The Shogun Series 12.5" Butcher & Breaking Cimitar Knife Bundled with the Dalstrong Whetstone Kit -

The Shogun Series 12.5" Butcher & Breaking Cimitar Knife Bundled with the Dalstrong Whetstone Kit - #1000/#6000 Grit Stones

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An impressive tool in any butcher or chef's armoury, the Shogun Series 12.5” Breaking & Butcher Knife is a commanding knife in any busy kitchen. With its herculean design, the long blade effortlessly performs large incisions and prime cuts, slicing through any kind of meat without any tearing or shredding. The curved blade profile provides an ingenious design for skinning and portioning more efficiently with fewer strokes. Improving this blade further are the rock-hollow divots which significantly reduce surface contact and tension so that stuck-on foods are a thing of the past. Effortlessly tear through large cuts of beef, pork and poultry like butter in a single, swift slice, trim briskets and break down large game (moose, deer, elk and more) without getting lost in the meat.

Offering two individual, whetstones for precision sharpening, The Dalstrong Premium Whetstone kit is ideal for sharpening both German and Japanese style knives, scissors and other bladed tools. Constructed of top-grade corundum (aluminium oxide), the #1000 grit stone is your all-purpose stone to repair and sharpen dull or damaged blades, while the #6000 grit performs as a finisher to return that mirror polish and screamingly sharp edge to your blade. The larger, over-sized stones afford the added benefit of increased surface area, allowing you to sharpen a large variety of knives and bladed tools with fewer strokes, and thus more efficiently. Each Acacia wood base is carefully handcrafted and features it's own unique grain pattern. The wood base serves as both a study, level surface to hold your stones in place as you sharpen, and as a convenient base for easy storage. Added rubber feet provide added insurance and security, making sure that your base will not slip as you work.