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The Dalstrong Infinity Blade 2-pc gift set is the perfect addition for home cooks looking for knives they will reach for again and again.    Featuring black a mirror-polished  6.75” santoku knife and 3.75” paring knife, the collection includes two of the most essential blade styles for every household.     The Infinity Blade paring knife is a master of detail work, including mincing and peeling fruits and vegetables; slicing shallots, herbs or a clove of garlic; intricate, controlled cutting, such as cutting shapes or vents into dough; and scoring patterns

and designs on surfaces of food.  The larger santoku is ideal for larger slicing needs, such as boneless meats and larger pieces of vegetables and fruit.

 This set is sure to become a favorite given the blades’ unique characteristics and incredible edge retention.  Easy to clean, rust proof, non-oxidizing, ultra-light for hours of slicing, and germ and bacterial resistant (due to the non-porus surface), it’s easy to see why ceramic knives are a great addition to any culinary collection.

 The Dalstrong Infinity Blade Series is precisely crafted in a state of the art facility utilizing the latest ‘cutting edge’ technology in the manufacture of ceramic blades. We start by applying up to 200 tons of pressure to the purest, highest quality, zirconium oxide powder available. Next, our highly intensive and industry unique Cold Isostatic Pressing process creates a ceramic masterpiece that is harder, stronger, and more resistant to wear than other ceramic kitchen knives. This means your investment in a Dalstrong Infinity Blade will give you the sharpest cuts and finest edge at an unbeatable value. Next, our blades are placed in a special precision-based high-tech sintering kiln for a minimum of 4 days at a temperature roaring above 1500°C utilizing a precise temperature control process for absolute consistency. This results in superior uniformity, higher density, and greater consistency when compared to our competitor’s kitchen

knives. The edge of all Dalstrong Infinity Blades are hand polished by expert craftsmen strictly controlling the edge angle within 11°-13°, and the cutting edge angle within 35°-42°, creating a blade that is 30% sharper than that of our competitors. And finally, each Dalstrong Infinity Blade goes through a rigorous multi-step inspection and quality control procedure before shipment. On average it takes about 30 days of specialized attention, precision manufacturing techniques and expert hand polishing to create a single knife.


✓ Holds edge up to 15x longer than steel (also includes EdgeLast sharpener for lifetime use) 
✓ Perfectly engineered balance 
✓ Never rusts 
✓ BPA free 
✓ Impervious to acids, oils and odour 
✓ No chemical leakage 
✓ Naturally germ and bacteria resistant 
✓ No browning or oxidization of food 
✓ Cleans easily 
✓ Leaves no aftertaste 
✓ Stunning Mirror Finish 
✓ Never stains 
✓ Ultra light for nimble use 


(1) 6.75" Infinity Blade Santoku Knife

(1) 3.75" Infinity Blade Paring Knife

(1) Edgelast Diamond Dust Sharpener

(1) PerfectFit Sheath 

(1) Polishing Cloth- 

Exquisite Gift Packaging 

It is important to note ceramic blades have different properties than steel knives.  They are not designed for chopping bone, prying, or striking. Ceramic is ultra-hard (which gives it such excellent edge retention), and can chip as a result of improper use (unlike steel which can bend and absorb, ceramic has zero give).  Use bamboo and softer cutting surfaces.  Avoid wedging these blades in food such as cheese where sideways movement can snap the blade at the handle if too much force is applied.  

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