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Chef’s knife or cleaver? In paradise, you don’t have to choose. The Valhalla 8" Crixus Knife combines the best features of both for an innovative knife that feels truly sublime, forged of high-carbon steel that will last until the gods call you in for the final battle. Rock the finely curved blade  — hand-sharpened to a divinely sharp 8-12°—  to make heavenly slices, or leverage the weighted front end to cleave through bone and sinew for the ultimate victory feast. Whether meat or vegetable, all will tremble before this gloriously versatile knife. 

The elegant and durable celestial resin handle — reinforced with stabilized wood and a stainless steel bolster — will reign supreme over your kitchen with style and grace. Engraved with the Dalstrong logo, mere mortals will bear witness to your commitment to quality at every meal. The included Valhalla-embossed leather sheath keeps the knife protected in warrior-worthy style, wherever you stash it. 

The Blade

  • 8” Precision forged, ultra-sharp, and wear-resistant
  • 5-layer stainless steel at 60+ Rockwell Hardness
  • Edge is painstakingly hand sharpened to 8-12° per side
  • Beautiful sandblasted finish 
  • Precisely tempered
  • Tapered design for hardness and flexibility
  • Stain resistant 
  • Full tang for incredible robustness & quality 
  • Cleans easily for low maintenance

The Handle 

  • Structurally sturdy + strong impact resistance to withstand even the most vigorous slicing, dicing, and cutting
  • Resistant to both extreme hot and cold temperatures for long-term durability
  • Premium quality blue resin and stabilized wood handle
  • High-tensile strength for maximum stability under rigorous action
  • Shock absorbance for added endurance, comfort, and grip
  • Superior scratch-resistant material maintains polished, glossy finish
  • Withstands erosion from chemicals, acids, or harsh conditions
  • Sanitary build — perfect for busy kitchens


  • Valhalla Series 8" Crixus Knife 
  • Leather PU Sheath
  • Neatly Packed with Dalstrong’s Renowned Packaging

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A true warrior never dies. Immortalized in honor, they feast on the spoils of combat, toasting their comrades as they wait to be called for the final battle. Are you gods or are you men? With this blade in hand, you are both.


Valhalla Series

Hold immortality in your hands. Reserved for only the most courageous of warriors, a Valhalla blade demonstrates your valor and brings glory to your kitchen.

Victory is Near.

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The Blade

Forged from a single-piece, high carbon steel at 60+ Rockwell hardness and hand-sharpened to a savage 8-12 degrees per side, the full-tang blade will channel all your might with every slice.

The Handle

The celestial resin handle — reinforced with stabilized wood and a stainless steel bolster — feels sturdy and turns heads with its rugged and gorgeous design. Complete with a Valhalla-embossed leather sheath, you can keep your knife protected on the go or stashed in a drawer.


Neatly packed with Dalstrong's renowned packaging including a premium-quality Valhalla-embossed leather sheath, embossed Dalstrong logo and pin. Block sets do not come with sheaths.

Valhalla Series

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