids to use them. It is something to behold when you go from 30-60 dollars a set of knives to something like this. It is just hard to explain but overwhelmingly amazing at the same time.”
A. Dorman
24-Piece Set
“These knives cut like butter!! They’re sturdy and not flimsy at all, very happy with them.”
Meghin Sanchez
24-Piece Set
“They cut great, right out of the box. Very ergonomic and have a great feel to them. Highly recommend!”
Brent Lakia
24-Piece Set
“This product is better than expected! I have bought $200-$400 sets of knives before but none were as sharp out the box as these. I am very impressed so far!”
Victor R
24-Piece Set
“I bought the 24 piece kife set with block for my parents for Christmas. Knives are awesome! Super sharp and sturdy! My dad was cutting an avocado and the knife went through the seed like a hot knife through butter! Highly recommend Dalstrong! You will wish you had these knives sooner!”
Jonathan Bush
24-Piece Set
“This is an amazing knife set for when you’re ready to move up from entry-level knives. They are beautiful and stylish on display, with sharp looking composite handles and a hexagonal block that fits all of the blades comfortably. As noted elsewhere, the packaging itself merits a note - each knife has its own custom compartment in the foam, with a protector for each tip. The included guide to the knives also was entertaining, as it breaks down the differences between each line (and between the names of the lines and graphics, it feels like the credits to an 80s action film - all it was missing was explosions).In use, these knives are incredibly sharp and easy to use. Compared to years of using Shun knives (which are considerably harder), I’ve noticed that these knives tend to lose their edge a bit more quickly, but regular honing keeps them ready for pretty much any task you put them to (plus it’s a good habit generally). The variety of blades also equip you for almost any kitchen challenge, and the included steak knives are great for entertaining.”
J.P.. Hann
24-Piece Set
“This knife set came exactly as described if not better. They're very easy to use yet I'm afraid to cut myself cuz they're so super Sharp. The knives feel comfortable yet heavy in your hand. They seem very durable. This is a great set to give someone as a housewarming present or a gift to yourself. A great quality set of knives.”
24-Piece Set
“Bought these for my boyfriend, we both love to cook but he is the protein guy. He is obsessed and so am I when I get to help with prep at his house!”
Elizabet Hauck
8-Piece Set
“I own the 8 inch chefs knife of this series and I loved it so much that I decided to buy the entire block set for my in-laws. Man does it look beautiful on their countertop, truly a work of art!”
Matthew Salazar


A legacy of quality & trust
Proudly partnered with German steel maker, OUTOKUMPU; a sustainable stainless steel manufacturer with more than 100 years of metallurgical expertise. Rest assured that your steel overcomes any culinary challenge.
55% carbon Hardness, wear resistance + edge retention
15% chromium Tensile strength, corrosion resistance + edge retention
20% vanadium Wear resistance + hardenability
Choose your handle color

Less is more

Less weight, less work. Sleek, lightweight handles of POM (polyacetal) thermoplastic allow you to chop and slice at lightning speed with no fatigue. This combination of low-maintenance, heat and moisture-resistant POM, a stainless steel end cap and full tang blade promises long-haul durability. A sloped partial bolster allows an easy pinch grip – the mark of a true cook.
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Choose your handle color

Less is more

Less weight, less work. Sleek, lightweight handles of POM (polyacetal) thermoplastic allow you to chop and slice at lightning speed with no fatigue. This combination of low-maintenance, heat and moisture-resistant POM, a stainless steel end cap and full tang blade promises long-haul durability. A sloped partial bolster allows an easy pinch grip – the mark of a true cook.

confident storage, proud display

Handmade ash-wood blocs with an aluminum alloy rim keep your sets within easy reach at all times, without dominating your kitchen countertop.

Full specs

Full specs Vanquish
Stainless steel end cap Handle with balance and control
professional grade pom Lightweight ultra-durable heat & moisture resistant
NSF certified Quality-assured for professional kitchens
German X50 CRMOV15 Wear & corrosion resistant balances sharpness & edge retention
Satin finish refined & classic friction resistant stain resistant & easily-cleaned
Sloped hybrid bolster for a comfortable pinch grip
9-11° per side ultra precise, thin slicing
55 HRC Hardness meets edge retention
matte black abs sheath* Secure storage and transport *not included in 8 or 24 piece knife block set
dalstrong lionhead pin inset into pommel: won't fade away

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Packing What's in the box


A: The Vanquish Series knives are crafted from German XCR50MOV steel, sourced from our 100-year old steel supplier, Outokumpu. This steel is known for its exceptional durability, corrosion resistance, and ability to retain a sharp edge.

A: No! Ease of maintenance is one of the reasons we chose German steel for a knife that is intended to be used and abused daily. It has a long lasting edge, high corrosion resistance and cleans easily with warm, soapy water.

A: Your knives will arrive razor-sharp and ready for use right out of the box. Thanks to the high-quality German steel used in their construction, you may find that they hold their edge longer than average, reducing the frequency of sharpening. However, like all high-quality kitchen knives, regular sharpening ensures that the blades retain their sharpness and precision.

A: Yes, these knives are full tang. This means that the steel blade extends through the entire length of the handle. Full tang construction is a hallmark of high-quality knives, ensuring they are sturdy and well-balanced for precision cutting.

A: The Vanquish Series handles are made from ABS polymer, a high-quality plastic known for its strength, durability, and resistance to impact and heat. This material ensures a comfortable grip and contributes to the overall longevity and resilience of the knife.

A: Most Vanquish Series knives come with a sheath. This is true of all of our individual knife shapes, as well as our 3-piece sets. Our 8-piece and 24-piece sets do not come with sheaths.

A: Reach out! We want your feedback - and your satisfaction is key. Send us an email at Dalstrong proudly offers a limited Lifetime Warranty and the longest money-back guarantee in the industry.